Sunday, June 22, 2008


If you were a fan of the movie Annie then you will surely like this snippet of "Where Are They Now?" and Bill Cosby interviewing Annie/Aillen on The Tonight Show - he in not so many words but asks if she is a stripper or has kissed girls before... AND SHE IS 11 years old!!! LOL

Annie was and probably is one of my favorite movies/musicals of all time... filled with classic songs and a beautiful story, take a few minutes this clip will conjure up some awesome memories!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tires and Dreams

What a stressful day and it's supposed to be my only day off, good grief!!

I awoke this morning at 6 am to a resilliant sunshine through my window! These days I've been sleeping with the windows open to let the cool, night summer air in while I sleep... even if its a small breeze it's better than nothing! Since we got the new windows and screen installed it has helped keep our house cooler in the day time, but the night time is unbearable! Before the new window were installed I used to sleep with the windows open (and no screens on the window.) It bothered me a little bit that any free-living bug could crawl in but it kept me cool! I was alright with this method until my brother commented "Aren't you afraid that a oppussum might crawl in?"

Um, yah that was the last night I slept with the windows open until we bought new windows! LOL

Yesterday I got a flat tire at work....totally sucks, but at least it wasn't on the freeway, right? Almost the entire busboy and back stage crew came to my aide, helping me get back on the road... I love my Latinos!!!! Currently I am at The Corner Bakery typing this blog on my iPhone, killing time until my $400 car job is finished... yah, for two tires that cost $125 each but with all the taxes and allignment it was $400 - $50 more than I wanted to spend, burn oh well!

I have a lot of errands to take care of today and a lot of work to do for Collin O'Neal but stupid me I left the house without my laptop... ugh!!
I think I get more work done outside of my house! Maybe I will set up shop at my local Starbucks M-F calling people and handeling busines from Starbucks, that'd be funny huh?

The last few nights I've had some interesting and insightful dreams but not really sure what to make of them. The latest one (last night) was of me coming off a few days off of my teaching job at my old grammar school Annunciation! I was an 8th grade teacher, but the kids looked much younger. I stopped in to grab some paperwork and papers to grade. The substitute teacher was extremely handsome an although we didn't know each other we got along well, creating some great dialogue for the young adults. The dream ended up getting pretty steamy with me and the sub kissing infront of the children. I think at one point he tried to pull away but I reassured him that the kids weren't seeing anything wrong. Damn, I'm inappropriate even in my dreams!!

Well the two hours is almost up so I have to go on back to Sears - Americas Leading Tire Center. I will write later, I promise Derrick and Karen!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today I was shopping for a headset for my iPhone - fyi, the new law goes into affect on July 1, 2008 and if you don't have a Bluetooth Handsfree set you can get a ticket for the police. I decided to walk into the Apple Store in Pasadena to buy the Jawbone which just saw a huge price drop: $30!!!

I guess the new Jawbone is launching this Friday so the old ones are all gone - hence the price drop! The Apple guy showed me the new demo which is pretty impressive (see below). Chances are I will never walk though a construction zone so I might just opt for the old generation Jawbone and save myself $40 (the new one will cost $130 while the old one is... well you do the math.) The Apple guy said that the earpiece is a bit uncomfortable on the first Jawbone but not sure if that is true or not, I guess I gotta do my homework!!

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