Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last night I met a diva incarnate! Maybe I am embellishing a tad, but Chelsea from Big Brother 9 was a mouthy, honest girl that I admired for her straight talking and blunt approach.

Chi Chi told me that some of the cast of Big Brother 9 might be at a popular West Hollywood bar last night so of course I had to take my happy ass down to the bar just in case Crazy James, Sheila, Matty (yah, God I wish) or Chelsea showed up. Normally I don't get all goo-goo crazy over celebrities - I am actually the total opposite, unless you're a contestant on Big Brother and I loved your ass - case in point: Chelsea!

I saw her walk into the bar with a former Big Brother contestant and I had to go up to her and tell her 'hello!' When I approached her she was so sweet and kind. She also invited me to hang in her cabana but I didn't stay too long after she mentioned it, it was time to go home and call it a night - you know I had that big date the next day to get ready for *wink*!!!

Anyhoo, below is one of the best clips of Chelsea at work in the Big Brother house last season. Thanks to T Ball who snapped a picture of myself and Chelsea - stay tuned for the pic, it's a cute flick!


The earthquake that struck on Tuesday was a throwback to when I first experienced the ground shake in 1987!

It doesn't matter that this time around I was sitting on my bed working while Petey and JJ were asleep on the floor just before the earthquake struck just before noon, what does matter is how many memories came back to me after the house stopped shaking!

I remember the earthquake of the 80's like it was yesterday, I was sitting at the kitchen table early in the morning eating a Pop Tart (I'm almost positive it was a chocolate flavored Pop Tart) watching some random television show before my mom took me to school. When the house started to shake I remember my mom screaming "I knew it was going to happen!" I can't remember if she told me to get under the table or not - granted I had never been in an earthquake so didn't know what the normal protocol was for such an event. I remember walking into my mom and dads bedroom and my mom was in the middle of folding laundry and she kept telling me how she knew it was going to hit, that she had a gut feeling - strange huh? After that day I never doubted the power of my mom... to me, she was psychic!


As I was frantically trying to find the Post-It note clip on YouTube I found one of my other favorite clips which just-so happens to be in the same episode. Actually, let me rephrase my thought. The following clip is my favorite uncomfortable clip from SATC... oh, Carrie, you made us cringe in this scene, but I think EVERY gay men knew what she was feeling and we'd do the same if in a similar situation!

Enjoy luva!!!


How come every time I date a guy I get shit on? Are there any nice guys left in Los Angeles? I am starting to realize that another reason why I want to leave LA is because of the men that live here - THEY SUCK!

So after getting fucked over by the cute Latin boy I was dating a few months ago - (Ang, I won't even write his name!) I decided to go on a date with a dude from my past... I think I've blogged about this already. Saturday night he cancelled on me because he had to work late. I was sad because A.) I blocked out the night to spend with him and B.) His cousin called to tell me because he left his phone at home - UH HUH!

I was let down but eh, oh well... thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes right? WRONG!! The dude told me that he wanted to take me a restaurant close to both of our places on Thursday, which is tonight! Well, right now I am at home in my pajama's at 10:30 so guess where my story is headed? Yup today he TEXTED me... YES, TEXTED me to tell me that he was canceling because he was too tired.

This instantly reminded me of Carrie from Sex and the City getting broken up by a Post-It note (see below)! I told Angela that I would let him call me and explain himself (since he was the one that cancelled) of course when he didn't call I had to call him and left a message letting him know that this is twice I've blocked out time to spend with him and this is the second time he's cancelled!! So yah, I am the Carrie and he plays the Burger role - take a bow!!! I have to admit that I am starting to take rejection in stride and really just deal with it... who's next, bring it on, I think my heart can take it - OYE VEY!!!


For the past few days I haven't been able to log into my account using my laptop. Finally I decided to use my desktop computer and TAHDAH - it worked!!

So much has happened since I last blogged four days ago that I've been dying to get on my blog to write about all the shit that's gone down. Basically, sit down, fasten your seatbelt and read quick cause I might delete what I write very soon after I publish it - eh, just kidding, I'm being dramatic *wink*

Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesterday I attended a Dodger game with the Nationals pitted against our home team. Moses and Robert, his boyfriend (pictured above) invited me and I jumped at the opportunity!

I can't even remember when I last attended a Dodger game and so the thought of Dodger Dogs, Garlic French Fries and hot Latino men all around why wouldn't I accept? Seriously, for a minute, the hottest Latino men do attend the Dodger games on a hot Sunday afternoon - or Saturday afternoon! The men are brown, dark and lovely!!!! I think I had numerous dreams about the men I saw yesterday!

At one point Robert noticed my wondering eyes and said to me "Scotty are you shopping?" I had to admit I was... I'm bad, so bad!!!

The Dodgers ended up winning 2-1 and I went straight to work after, what an amazing day!!!!


It's been a while since I've written about my dog, JJ! He has his own picture folder on MySpace but hardly is mentioned on my blog, sorry pup!

I've been dog sitting the past few days for my good friend Johnny Hazzard ( Make sure you check out his website and become a member, he's a worthy star to be a fan of and a good guy to boot! I first met Johnny at Fubar in West Hollywood when Chi Chi LaRue had her Wednesday night club Dirty Deeds every week.
I was relatively new to the industry and I don't think I knew Chi Chi very well yet, or maybe I did, not sure! My bud TJ obsesses over Johnny and I think we were going to meet there but that didn't happen. I remember meeting Johnny and then calling TJ so he could talk to his porn idol... ever since then we've been pretty good friends. The thing what I like most about Johnny is that he's an honest person with a good work ethic. I love to be around people that have a good energy around them and he is just that!

His white pit bull mix pup Petey, above, has been here since Saturday with JJ and they've been (sorta) getting along. Here's the deal, JJ love to play and Petey doesn't really want to. JJ gets too crazy and Petey has to put JJ in his place, I am behind Petey 100 percent.

Do you see how crazy and involved I have become with these two?? Here are some pictures that I've captured from their days together... they are so crazy!!!
The picture above is of JJ and Petey after they both got into trouble. I made them lay down where they were at that point and told them not to move. The funny thing, if you notice, is the placement of JJ's tail. It rested on Petey's face and it didn't move for the next several minutes until they were done with their timeout!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


This is Whitney Houston's new song from her still untitled new album to be released this Christmas! The song features Akon and it sounds just like old school Whitney. I love that the girl never tries to stray to a different sound, she knows her audience and knows what music will sell. Whitney is back, and if this song is any indication of how the album is going to sound well Christmas needs to come a little quicker!!!!


How many times do you say those awful repetitive words in a sentence or a paragraph?

I was watching the morning news and this high school kid they were interviewing said "Ya know" at the end of almost all his sentences - how annoying! I was more focused on his speech than his story, that's pretty bad!

Words like "Ya know?", "Like", and "Umm" are bad additives to sentences that make us look like we are uneducated or 13 years old...

Just an observation!


I usually never go against my word! In the event that I do, silence usually follows up actions because of shame - LOL. My words aren't to be taken so serious, I am referring to the new iPhone and the promise I made to myself over a year ago to never wait inline for a cell phone again!

When the first EVER iPhone came out I did stand in a two hour line to get the new gem!
The iPhone was an incredibly sought after gadget that displayed a lot of firsts for telephones. Touch screen, an elaborate iPod incorporation into the phone... I don't think I have to go into detail, we all know the amazing capabilities of the iPhone. After I waited in that line I told myself I wouldn't need to wait in another line because I had the ULTIMATE phone.

Fast forward 365 days (and some change) and there I am in front of the Pasadena store at 9 a.m. in the morning with Laura! I told Laura I had watched the daily lines for the past two weeks outside the Apple store stretch down the street with desperate gadget nerds waiting to get the new iPhone. I personally didn't think there would be a huge demand - almost everyone with ATT has the freaking phone! What I didn't know was all the people that either wanted to upgrade their old iPhone or wanted to become a member of ATT to be apart of the iPhone revolution!

For weeks I had walked/drove by the lines for the iPhone and I laughed at the fools who stood in line for a phone that has predecessor and doesn't have any huge breakthroughs.

Laura and I braved the line and when it was time to get my new iPhone I had to convince the Apple clerk or "genius" and the ATT operator that I never received a discount on my monthly account. For some reason there was a stipulation for buying the phone in the Apple store that you couldn't currently be receiving any discounts from ATT. I am not sure why but it was something to do with Apple activating the phone in store. When I called the ATT operator she said that it was a government discount because I worked for either the state of California or the Federal Government - and I do neither!

Thankfully I got the operator to take the discount that I was never receiving off (I guess I was receiving the discount before I got the iPhone a year ago but with the original iPhone discounts weren't offered!) and told me to call the following day and have the discount put back on! Yes, for now on I get 15 percent on my bill!!!

All in all the new iPhone is amazing and I sold my old iPhone for $200 on Craigslist! Turns out the original iPhone is in high demand because it's easy to unlock! I posted the iPhone on Craigslist on Tuesday night and have received over 100 messages asking to buy my phone. The Apple Genius says that he received $350 for his 8g iPhone but mine was only 4g and I had a nearby buyer so I decided to go with $200 and get it sold. It sucks cause five days later I am still receiving emails from people begging to buy my phone!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Originally I was a supporter and Hillary backer. Obama wasn't a person I could see as the Prez of the United States or the Commander in Chief. Not because he is black, just because of his experience. It wasn't until yesterday when I saw the above speech in Germany that I saw a strong man that could be our Nation's next President - this speech brought me to tears! Kudos Obama!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's been so crazy I haven't had time to blog. I start a blog and then I delete it half way through... yah, it's been that busy! My personal life isn't that crazy but my work life is a bit out of control. Let me explain...

Work: I am still working for Beckham Grill in Pasadena but that's extremely slow right now. In the summer time people don't want to eat prime rib, steaks and heavy food that goes along with that kind of good shit! The money I make is good because the server count on any given night has been reduced but I've been taken from five and six shifts down to three shifts... sucks huh?

I am also still working for Collin O'Neal helping him distribute, market and sell his World of Men series! We just came out with SERBIA two weeks ago (which you can purchase now on and it's selling quite well.

I also started helping my friend Nick develop his site called - for those of you that aren't familiar, Nick was a huge porn star a few years ago but decided to do behind the scenes stuff and work for the magazine Cybersocket. Fast forward a few years later he is back to his roots and has a cool site that is slowly being developed with a lot of good content. I am contributing weekly interviews with the hottest porn stars out there asking questions you want answered!!! So far it's a lot of fun!!!

It's been incredibly hard to maintain a blog lately, not only because I have been keeping myself busy but also because I find the summer makes me perpetually exhausted - mentally! I feel as if the sun is raping me and all my energy, I don't feel the need to comb my hair or look pretty like I usually do... is that bad? I think I need to get on some uppers. I've heard of people depressed and sad in the winter time but the summer time should motivate you to get out in the sunshine and be active... this summer has shown to be the opposite for me.

I just started dating a guy who is a blast from the past. Yes, if you read my blog then you know the psychic was correct. It's funny because I've met several guys from my past in the last few months but the psychic says that the first two are not "the ones" I should be with - sorry Jay!!! Dayum, I was a bit upset that it wasn't Jay - I mean he has a boyfriend but he is such a nice guy and too cute. Last night I had to finally breakdown and tell Jay how I felt about him - over text of course. We had a day long text fest occur and then I had to finally tell him that if he was single he'd be mine... maybe in the future, ya never know! But what I do know is that his boyfriend seems totally sweet and is a cute white boy - beautiful blue eyes!

The guy I started seeing is a blast from my past, as I previously mentioned and the psychic seems to agree that he is the one that I will date for the time being. He says that another guy with the letters "J", "D" or both of those letters will come into my life and interrupt the dating/relationship I am having. I wonder if Jay's middle name has a "D" in it!!! LOL

Tomorrow is our second official date, while our first date was more of a catching up and re-getting to know each other at a local Thai restaurant in Pasadena. Wish me luck tomorrow, dating is so much of an effort!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I have to say something and it has been a long time coming, some will know what I am talking about some will only know half of what my intentions are - but the thoughts and angst that are to be expressed is for no one else buy myself... I need to say it and hopefully let it be over with! Okay here it goes: 'when I don't get what I want it makes me go in-fucking sane!!!' I think everyone goes insane when something or someone that they want or want to date doesn't happen. Okay... that felt better to say it and get it out there into the universe. I can now move on with me day!!! That felt better!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Anderson Cooper is friggin' amazing!!
Every time he co-hosts with Kelly (Regis and Kelly) I fall in love with him a tad bit more! Talk about exuding the perfect amount of masculinity, charm, humility, honesty and love - Cooper inhabits all these qualities and more! I think I want to go on a date with him. Hmm, perhaps I will utilize THE SECRET for that. Cooper can you hear me? As soon as I get my VLOG equipment I am sending a plea to go on a date with him... he's hot!



I woke up this morning at 5:45 a.m., bright and early ready to go home!!! This weekend was filled with so much highs and lows I couldn't wait to just get home and begin 'normal life.' Right now I am waiting for the gas guy to come and turn it back on - waiting is the hardest thing sometimes, I think we can all relate to that quote in some way or another.

Actually, come to think about it - waiting is the hardest thing - can sum up my life lately, and I mean about this weekend, a relationship, my career, and my future. Hmm, that's one thing to think about and grow on. I'm going to move on and get back to 'waiting' later on!

Yesterday I took off of work because I needed it. There was a lot of family bullshit going on this weekend and Sunday off really helped ground me and take a few breathers without having to stress about going to work. Walking the dog, blogging a bit and hanging out with Moses was pretty much the extent of my Sunday - it was so nice I was so thankful that Angela covered my shift. If you're reading this Angela... THANKS, MY SUNDAY WAS BEAUTIFUL THANKS TO YOU!!!

Moses and his boyfriend rescued me and took me to Jay's birthday party in Silverlake. We arrived around 5 and there were a handful of people there playing air hockey, eating, drinking, meeting old friends and strangers. Jay seems to have a lot of friends from various backgrounds which is very cool. I am the same way but his friends were so eclectic I found it interesting. Derrick, Moses, Robert and I got into a little circle and talked about a range of topics and I have to say that every time I hang out with Moses boyfriend I like him more and more, I mean c'mon how can you not like a guy who loves Candyland????

There's this guy that I've been talking to for a few months now casually and he was there too. He is a friend of a friend and seems like a good guy to hang with and maybe go on a few dates too. Relationship material? I don't know, he seems pretty grounded and mild mannered but I guess I should go on a date with him before, huh?
Derrick texted me that he wanted to know all the details on our fun since the guy and I are both TOPS. LOL, needless-to-say Derrick was disappointed that I just came home and was a good boy. Sorry Derrick!!!

We left the party and went by The Eagle to meet up with TJ and Chris... that was fun - enough *wink*!

I so deserved this day, actually I deserved this fun weekend with all the added stress was incorporated!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008



I need to talk about the pool party that I went to yesterday for a minute or two. For a brief second let's forget the stressful weekend that has unfolded and am so thankful to my friends for being there to listen to all my crying and complaining... THANK YOU!

Yesterday Moses and I went to this pool party in Whittier where the majority of the pool parties are held for the gay scene nowadays. This was to benefit this Whittier Project for Gay Men. Basically the group is a forum to talk about issues within the gay community. The admission was $25 but I didn't mind, the booze was free, there were some cute boys, the company was great and the money went for a good cause! I've been to this house numerous times, however the last time I was there was about a year ago with Mister Sagat, I took him to a pool party while he was in town... I think we had fun! LOL

Yesterday the party was a lot of fun and as usual I was one of the only white people in attendance. I believe there were four white guys and that's it. I generally prefer to be the only one but eh, I guess that's unrealistic!

I met a lot of good people at this BBQ and had a wild ride! I even bumped into this one guy I used to have a crush on back in the day - until my friend Gary boned him and there went that! I remember the dude telling me "I'd hang out with you but your friend and I hooked up and it might be uncomfortable." That was three or four years ago and I am sure there is a time limit on feeling "uncomfortable." I believe this guy has a boyfriend now and they are doing the 'independent thing' as close sources to me have mentioned. If anyone remembers my psychic reading a few months ago I am not ruling anything out, nor am I putting all my chickens in one basket (or is it eggs?)

Hmmm, now was it eggs or chickens? Well there's something I can think about for the rest of the day.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I really shouldn't complain. Working at Beckham Grill I make pretty good money. Almost daily I walk with enough money to pay one or two bills for the month, anything over $70 dollars for three hours worth of work is okay. Now porn stars and hookers might snicker but eh, that's okay! If you speak to Brandon ( he has broken it down to how much he makes by the minute when he escorts - you go boy!!!

Today was one of those days when nothing and no one came into the restaurant, I literally had three tables and walked out with a little more than $23 dollars... yah I wasn't too pleased.

After work I walked by the Apple store and saw six or seven losers waiting outside the store in the humid weather for the new iPhone... what a bunch of freaks!

I went to the gym after and saw the Italian/Latin guy who has a bunch of tattoos on his arms and back - he's very hot! Slender and inhabiting a little bad boy attitude, he is so friggin' hot but I am pretty sure he plays for the opposite team. Actually there are a bunch of guys I wouldn't mind playing with at the gym. I need to be more obvious at the gym so these str8 boys (who think they're str8) can pick me up!!! I need/want some locker room sex... YUM!!!

I am waiting for my Angel to get here (it's 1:25 and he finishes go go dancing at Fubar at 1.) He told me that he'd spend the night tonight and I am hoping that tomorrow he'll help me finish bagging the last few things before the termite people get here... that would be nice! Okay, maybe i should close my eyes for a few minutes!

Good night guys!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I am not sure how many people reading your blog a day actually make you 'cool' or an 'in-demand' blog but my most recent post garnered 120 hits. Whether 120 people actually took the time to read my blog posting - even though they didn't bother to comment - doesn't really matter.

In the last 24 hours life has been crazy and I can't wait until next week when the termite tenting is over and work slows down just a tad.

I didn't mention this last night but I am reconsidering and actually going to buy the new iPhone that hits stores on Friday at 8 a.m.. At first I was not going to give in and get a phone that is mildly different than the current one I have but two factors swayed my decision. First off a cook at my job wanted to buy it for $50 (shit, do ya think I could have gotten more for it?) plus the job has noticeably slowed down, isn't as responsive to my touch as it used to be. Oh, there was this rumor when I first got the phone that after 350 plus charges you would have to send the phone in for a replacement battery, and while that hasn't happened yet I don't want to have that happen to me - and besides I am glad that someone has offered me money for the phone, most just throw their cells in drawers and reap no money for them. True, the phone initially cost me $540 and five months later I received the $100 rebate. When all is said and done I payed $440, which equals out to a little over a dollar a day to use the phone - not bad, right?

Overall I loved my year use of the iPhone. The phone is nothing short of amazing and the new iPhone will hopefully be even more handy! Below are some of things I have read will increase my happiness with the iPhone:

1. Speakers are louder
2. GPS... real GPS
3. Sound is clearer
4. 3G over the archaic Edge OS.
5. The backside is prettier.
6. The phone *8gb* I am buying is only $199 so its not that big of an investment in case the next iPhone comes out in a years time about .50 cents a day - yup, half the price of my initial investment!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Life has been a rollercoaster lately... did I say that last blog?

If I haven't now I am. It seems that lately one day is about as bad as it can get (of course I'm imbellishing a tad) filled with depression, troubles, no money and a lot of stress. The next day I feel like I rule the world, it's literally at my feet and nothing could get in my way - HELL, even pumping gas feels good. That is how I feel today... I should remember this day incase I have a bad day again.

Today I woke up and the dandelions (above) I had planted over a month ago grew a few inches, the veggies: Better Boy Tomatoes and cucumbers (below) that I planted last week grew an inch or so - it's all about progress - and the grass seems to be taking just a little bit!

To top it off this weekend, actually the past two days have been pretty amazing. I didn't spend it shopping, spending an extravagant amount of money or in some luxurious hotel room. Intead I spent it with my good ole' friend Moses, I forget how much fun I have with him everytime we hang out... it always gets better and better. I think we have more fun now then we used to have. Maybe it's because we're older... eh, who knows I just know that him and I love each other and enjoy its others companies!

I feel extremely optimistic even though I have been sadly single the last few years. It seems that lately I have been sad and just mourning for a boyfriend... is that pathetic to admit? Who the fuck cares... you have to remember that I am not living the Erik Rhodes method of blogging: write as if no one is reading. He never actually said that in his blog but he writes as if it's so. Have you read his blog yet? WOW, he puts Brandon Baker to shame on honesty and drug use!!!


Last night was probably the most busiest night I've ever seen at Beckham Grill (my part-time serving job). I was so crazy busy that at one point I socked the aluminum slide that the food sits on before it goes out to the table. Don't get me wrong I made lots of cash but my service was pretty lousy and the customers I had were pretty lousy too, fuckin' assholes! When I got home last night I decided to do an impromptu meeting with this Asian guy that I met online. It was really late but I figured I wasn't tired and he appeared to be cute so why not? He lived in Pasadena and the house was more like a mansion. We had a great conversation and talked for over an hour. Did we play? Yes, we did. I can't remember the last Asian guy I have messed around with but hey he was hot and I've had a dry month and was incredibly miserable because of a 'certain guy' that has been on my mind. Is that a lame excuse? I limped in my door around 3 a.m. and went right to bed. Oh yah, I said limped, lol, the guy - Woody - had a bunch of stairs in his three story house and I fell down a few - it hurt!

I only had a few hours sleep before my work phone started ringing off the hook. The ringing was not people calling, instead it was my boss, Collin O'Neal, emailing me my days itinerary. I rolled over, looked at the phone and knew today would be crazy "OYE VEY!" As much as I tried to close my eyes I knew that wouldn't happen "RING RING," there goes another email. I rolled back over, grabbed my heavy laptop and checked the emails. DAMN, I HAVE TO GO TO CHATSWORTH TO PICK UP SOME POSTERS FOR OUR NEW MOVIE SERBIA!!!

"JJ, let's go for a drive!" The dog and I piled in the Mustang and set out for a two hour drive! Call Angela, call Joseph, call the travel agent and book my Puerto Vallarta trip (there goes $850) call dad, call brother. After all the calling and checking emails I was back in my hometown running around the city mailing SERBIA out, buying lunch, going to two different UPS stores and finally headed home.

-RING, RING - What??? My friend left a message telling me that her Aunt has cancer. I shed a few tears and decided not to call her back and offer my sympathy - that was the last thing I wanted when I found out my mom had cancer. I thought to myself "I'll wait a few days and then call her." I don't like hearing about cancer and especially hearing my friend cry - she is too beautiful to cry... and pregnant!

I came home and worked, took phone calls and worked even harder! SORRY ANGELA I CAN'T WORK FOR YOU, WORK CALLS!

I decided to take an hour to myself and visit Home Depot. Of course my boss(es) called me numerous times during my hour trip to the Depot but I was able to buy a watermelon plant for my garden, a white picket fence, make some keys and some Annual (cheap) flowers. I had to get home, my ex (well we dated briefly) Jose was headed over to hang out and maybe grab some dinner. If Jose was a bottom and more mature I'd be into him. Don't use the N-word please... I hate it!!! I hate the word and I don't want people to use it. I always tell him that... GROW UP and its not cute to use that word!!!

Olive Garden was good, probably my first time there in 10 years. Jose suggested it and I had the Tour of Italy - YUMM!!! Cute white boy waiter was there, I imagined raping him in the bathroom - is that bad? Jose and I exchanged stories of guys who have previously screwed us over... it was nice to vent to Jose. As immature as he is I like the fact that him and I can talk as friends even though we play(ed) and there is not weird feelings between us - JOSE IS HOT BTW!

Now I am laying with my dog after deciding that MJs is not a good idea - Tony is probably there and I can't see him yet... still a bit pissed. Okay, its time for bed, how is this blog Derrick????

Friday, July 4, 2008


I just finished for the fourth time unsuccessfully trying to publish my first Internet VLOG - GOD PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

Is it really that hard? I mean Perez does it, Jason Sechrest does it, why can't I? I feel at this point that curing cancer would be an easier task.

You're probably wondering why the fu*k Erik Rhodes is the picture on the top of this blog? I just finished reading a few chapters of this well publicized and much talked about blog ( and had to literally read it line by line, taking a break in between sentences. I thought that I was reading a Danielle Steel novel for a minute or two. His blog is so f*cking honest that it actually has inspired me - you'll see what I am talking about if and when I ever get my VLOG online!

I have never met Erik before but today I did an informal interview with him on AIM for this new site I am helping out with called Nick Young - (sorry I just don't feel like linking to it, please just copy and paste YA FILTHY ANIMAL! I will go into further detail about Erik later and/or when that VLOG gets online... ugh, so depressing!

I just got in from The Eagle and that was pretty non-eventful. Hung out with my two buddies Chris and TJ and that was about it. TJ said he has noticed I've been in some what of a weird mood lately and to a certain extent he is correct however I cannot pinpoint why that is so I just looked at him like he was crazy and then he called me a BITCH. All the way home I tried to figure out what the hell has been wrong with me the last few weeks. To tell you the truth there are a lot of things wrong with me and a lot of things on my mind and again - THANKS TO ERIK RHODES, I am going to just start giving you, my readers, my drama, thoughts and perversion that happens around my life and in my head... yup pretty much uncensored. Wow, I think I am actually interested too!!!

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