Friday, October 12, 2007

Joes Bday

Thursday was Joseph's 31st birthday, so a bunch of his coworkers and myself all went out to dinner to celebrate at El Coyote in Hollywood.

Among the people there was Bryant, Filledette, her hubbie Jeff (what a nice guy), Marla, Joseph (another Joe), Nancy O'Dell, her hubby Keith, and their new addition Asby! All of these are work friends for Joseph - they all work at Access Hollywood!

I arrived extra early so I had to wait about 45 minutes until the rest of the group arrived. Since I had some extra time I decided to give my old bud Jeremy Hall a hollar to see what he's been up to. Jeremy Hall is a well-known porn star and we met seven or eight months ago and have been friends ever since. I will admit it, I think Jeremy is the complete package. He is a gentleman, funny, candid, handsome, fit and daring - oh yah he's even a little bit twisted... very cute!

Recently he relocated to Columbus, Ohio to further pursue his website
Jeremy and I spoke about a lot of things - including me. I am not going to name names but there are a few porn stars that I know that never even ask how I am. They will talk, talk, talk about their life and then hang up quickly. The majority don't do this, but I always appreciate it when ANYONE takes the time to ask "How are you doing?" Know what i mean? Anyway, Jeremy told me how there is a bigger talent pool out there in Columbus and it's centrally located in the Midwest - I am happy that he's happy! The thing that stood out aboot *that's how he/Canadian's say the word 'about'* was when he told me that he takes out ads in the local college newspaper asking for models to appear in adult theme movies. I forget if he says they are gay but I think it's amazing that he has the balls to do it - YOU ROCK HALL! Jeremy also said that the university in the city is the biggest in North America, which shocked me, I thought Long Beach State was theirs is well over 40,000 students!

Okay, moving on... back to Joseph!

Back at El Coyote, drinking the Mango Margaritas and enjoying each others company was a perfect evening for me! Last year at his birthday dinner we didn't enjoy the company very much - let's be honest, but this year the friends he did invite were genuine people that wanted to be there. Last year I think the thing that bugged me the most about his friends was that after they were done eating they all threw their money in for their dinner and jetted. There was no convo, or getting to know anyone else at the table. Last night was very personable and intimate! He couldn't have picked a better group of friends to have around him last night!

Half way through our meal Christian Owen, Lex Sabre, Adam Faust and Blake Riley showed up as well with a bunch of other guys (including Mocha) who are also in some way or another affiliated with the porn industry! They say right across from us and Lex and I exchanged text's throughout the evening. His having to do with Faust and mine were just random comments!

Nancy and Keith payed for the entire bill which was so generous of them, and they gave Joseph some lottery tickets as well. Scratching off all three Joe discovered he had won $10,000... well not really. The lottery tickets were a gag, but Joseph had no clue! Although he sweated a bit on the top of his brow, for the most part he was cool, calm and collective... I would have screamed aloud and gone crazy! It was so funny to hear Joseph keep saying "that's evil, that's evil" after he found out the truth!!

After we had dinner we all hung around and talked about pop culture, Hollywood, boyfriends, breaking up, porn, sex clubs, and eyebrow waxing versus eyebrow threading!

Fun times, fun times... Happy Birthday Joseph... we can't wait until the real party Saturday night at Eleven in WeHo!!!

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