Friday, August 22, 2008


We just posted the interview I did with Damien Crosse and it's already causing a shit load of controversy! A studio has already called me and threatened me and I'm waiting for their president to call me so we can hash out our problems! If you have a chance please read Damien Crosse's Q&A at .

One thing I love about doing my Q&A on Nick's site is that I have no rules. I can essentially ask any question I want without fear of being yelled at by my boss or by a studio. I remember working at Cybersocket I could only speak good about studios because we depended on the studios advertising dollars so we would never want to offend their models or movies - LAME!! If your movie is bad then I will say it's bad.
That is one thing I like about Jason Sechrest; if he reviews a movie and thinks it is an awful effort he'll say so with no problem. Few people in the gay porn industry are truly honest. Damon Kruezer, Chi Chi LaRue and Brandon Baker are two guys that I also respect for their honesty. UGH... Brandon Baker, I miss him so much! I think my next blog posting I am going to do a write up about him and why Brandon Baker is poised to take over the world.

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