Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I interviewed Francesco D'Macho yesterday for NickYoungXXX.com, it was a interesting and revealing convo! Some stuff he told me I was even surprised!!!!

I first met Francesco in Las Vegas - I think. Was it Francesca? I can't remember but I do remember us meeting and it being like water and oil! We ate dinner at New York New York, rode the roller coasters and even had some fun after *wink*! Francesco is a diva, but a sweet one and we've always stayed in touch. Over the years we have seen each other other in Chicago, LA and San Francisco and he's never changed. I miss Francesco when he's not around!

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Francesco said...

aww baby yeah we met in vegas for the 1st time lol
i think you're a bigger diva than me !!

do you remember how drunk we got that night !?

i miss you

hope to have dinner with you again soon



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