Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Francesco D'Macho's blog has been heating up lately... have you been reading it?


His post yesterday about changing with his scene partner was very... well... dare I say extremely hot? Porn doesn't do much for me these days but hot real life stories get me excited for some reason... am I desensitized? Speaking of D'Macho I got a random phone call from him two nights ago. Since I got my new iPhone I have not changed over many phone numbers - including those who HARDLY EVER CALL ME... hint, hint! =) I was surprised that he called to say HELLO! Not that he woudln't call, but I had no idea of when he was getting into the city and his schedule etc..etc..! He's a busy guy I guess! Anyhoo, it was good speaking with him. He had to comment that I don't talk to him anymore cause Sagat is my new best friend, yet little does he know that I am checking his blog frequently and if he was a little less busy and would respond to my emails and requests for the magazine then we would be better friends! LOL ....

Going out to a str8 bar tonight - oh this should be interesting!

Stay tuned...SjB

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Karen said...

a straight bar?! eek ;)
have a double and you will have fun. xx

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