Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It's amazing to think that a week ago today Micky's was gutted by fire! I will never forget how many phone calls I received just the first hour. The first person that told me was Jonathan Chang - of course - he texted me saying "Micky's is on Fire." I thought his reference was to the bulletin I had just posted on his MySpace page giving the run down of what would be happening at Cocktails with the Stars for August the 23. I replied back to Chang saying something to the effect of 'yah it will be a great show!' Next thing my brazilliant photographer for Cocktails with Stars, Chris Davis called me to tell me that Micky's was truly on fire. After his call Jason Sechrest messaged me saying "I didn't do it," if you weren't aware, Sechrest's new show was to debut at HERE Lounge the following night as well his new show at MJs on Thursday night. Funny, if you check out his site now he makes the interesting observation that it was exactly a year ago that he was ousted as host of CWTS because of a misunderstanding with Chi Chi LaRue and Rascal Exclusive Luca DiCorso (who flaked on my show as well). Between 3 and 7pm I had about 25 phone calls from various people including LaRue and my buddy from the NBC newsroom - it's nice that so many people thought about me and my show and were truly concerned.

As a result we had to shift all plans for Fran├žois Sagat to appear at Micky's to him appearing somewhere else. I wanted him to get as much exposure as he could while he was in town so I immediately called his managers from FabScout to see about booking him at Sechrest's new show on Thursday. After dealing with the politics of porn we booked Sagat at MJs and he appeared without a hitch - again for total coverage on his appearance at The Porno Palace show log onto www.jasoncurious.com! As I was telling Sagat, I was very fortunate that he ended up doing the show because if he would have declined my life could have taken an alternate path that might not have been such a good thing. Sagat knows what I am talking about, and I guess you could say that François' appearance saved my life for the next two years *wink* Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I will blog more later on about my LONG weekend which my body is still worn out from. Let me tell you this boy doesn't go out too often (and either does Francois apparently) so going out Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday really did some damage to my body - but it was all worth it, over the weekend I made a friend for life and got to see what a dynamic person Sagat is!

Stay tuned...

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