Monday, October 1, 2007


I am back... and alive from my San Francisco Folsom Street Fair trip!

Over the next few days I will posting recaps of this weekend, photos and some observations of what happened - bare with me the posts will be long but will be quality over anything else.

The weekend overall was a lot of fun and I think the entire theme of the weekend for me was “learning.”

I believe I learned so much in the three or four days I was in the Bay Area of people that I never gotten to know. Again, I will make a longer post about that in the future.

What I want to touch on in today’s blog is someone who I have known for over a year now and have never gotten to know until this weekend and I believe I judged unfairly.

I pride myself with as being as honest as possible. I avoid the entire shit-talking circle by being upfront with people and giving them my honest opinion, good or bad! From past experiences people have sometimes not liked what I have said but they thank me later on. Another thing about me is that if I don’t like you then you will probably know it. I usually will let you know that I am not interested in being your friend and hearing from you – whether it be verbally or by actions, you’ll know!

Angel Benton, editor in chief of Just Us Boys, and I have always ran in the same circle of friends. While we’ve never been close, we are friendly and have gone out a few times together, shared some laughs and other light hearted times. To be honest and for the record, I have always liked Angel Benton but again to be honest I never trusted him. If you ask me why I couldn’t answer the question as to why. I’ve NEVER said anything mean-spirited about Benton, but he is the one person that I would hug but didn’t put too much emphasis in the hug. I know, I know that sounds awful, I would be fake with Angel Benton and be nice to him because I had nothing against him. For some reason my mind would tell me “don’t trust him” and so I listened. Normally I would just be mean to someone that I didn’t get a good vibe from, but with Angel I would try to be nice and civil – by doing this is made ME an evil person that would look at him differently and even in a condescending manner.

This weekend I was Benton’s roomie in the hotel that Brandon got for us. Actually the room was comprised of Angel Benton, Andy Kirra and myself. After spending the weekend with Benton, I can honestly say I better understand him and respect him, his values and morals.

I don’t know how he’d picture it but I feel that Benton and I connected and got to know each other better… and now, thankfully, I see him in a different and BRILLIANT light! So below I am going to include some facts that I found out about Benton that I thank him for cluing me in on. I can officially say I love Angel Benton and I know why Brandon Baker truly admires and respects him.

1. Angel Benton’s dad passed two years ago. Different year but the same month my mom died. My mom died in September 2004, his father passed away in September 05.
2. Angel loves the BBC show Little Britain as well!
3. Angel kicks ass at wrestling. He might look tiny but he can throw down – wow!
4. That he is centered and a focused individual
5. He wears his feelings on his sleeve – like me. It is very easy to tell what emotions are surrounding Angel.

I also started listening to his blog as well, I like his new audio recording method, it’s pretty smart.

So finally, why am I being so honest? I am not ass kissing, if you know me I don’t do that, in fact by the time he reads this Folsom will have been long gone and I will be over it! I have made peace with the fact that my readership is low… but increasing! WOO HOO!

When I get home tonight I will try to upload some photos of this weekend, however Brandon will have some killer ones pretty soon I’m sure at

Stay tuned…


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