Friday, September 21, 2007


What a crazy 24 hours it has been. Here I am Friday afternoon sitting at my desk taking my 15 minute break, thinking I had a great evening that could not be topped if anyone tried. I mean c'mon my night with great food, five star treatment who could beat that kind of a night? Three words for ya! Brandon F*$kin' Baker! Come 11:30 Mr. Baker walks in with a Cirque D' Soliel (or however you spell it) and a huge grin. Turns out that hooker ( had a better night than I did – that boy has to be stopped! =)"Guess what Fabrice and i did last night? We got the biggest limo in Vegas...blah, blah, blah - we stayed at The Hotel...blah, blah, blah - we saw the new Beatles show... blah, blah, bladh...I am over him!

If you want to find out more about his less than 24 hour trip to Vegas (that probably trumps all my visits combined to Veags), plus living it up in Sin City check out his blog… it’s one of my favorites!

Last night my brother picked me up from work and we drove to DOLCE. Passing by the restaurant my brother noticed it was empty on the inside and he contemplated not going in. I looked at him like was crazy and we went inside. If you’ve never been to Dolce before it’s an amazing restaurant. Balancing the perfect combo of elegance and style, Dolce’s looks were as sharp as the different martini’s they served – sorry Abbey, Dolce’s tini’s trumps yours any day. We had four drinks (not each) and a great waiter who was very refreshing to have. Most of the waiters looked as if they were aspiring actors, while he looked like an aspiring comedian – a little hokey but totally cool. He thought he we were winners of a contest of 944 magazine. In fact that was one of the first things he said to us “You guys are the big winners huh?” My brother and I looked puzzled at each other, shrugged our shoulders and continued drinking. It wasn’t until the next convo we had with him that we found out that he thought we won a contest... we had a good laugh! Greg was concerned “Do we look like contest winners? Do we not look like we fit in?” The two highlights of the restaurant were the glass encased wine room and the pink-lit dining room – VAVOOM!

After we headed to Bella Cucina on Hollywood Blvd.. If you haven’t been to the Boulevard lately it is rapidly changing into what old Hollywood used to look like. In fact Bella was decked out with photos of old Hollywood, especially in the mens bathroom. I’m not going to give my full review, for that you have to wait until the issue comes out in 944 but I can tell you that we were spoiled and Ramiro took very good care of us. He assumed Greg and I were on a date, plus we were moved from a cramped table to a spacious booth. Greg overheard the two gays next to us comment “How did they get a booth?” BITCHES!!!

Overall the few hours spent with my brother were hilarious, we had a great time and I truly believe you can’t spend enough time with your family, even if we do live together. =)

Greg ended up taking me home after we dropped by Akbar to celebrate Tony’s birthday. My back was in a lot of pain and the Vicodine and martini’s were wearing off! UGH, I wish I could go back and tell you about our FAB meal… oh well, ask me and I’ll tell you!

Leaving my car at work for the night, Greg offered to give me a lift to the train in the morning so I could save some gas and take the train into work, oppose to wasting gas and money – this car accident has nearly depleted my funds! =(

The next morning, six hours of sleep later, Greg took me to Starbucks and then to the train station just in time to catch the 8:05 a.m. last EXPRESS train – too bad it wasn’t there on time! I waited ten minutes more and it finally pulled up late with some bad news. There was a car accident in Highland Park (a car tried to beat the Metro Link and lost… of course) and so the train couldn’t take me to work.
When I heard that I had to take the bus I was very upset. Usually I wouldn’t complain but it was early and I knew I had a long day ahead of me! I am not going into any other specifics about my LONG ride to work but it was – interesting to say the least!

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