Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!!! Check out my Halloween costume from four years ago – yes, I did drag!

It’s scary that in 20 days I will be 29 years old. I know it’s not the big 30, but nonetheless it’s a tad unnerving that another year has gone by so quick.

Some people have asked me what I have planned for my big day and as of right now I have no idea. Any ideas?

I spoke to Jorge , have I ever mentioned Jorge on my blog? I don’t think so. Ugh, in brief I dated him (if that’s what you want to call it) while he had a boyfriend. Yes, I know it sounds awful…but let me explain. At the time I was 21, maybe about to turn 22 and Jorge was a prince to me. He was extremely handsome, friendly, secure and gave me attention – pretty much everything a guy who is 21 looks for right?

I’m not going to rehash the whole rollercoaster ride except that it ended VERY, VERY bad and that today, eight years or so later, Jorge and I can laugh about it. We talk often, I have pup sat a few times for him and I can honestly say we are friends. I love Jorge with all my heart and I am so glad we are close and can watch movies together and be in the same room. Ha! A few months ago we watched a movie and drank wine for a few hours, that was so much fun. Jorge doesn’t read my blog so I don’t mind gloating about him. Then again, he might be reading – I thought Angel Benton didn’t read and then I saw that he did!

Anyhoo, back to my initial posting subject! Jorge’s birthday and mine are not that far a part and he’s going to Puerto Vallarta with his nephew for a few days – now that sounds nice!

Okay, that’s enough for right now. I don’t know if I made a point in this blog but at least I reached out and said Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm Impressed - my blog hits have doubled in one week!
I know it's not a "PEREZ HILTON, 8 MILLION HITS A DAY," kind of a blog, nonetheless I am happy that
people are actually reading and (dare I say) enjoying my daily postings!

Thanks to everyone, love you all!

Stay tuned...

iTunes ROCKS

The staff favorites selection for iTunes this Tuesday morning are fantastic!!!

Two albums from Depeche Mode and two albums from The Cure!!!

I love it....

Stay tuned...


Isn't it funny how music can totally influence your day?

This morning I was beat tired. Usually on the way to work I listen to the radio - Kevin and Bean on KROQ for the drive to work. Today I decided to pop in Depeche Mode 101 into my CD player for the commute. 101 is just any double album: you have your favorite disc. Remember when "USE YOUR ILLUSION" came out from GnR? You either liked the red CD (UYI1)or the blue CD (UYI2). I always preferred UYI2 because it had Get In The Ring... I believe that was the harder CD, less radio friendly if you will! Anyway, my favorite disc from the 101 album is disc two because it has Black Celebration, Never Let Me Down, and Everything Counts. Don't get me wrong, the first disc is also a frequently played CD too, I just prefer the second one!

Singing, snapping and clapping (can you imagine that) my outlook on today and life in general has completely changed - music is amazing! 101 is one of the few CDs that makes me cry... it's just an amazing legacy for Depeche Mode to leave behind if they ever disolve!

What is a CD that makes you snap, sing, clap and cry? Listen to it today, it will change your entire outlook on what is planned for this Tuesday!

Stay Tuned...


Monday, October 29, 2007


I just got back from lunch at a local Greek eatery and picked up a Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea drink.

After drinking the entire drink I read the entire bottle and noticed that it said ‘Chinese Apple.” Is a pomegranate an apple from China? I had to look it up on Wiipedia. The following is what I got from

“The Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing to 5–8 m tall. The pomegranate is native to the region from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and has been cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region and the Caucasus since ancient times. It is widely cultivated throughout Armenia, Iran, India, the drier parts of southeast Asia, Malaya, the East Indies, and tropical Africa. Introduced into Latin America and California by Spanish settlers in 1769, pomegranate is now cultivated mainly in the drier parts of California and Arizona for its fruits exploited commercially as juice products gaining in popularity since 2001 [9] [10]. In the global functional food industry, pomegranate is often mentioned among a novel category of exotic plant sources called "superfruits". Fresh pomegranate season is from September to November in North America.[1]”

I started to chuckle because it reminded me of a funny skit on Little Britain involving to proper English ladies. “Judy” (left) is a mild mannered lady who is pudgy yet sweet. The other, “Maggie” (right) is a conservative bigot to say the least – LOL. Check out the scene I grabbed from YouTube below but in brief whenever Maggie eats, drinks or engages in something that is deemed as improper she throws up all over the place… yah it’s funny!

And as always, enjoy the clip!!


Last night was my first night on the floor at Beckham Grill and if I do say so myself I kicked ass!

Overall the night wasn’t busy at all but I made some great cash for the time I was there – it’s nice to be making my own cash now that I am fully trained!

I was also impressed that two of my customers went up to the manager and complimented them on my service. I thought to myself how amazing and fortunate I was to receive a service compliment on my first night on my own – it probably put my manager at ease with me capable of doing my job effectively!

As a side note, he came up to me and told me that I had a customer compliment and they were really jazzed. I had already heard about the compliment from the host so I looked clueless and said “Oh so you met my aunt and uncle?” Then I laughed! What a comedian I am huh?

When I got home last night I watched Brothers and Sisters and then late night Oprah! Did anyone get to watch the rebroadcast of Oprah?

The show was about Hearst Publishing and Cathie Black, the women who runs the entire operation. An inspiration for women but also an inspiration for anyone who aspires to be at the top of their game in life – yah, that covers pretty much everyone! Black just released a book called “Basic Black” which is supposed to be a great book about getting ahead at work and in life… I’ve already ordered it! On a separate and sad note, I read on Perez Hilton this morning that Oprah’s school for girls in South Africa is in the midst of a child abuse scandal! On Perez’s site she is quoted as saying to the parents of the children in Africa “I’ve disappointed you. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

What an awful thing to have happen, puts a lump in your stomach seeing a good thing like education be turned into something disgusting and sick.

Okay, until later on… stay tuned….

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I was so ecstatic to hear Patti Griffin on Brothers and Sisters tonight!!! I received her album in the mail about six or seven months ago and have been a huge fan ever since. The song below is from tonight's episode of Brothers & Sisters, which is called Heavenly Day. If you enjoy this song you're going to love the entire album so check it out!!!

Okay night night, talk tomorrow!!


This weekend was pretty intense!<

Friday I was happy to spend some extra time with Tommy D and his model friends. While at first he told me he'd be going to bed pretty early, he changed his mind for some reason and four of us took a cab to WeHo to check out Abbey and HERE Lounge - both were a lot of fun.

Tommy's buds were gay for pay (GFP) and/or bisexual so we took them to Here Lounge which offers up a night called TruckStop - think Coyote Ugly. I at first wasn't too thrilled because the lesbian to gay ratio is 4 to 1 I had a great time, especially in the last thirty minutes when the girls dancing on the bar started dousing themselves with bottles of water and soaking their adoring fans with water and the bartending gun (with water). I even got wet by one of the bartenders who is my bud. What a great evening and as I stated before it's always great to hang with Tommy D, if he was single he'd be mine! =)

SATURDAY my best friend Joseph and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Chipotle and then jetted to his bosses house to see her new baby and her hot hubbie! =) For those who know Joseph you know who I am referring to!

Later on some of my brothers friends and I all went down to Long Beach for a Halloween party. Cesar and Danny, two of my really good friends were hosting a costume party at their (relatively) new and BEAUTIFUL home in Long Beach. There were lots of hot boys there and overall a pleasant crowd! I can't go into too much detail but I have to comment on Cesars costume - well not so much his costume but more like his six-pack abs and beauiful skin, yummy! If Cesar was single he'd be mine. Er, wait, didn't I say that about Tommy D too? I sense a recurring theme here... LOL!

I will post some pictures later on as I totally forgot my camera! I do have to say Tony, Tam, Greg and I looked mighty sharp in our Sailor outfits... just wait and I will show you some great pictures of the party!

Okay, time for bed


Travis, Seth and Myself!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The follow is for all my friends that have made memories with me! If this was to be my last post I gotta let you know I love you all tremendously!


These last few days have been very adventurous for me. Typically my Thursday nights are not that eventful, and I guess the same thing could be said about my Friday nights too!

Thursday my company Cybersocket hosted a party at Rage for the first ever GayVn Webmaster Retreat at the Rennaisance Hotel in Hollywood. Bringing together the industry professionals from across the States, I had a feeling the party would be a success - usually all parties that we host are. I was very excited to attend these parties for a number of reasons: one being that it would be my last official Cybersocket party as me acting as EIC, second: a former coworker and now friend of mine Jose was going to be at the party (he's technically straight, but we still love him - and he works for Randy Blue now, behind the camera!!) and finally because Tommy D was going to be there too!

Before the party I drove over to Brandon Baker's house to shower and shave, and if I haven't said this before I love going over to his Porno Palace (as he calls it). When you're at Brandon's house you might as well be at home because that is how he makes you feel. When I got there I was so impressed with the new entrance of his building. Called "The Victor" they made the entry look like a Hollywood hot spot - I believe he blogged about it a few months ago but I hadn't been there since the remodel! Brandon was sweet, he assumed that I was spending the night so he got blankets and pillows out for me and was genuinely dissapointed when I told him that I couldn't sleep over. Rusty has been out of town and so he deserves to have his privacy I think!

If you've ever been to Brandon's swanky studio then you know that taking a shower is a 24/7 party. When you get in the shower there is a disco ball right above you (check out the photo to the left) and he has all sorts of different shampoos, body washes and conditioners you can play with while you're in the shower as well.

Brandon also let me borrow a Sailor top for a party I am going to tonight! Stay tuned for the pictures... we're going to have lots of fun!

Okay, I have so much to talk about regarding Tommy D and his friends!
Tommy and I were able to hang out on both Thursday night and Friday night. Thursday was only briefly since one of his fellow models got a tad sick (he shall remain nameless but he knows who he is) after drinking way too much! Tommy left early so I ended up hanging out with his behind the scenes bud "Marcus". Marcus was only 18 but very mature for his age - and hot for a white boy! Looking more like an Abercrombie model than anything else Marcus and I got to talking about his life and his background. After we had enough of the party we took off around 12:30 to go over to The Eagle in Silverlake. Thursday night it is the wet underwear contest and felt that if we could get him in then he'd have no problem winning the contest!! With his almost crystal eyes and knockout features he was a shoe-in ( I will post some pictures if anyone got some of us.)

When we arrived to The Eagle they were carding and didn't let him in. Two guys suggested we go over to MJ's,which was a great idea because it was Jason Sechrest's porn show night so that's where we went, however I didn't want him drinking at an establishment that was 21 plus! It was bad enough that he was in the bar when he was underage but I didn't want to incriminate the bar anymore by having a underage guy drinking beer - I suppose I was trying to pick the lesser of two evils!

I ended up taking him back to his hotel, but not before we sat in my car and just talked for like 30 minutes about each others lives. No there was no indecency on my part or his. This kid is going through a lot and is not quite sure if he likes men or women, I didn't want to try anything and get him anymore confused. I believe he told me that he did a few things with guys but it was all GFP.

I wish him the best and I hope he keeps in contact with me - I know I will try my hardest to keep in touch with him. It is crazy but virtually all the Next Door Male models I have met I have become pretty good friends with - I guess that's a testiment to Stephan and the company he has built - kudos, kudos!!!

Friday night was also a good time, I am really glad I got to see Tommy again and spend some quality time with him. I will write about that tomorrow... I gotta jet to this Halloween party. Have a good night and as always... Stay Tuned!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


As I sit at my desk working I feel like I am going to fall over and enter into a deep sleep!

These last few weeks have been constant go, go, go with no time to stop and catch my breath. Have you ever felt like you were speeding through life and are out of control because you’re so busy? Just like in the dreams we all have when we are freefalling or uncontrollably speeding in a car with no way to stop the only way to stop is to hit the floor or run into a brick wall – I don’t want to hit my personal wall, or the floor for that matter!

This week has been a busy one for numerous reasons. For one I believe the fires are making everyone a little crazy and exhausted. Whether or not you’ve been directly affected by the fires, if you live in Los Angeles the smoke, ash, and the incessant stress put on us from the 24/7 news coverage can all add unneeded anxiety and tension to our already busy life.

I briefly mentioned on MySpace a few days ago that the street I work on at Cybersocket was involved in a bomb scare. Apparently someone left a suspicious package at the Planned Parenthood across the street from my job, causing the police and bomb squad to shut down Vermont and Santa Monica. Damn right wing Christians!! Actually they shut down Vermont all the way down to LACC – it was pretty serious because they told us we couldn’t take our cars out of the vicinity. For two hours we were stuck wondering if it really was a bomb and if everything would be okay. Thankfully everything was okay and it wasn’t a bomb – that we know of!

Brandon Baker had a different experience and for that click here.

Last night after work I went to the gym – finally – and caught up with my buds at Bally’s! After Kenny walked with me over to Amoeba records so I could buy the new Dave Gahan album for Morgan and myself. I also purchased the old school DM 101 CD which I lost many years ago. I couldn’t pass it up it was only $10!!!

Check out a clip I found of the legendary concert at the Rosebowl from 1989!

After Amoeba I watched the last ten minutes of KidNation and then Criminal Minds - my new favorite show then went over to Andy's to spend the night... I think JJ likes when I go over there to spend the night, he gets the bed to himself!

Talk later, today will be a busy day as well…

Stay tuned…

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This made my day! What you see is my friend Victor Banda attempting to throw a penny in the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Behind the camera is Chi Chi LaRue directing him to do so... she had major difficulties trying to get him to do the task at hand - Obvioiusly! Check it out... you'll laugh!

I remember when I was in Rome over ten years ago my aunt told me that if you threw a coin over your shoulder in the beloved Fountain that it meant you would one day return to Rome. If you want to read more about the Trevi click here!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My Blog recently hit 225 views - I have to say thank you to all my readers who check out my site daily and to Francesco D'Macho for adding me to his Blog listings... love you!!!


Some people might call me a sucker but I tend to believe in ghosts, aliens, things that go BUMP in the night and anything paranormal! Not just because it is Halloween in a week but for the simple fact that I like to keep an open mind and I also choose to believe that the dead walk amongst us and that amongst the millions of stars out there in our universe there has to be some other kind of life – right?

Anyway, last night I was at work (the restaurant) and there is this other server there named Marci. Rumor has it that she is a psychic and has the gift to communicate with the dead and also feel ghosts – yah, I know, very extraordinary.

Last night we were finishing up our shift and it there were only a few other servers left in the building: myself, Marci and the amazing TanaLee that has been training me the last several nights. As I walked past Marci she said “You have a good space around.” – and then she smile! I at first thought she made a comment about MySpace so I asked her to repeat herself and so she said it again but clarified that she can tell that I am a good person and have a positive energy around me! I was impressed – however what followed was even stranger!

She asked me “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but when did your mom die?” I forgot that I had mentioned earlier in the week that my mom passed. I told her three years ago and she said “I have a message for you. Actually I wanted to tell you on Saturday night but wasn’t sure how to do it.” She looked over at TanaLee and said to me that she wanted to tell me but didn’t think she knew me too well so she told TanaLee about the message.

“Your mother died of cancer right?” I nodded! She then preceded to tell me that my mom was talking to her – as we speak and wanted to say that she loves me, worries about me and some other things too! I have to admit that it was a bit strange to hear what she had to say and while I did get a bit emotional it was more eerie than sad for me to hear. After she got a bit emotional and said how sad it was for her as well. Something that she sadi that made me really think was that my mom is still worried about my brother and I and that she won’t move on until we are okay. At first what she was saying was a bit foreign to me. I mean, c’mon my mom is already dead hasn’t she already moved on? Marci explained that there are certain stages, as she believes, in death and that my mom hasn’t progressed to the next step because of us – although she is okay, she’s being a typical mom and worrying! Another instance that was a bit strange was when she said to me “She is telling me this right now.”

As Marci and I were talking I almost felt her reading my soul and knowing EXACTLY who I am! Let’s be honest, I haven’t been the most forthcoming regarding me being gay – yet. At this point I think it’s way too early to tell anyone, I first want people to get to know me as Scott Boardman, not Scott Boardman the gay server at Beckham Grill. While I know girls are pretty easy to win over with the gay card, a lot of guys aren’t so I have decided to wait!

I can tell that Marci could read that I was gay and a few other things about me as well! I remember asking her to tell me the things she saw and the look on her face said it all – she was reluctant to say anything too personal I could tell with TanaLee being there. I have a feeling that if it was just Marci and I and we knew each other for longer than – um, a week, she would have been more honest and blunt with me – she seems like that kind of a person!

Anyway, when I got home I told my brother and then told Andy. Andy was very much a skeptic about the entire experience so I almost regretted telling him. He tried to rationalize his reasons for being a ‘doubting Thomas’ – and I respect his opinions and beliefs but I guess since it was such a personal reading, regarding my mother I really wanted to believe it!!! And besides, what kind of person/coworker would give a peer a reading that was full of shit for free? That would be a very cruel and indecent thing to do, right?

Friday is my last night of training and today is my first day back at the gym in at least a week – I can’t wait to see all my black buds! * grin *

Stay tuned…

Monday, October 22, 2007


How hot is Arpad? I haven't seen him in a long while but everytime I do see this hunk of man he is a total sweetie! We partied together in SF for the GayVN's - we drank quite a few beers together! I can't wait to see him again! =)


I have been very curious about what is to become of Numbers restaurant in WeHo. I believe it closed numerous months ago, however it was only a few weeks ago I drove by the second story, hidden restaurant to see a sign on the window that said DIGITS! Anyway, it has become a daily obsession to check the Internet on anything related to this new restaurant! If you've never heard of the world famous Numbers restaurant and bar... Google it! I decided to Google the name to see what came up and interestingly enough a website called GridSkipper did an review on it.

Copy and Paste the link below:

Or just click on the image below for the jpeg version which is in a big enough resolution to read! I think Brandon Baker from Rentboy will particularly enjoy the article. Hmm, I wonder if Google Alert will alert him that I wrote his name in my blog... I can't wait for him to return from Berlin!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


i love, love, love, love, love this video!!!


Last night I had a dream... No really, I had a dream about the restaurant I work at -this is the second night in a row I have had a dream about Beckham Grill. When I used to work at Mimi's Cafe and we had a nightmare about waiting tables there we'd call them Mimi-Mares (Mimi Nightmares - drop the night, get it?)

Last night I was at a wedding of some hot guy and he was a sorta of Journey Man/time traveler - yah, I know it's strange. He and I traveled back in time to reverse his wedding. Although he was straight I wanted him and even though I was trying to get him to marry his wife again I secretly was hoping he would take me instead! It was pretty intense, and my speech that I delivered to him was what Oscar winning soliloquies are made of! I remember he was showing me pictures of a restaurant where he once dined at and it was Beckham Grill, in the background I could see various servers that I have met in the last few days.

After the dream had ended I then was with friends and family in a pool at nighttime.
David Beckham was naked... wait I just made a connection David Beckham, Beckham Grill. I wonder if that is a coincidence or my brain actually put them together for my dream? Come to think of it I think the time traveler was David Beckham... hmm, I just woke up five minutes ago so I will have to think about that one as the day progresses.

The dream after that gets too involved but also in my dream was all my cousins, my mom, and Brandon Baker had just returned from Germany. Ahh, I am going to miss seeing Brandon Baker everyday when I leave Cybersocket. I have mentioned him before in my blog but Brandon is one of the nicest people I have probably ever met. Okay, I am getting sad, so I will stop.

Today I am going to go watch TJ and Andy play softball at Whittier Narrows Field - I like going and taking JJ with me, it gives us both a chance to get out in the beautiful sun and have some fun!

I hope you too make it a fan day!


Saturday, October 20, 2007


This morning I woke up and watched my Saturday morning TV shows that consist of That's So Raven, Hannah Montana and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody on ABC 7! I watch these shows virtually every Saturday morning, even though msot of the time they are repeats - ugh!

After getting putting myself together (and shaving my head) I drove to Starbucks to study the Beckham menu for about an hour. Ordering my Triple Upside Down Grande Soy Caramel Machiato, I parked my ass in the hard chairs that Starbucks offers to sit in to focus on food - good food! The only thing wrong - besides the chairs - was my Triple Upside Down Grande Soy Caramel Machiato, was not Upside Down!!! Well, I don't think it was. The guy didn't write my order on the side of the cup for one, he almost forgot that it was soy and on my receipt it said nothing about being "upside down." Tony, my brothers best friend said that if I ask for it upside down I wont get all that foam but when I checked my drink out there was plenty of foam. Next time I go to Starbucks I am going to ask for a Extra Hot Triple Upside Down Grande Soy Caramel Machiato and if I don't get it the way I asked I will send it back... paying almost $5 for coffee is not cheap so you should get it the way you want it. Right?

I accomplished a lot at Starbucks and even got a chance to people watch - I love that part of being in a coffee house, it's so much! Tonight I work at 4:30 and if I get off early enough I am headed to Peter and Lonnie's house for a Halloween/Birthday party for Lonnie - I can't wait and I hope I can make it! I love seeing Robert, Peter and their friends - they know really nice people so I hope I am not too tired to drive down to LBC to hangout!
Speaking of Halloween I really want to be the Wicked Witch, but the costumes I shopped around for are really expensive. One of my co-workers at Cybersocket said it is cheap to be a witch. Get a black dress and there you go - that's not the way I see it! In my eyes if you're going to do something, go all out and make it look perfect! To the NINES baby, to the NINES!!! A website called had a witch costume but it was $90 just for the dress, so maybe next year I will fulfill my dream of being a witch.

Another person I have wanted to dress up as for MANY years is Boy George. This costume too would be very taxing - both on my wallet and my time in terms of getting everything together. I want to have that old school Boy George look with the braids, the hate and the glam makeup - EVERYTHING! I love that man to no end, well the old Boy George at least. I am a bit weary on the new BG! I think the problem is that America views him as a freak because he is out of the media spotlight and the only time the media reports on him is if he does something weird or wrong. BG is Ari Gold's good friend, but I have still yet to meet him (Boy George that is) and I am not sure I would ever want to meet the present day Boy George - although I did love him in Taboo when I saw it in NYC!

Okay I gotta take off, have a great Saturday!

Stay tuned...

Friday, October 19, 2007


Thanks for the emails asking me how my first night back in the restaurant business was – I really appreciate those who check my blog out everyday and either comment, email or call to let me know they are reading!

Last night I drove straight from Cybersocket to Beckham Grill. Actually I had to drive home to grab my Social Security card and then back to Beckham Grill – major waste of gas! I arrived at 5:45 to the restaurant and instantly was introduced to my trainer Lorraine.

I have to admit that it was a bit peculiar being on the receiving end of being trained. At Mimi’s Café I trained new workers for six or seven years and am currently training my replacement at Cybersocket, so to be trained and know that I am not a PRO at what I am doing is pretty humbling.

Lorraine was sweet and so was another server named Rachel. Actually I was a bit taken back by Rachel’s forwardness. After barely introducing herself to me, she looked at me and said “So what is your story?” Yah, just like that!

I told her the truth – well except that I work for a gay magazine that specializes in porn ads. Instead I told her that I work for a web directory magazine, I didn’t lie, I just didn’t give her the entire focus of our magazine! =)

She told me that she was attending USC and wants to get her Masters… Honestly I wasn’t fully paying attention to her. My main priority was to memorize as much of the menu as I could, however I was polite with her and told her that my good friend Leslie works at County USC – so I was friendly.

I also met a few other people who were also extremely nice – including the managers!

Yesterday before I left to the new job I was speaking with my gym buddy Kenny about my hesitations and how I will give the restaurant a few months to grow on me. (Is that a negative comment?) Something interesting that Kenny told me was that I didn’t have to give it a few months that I would know pretty much right away and as much as I hate to admit it – he was right! I felt a good chemistry there and besides having to memorize a lot of the menu items I think I will like there.

Yah, I am not good at memorizing things. I am more of a experience person… If I look at food and menu items enough I will memorize the stuff but I am not a textbook guy who can memorize things quickly, maybe it is time to change my study habits!

Anyway, I was on the floor from 5:45 until 8:30 following Lorraine around and observing her. As far as the customer service goes I rock, but what I do need to work on is the small stuff – that will get you every time!

I finished off the night with trying two different salads – the Stilton and the Spinach Salad. Plus the fried artichoke hearts, peppercorn steak, Julian veggies, some potatoes that were stacked like cornbread… I will find out what they were tonight, and creamed spinach. Of course all this was free and the manager said that every night that I train I will need to have another new food item to get familiar with the menu – that shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s not fish – BLAH!

Tonight I want to try their famous Raspberry Cobbler… yum, I am getting hungry already!!!

Stay tuned…

Thursday, October 18, 2007


This morning on the way to work I was able to speak with my very good friend Judy.
I am not sure if I have ever mentioned Judy before on my blog but if you know me then you must know more about Judy – my adoptive aunt.

Judy is the one lady that should have been my aunt but for some reason wasn’t – she acts like my other aunts in all way, including her strong opinions. I first met Judy at Mimi’s Café in Long Beach over three years ago. Judy would often come in with her family and sit in different peoples section. Her food orders (and her family) excluding her husband, were extremely picky and I never wanted wait on her – EVER. For one reason or another I ended up waiting on her and the fam, and while I didn’t particularly like the way they crafted the menu into their own kitchen there wasn’t something about the family that attracted me to them, wanting to get to know them more!

Over the next three years Judy and I would get to know about each others families and discovered that we had much in common, even though we were generations and decades a part in age. Both of our moms had passed and we shared the same religions: Judaism. Since I have left Mimi’s over a year ago we still talk a few times a month and get together for breakfast…every time I see Judy I never know what is going to happen at brunch – she is a riot, even though she doesn’t mean to be!

What I love most about Judy is her honesty and she is approachable. There is nothing I cannot share with Judy. From boyfriends to porn stars, she knows it all and accepts it (and if she doesn’t, she sure lies well!)

So this morning on the way to work I decided to give her a call and thankfully she answered! We gossiped about a bunch of stuff and then she told me how in the next week or two she is going to Disneyland with her family – again I was so envious that not only was she going to The Happiest Place on Earth but she was also going to Club 33. If you are not aware of what Club 33 is at Disneyland, Google it or paste the following website into your browser! ( )The only word that comes to mind when I think of Club 33 is Historically Enchanting!

Judy then went on to tell me about her first experiences at Disneyland when she was a little girl. She remembers it as if it was memory in her eyes. Describing all the attractions that were there and the attractions that had not been built yet, Judy was so detailed in her descriptions even telling me about a particular exhibit called The House of the Future (top of page) and the fortune telling the attraction did. She specifically remembers the cast of the House describing that in the future the world will be able to cook a potato in eight minutes in contraption. Judy was unsure of what they called it but we call it the microwave! She also explained that they made reference that in the future people would create furniture out of plastic which we used to see a lot in 80’s/90’s décor!

FASCINATING, I love stories of old!!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketEarlier this week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kent Taylor of Raging Stallion Studios (above) for coffee while he was in town!

People like Kent I will miss getting random emails or calls from saying "here is our new porn," or like this past week “lets have coffee today to just shoot the shit!” Kent also brought me the first dick of Raging Stallions new movie called Grunts.

Have you heard about it?

The film has been getting a lot of media and at Folsom the Raging Stallion models were decked out in military fetish gear to promote the movie. They even reenacted a military march and drill up and down Folsom Street to attract more attention – brilliant. The new breed of RSS models seem a bit more reluctant to reach out and be friendly, that is just my observation but I’ve noticed many of the models not to be the “outgoing” friendly type… eh, maybe I am wrong. I have met RS Man of the Year 2007 Steve Cruz and Raging Stallion Man of the Year 2006 Jake Deckhard numerous times and while they are some serious party guys I feel that every time I meet them they can’t place my face or where we originally met. Of course every time we do meet I have changed my look slightly and IN NO WAY AM I SAYING I EXPECT EVERYONE TO REMEMBER ME… but I really like Cruz, he seems pretty amazing and would love to keep in contact with him on a regular basis because I do see a positive light in him and I want him to remember me! Speaking of Steve Cruz, if you don’t know who he is you have to check out his blog – he is reinventing the blog in my opinion! The boy loves tattoos ( and on his Ink Blog ( he is starting a photographic canvas documenting his third major body art addition!

Anyway, Kent and I discussed many things including some of my future endeavors, my ill-fated love life, his stable love life, porn stars, other studios - that was fun, and of coure we gossiped a tad. What I truly love about Kent is when you're talking to him he is present and listening to what you have to say. At first when you start conversing with him you might feel a bit intimidated that he is starring so deeply into your eyes but it’s only because he is so focused on you and not with what is going on around him. There are very few people that I know that actually do this. Leslie and Cruz are just two people that I have known that gave/give me their undivided attention when I was in their presence!

Anyhoo, coffee with Kent… a good thing! Such a sweet man and he like myself also loves Latin men! =)

Speaking of Latin men, I met a very nice guy named Andy this week. Andy is a total hottie and lives pretty close to where I live. Last night he spent the night and it is nice talking to him and getting to know him – I feel like I’ve known him longer than four days!

Okay, back to work! BTW, tonight is my first night at Beckham Grill, wish me luck!

Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I have been so incredibly busy this week I have not had a chance to update my blog. I am so sorry to my friends who depend on this to know what is going on in my private life, you know I don't hold back much!

So I did get a job at a restaurant since my last posting! =) Saturday I went in to The Beckham Grill in Pasadena and interviewed with two different managers before getting the job! The restaurant is pretty well-to-do and the menu is the same! Pasadena old (and new) money is known to go to the establishment that has been around since 1978 - my year of birth! The menu isn't exactly Mimi's Cafe cheap. Two people should expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $40 a person... yah and if you want wine tack on more money bub!

It has been very strange making the transfer from editor to waiter but this is what i wanted so i have to be okay with it! For the next three weeks it will be very hectic working two jobs but it will be extra money and who doesn't like that? What I won't appreciate about being a waiter again is the following!

*I have to shave
*I have to wear a uniform
*I have to work nights
*I have to work weekends

The positives about working at Beckham Grill are the following:

*I get my weekdays free!
*Hopefully Beckham's has a great employee meal program
*I will save money on gas by not driving to and from Hollywood everyday, five days a week!
*I will be on track with what I want to do with the rest of my life

So there are good and bad reasons associated with leaving Cybersocket - we all must go through changes in life... it's inevitable!

Talk soon. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007






Saturday, October 13, 2007


Thank God this week is over - Saturday is here alas! Last night I dreamt about going back to school and waiting tables – very strange especially since today I have an interview at a restaurant in Pasadena (wish me luck). For those who don’t know too much about me I used to wait tables – 10.5 years at Mimi’s Café to be exact. Ever since I started my job at Cybersocket I missed waiting tables. I know it sounds weird coming from someone who has a degree but waiting tables was so exciting and fun – taxing on your feet but fun nonetheless. The restaurant I am applying at is a very nice restaurant that has expensive meals – definitely not Mimi’s Café prices! Comparatively at Mimi’s Café two people could eat for under $30 for dinner and under $20 for lunch… Not the case at the place I am going to be interviewing today. I have a good feeling about this place and the food is impeccable so I am excited!

If you missed my earlier post this week I put my resignation in at Cybersocket – my last day being November 9, 2007 – 11 days before my birthday!
Cybersocket wanted to find a replacement for me as soon as possible so by Thursday afternoon they interviewed some applicants and made their decision. Starting on Monday I start training my replacement – I am actually excited about handing over the possession of the magazine and to see what direction he takes it!

This morning I spoke to my friend Collin O’Neal about his business and the exciting things that he has going on around him as well. I have said this before but Collin is one of the few guys from the adult industry that I genuinely trust and consider like a brother. Him and Rich, his business partner have always been warm and welcoming to me - they are just normal guys and big success will come to them. I remember when I first met Collin, Chi Chi contacted me and told me that her friend Collin O'Neal was in town and wanted to be booked at Cocktails with the Stars on a Thursday night. Now again, if you know me, I am not so quick to have just any white boy come down to CWTS and show their ass off! I am generally not attracted to, don't trust and don't like other white guys... LOL, no it's not self-racism, instead it's just my preference on who I choose to associate with! I remember coming home from work one night and I called Collin and spoke to him. I could instantly tell that he was not too receptive and was unsure of who I was. To make an already long story short, he loves Latin guys as well and is not attracted to white guys either - yes, we were made to be friends!!!

From then on Collin, Rich and myself would meet up in Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to hang out and check out the gay parties. I remember one night last January we went to Vegas and were ringside for what was to be a female mud wrestling contest... we should have stayed but we didn't. Say Collin, what ever happened to those photos???

Wow, it seems as if 2008 is going to be a year of change… dramatic change!! I wish I could speak of all the business ventures I have planned for 2008 but I guess you’re just going to have to wait and see what I’m talking about – in fact after November 9, I can give more details!

Stay tuned…




Friday, October 12, 2007

Joes Bday

Thursday was Joseph's 31st birthday, so a bunch of his coworkers and myself all went out to dinner to celebrate at El Coyote in Hollywood.

Among the people there was Bryant, Filledette, her hubbie Jeff (what a nice guy), Marla, Joseph (another Joe), Nancy O'Dell, her hubby Keith, and their new addition Asby! All of these are work friends for Joseph - they all work at Access Hollywood!

I arrived extra early so I had to wait about 45 minutes until the rest of the group arrived. Since I had some extra time I decided to give my old bud Jeremy Hall a hollar to see what he's been up to. Jeremy Hall is a well-known porn star and we met seven or eight months ago and have been friends ever since. I will admit it, I think Jeremy is the complete package. He is a gentleman, funny, candid, handsome, fit and daring - oh yah he's even a little bit twisted... very cute!

Recently he relocated to Columbus, Ohio to further pursue his website
Jeremy and I spoke about a lot of things - including me. I am not going to name names but there are a few porn stars that I know that never even ask how I am. They will talk, talk, talk about their life and then hang up quickly. The majority don't do this, but I always appreciate it when ANYONE takes the time to ask "How are you doing?" Know what i mean? Anyway, Jeremy told me how there is a bigger talent pool out there in Columbus and it's centrally located in the Midwest - I am happy that he's happy! The thing that stood out aboot *that's how he/Canadian's say the word 'about'* was when he told me that he takes out ads in the local college newspaper asking for models to appear in adult theme movies. I forget if he says they are gay but I think it's amazing that he has the balls to do it - YOU ROCK HALL! Jeremy also said that the university in the city is the biggest in North America, which shocked me, I thought Long Beach State was theirs is well over 40,000 students!

Okay, moving on... back to Joseph!

Back at El Coyote, drinking the Mango Margaritas and enjoying each others company was a perfect evening for me! Last year at his birthday dinner we didn't enjoy the company very much - let's be honest, but this year the friends he did invite were genuine people that wanted to be there. Last year I think the thing that bugged me the most about his friends was that after they were done eating they all threw their money in for their dinner and jetted. There was no convo, or getting to know anyone else at the table. Last night was very personable and intimate! He couldn't have picked a better group of friends to have around him last night!

Half way through our meal Christian Owen, Lex Sabre, Adam Faust and Blake Riley showed up as well with a bunch of other guys (including Mocha) who are also in some way or another affiliated with the porn industry! They say right across from us and Lex and I exchanged text's throughout the evening. His having to do with Faust and mine were just random comments!

Nancy and Keith payed for the entire bill which was so generous of them, and they gave Joseph some lottery tickets as well. Scratching off all three Joe discovered he had won $10,000... well not really. The lottery tickets were a gag, but Joseph had no clue! Although he sweated a bit on the top of his brow, for the most part he was cool, calm and collective... I would have screamed aloud and gone crazy! It was so funny to hear Joseph keep saying "that's evil, that's evil" after he found out the truth!!

After we had dinner we all hung around and talked about pop culture, Hollywood, boyfriends, breaking up, porn, sex clubs, and eyebrow waxing versus eyebrow threading!

Fun times, fun times... Happy Birthday Joseph... we can't wait until the real party Saturday night at Eleven in WeHo!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


he is number #2 on my HOT BUDDIES list (Depeche Mode always stays at #1, they are tattooed on my body for God sakes). If you have time stop by his page and wish him a happy birthday too - you only turn 31 once! tonight we will be celebrating... Scratch Margaritas anyone???

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to joseph
happy birthday to you

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I just finished listening to the new Dave Gahan album entitled "Hourglass." My first commentary is the album sounds nothing like the first single "Kingdom." On the contrary it sounds more like the second single called "Deeper and Deeper" on his official MySpace page.

Smart, dark, gritty, and intelligent are just some words I am using to describe it.

I'm not sure how much I can reveal without getting in trouble but my favorite track thus far is SAW SOMETHING. For some reason I always enjoy the first track on any album. Have you heard the first song/intro to the new She Wants Revenge album?
That's what I'm talking about baby... Very electro-industrial!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


It is 9:41 and I just logged onto CraigsList and I saw a job that looked interesting... it was Editor in Chief for Cybersocket magazine! Sound familiar?

Today I gave my notice at Cybersocket magazine. Many of you knew this was coming, few friends actually were aware that today was the day.

Overall it was a mixed bag of feelings today. The last few weeks leaving, Cybersocket has weighed heavy on my heart. Few people take the time to sit down and figure out all the sides of leaving a job.

Right now, I am a bit numb... I went to the gym, hung out with my friend Kenny and then drove home. I called up a few of my old friends, caught up with them.

I know, I know I am rambling right now... I will be more level headed tomorrow.

If you know of anyone who wants to pick up where I left off have them send a resume in....

Stay tuned..


Monday, October 8, 2007


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about Morrissey's ten night stint at the infamous Los Angeles Palladium. Ticket sales have been steady but three shows have had low attendance - as a result Michelle, Morgan and I scored $25 tickets for tomorrow night.

I'm not feeling very good tonight, I hope I wake up feeling a lot better - I can't miss Morrissey!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, October 6, 2007



Almost a year ago I discovered this funny YouTube video from a pseudo-drag queen trying to sell cupcakes on the Internet. The video was so off the wall and halarious I always shared it with anyone who had an affinity for strange YouTube videos. Check it out below!
This past weekend at Folsom all I heard Angel and Rusty speak about was a drag queen named Kelly aka Liam Kyle Sullivan. To make a small story short the cupcake drag queen is Kelly. Since then she has gone on to make many more funny YouTube videos which are equally as funny. Combining funny one liners with original pop songs I have to give shim an A for originality! Kelly was made a sensation with help from Margaret Cho apparently, and has gone on to doing small spots on MTV, Alias, Gilmore Girls and 8 Simple Rules to name a few... could this plain jane drag queen be the next big thing in Hollywood? I wouldn't put any money on it but she will give most a good chuckle.... BETCH!

Friday, October 5, 2007


I've been getting numerous messages on MySpace about Sagat's blog, asking why he deleted it.

Honestly I don't know and haven't asked him about it. Sagat and I are friends but he is a very private, quiet individual. He knows that if he needs any advice or help I am here, but other than that if you have any questions about what happened to his blog it's best if you ask him yourself... then tell me!

Stay tuned...



I hope you all enjoy... I have more that I will add at a later date. I might possibly add captions, just not sure. Until then, if there's anyone you think is cute and you want me to relay it to them just let me know!'

Stay Tuned...


Thursday, October 4, 2007


what a true diva. 'dark road' is the first single off of annie lennox's new cd called
"songs of mass destruction" and if you think the name of the album is controversial
wait until you see the press release that was sent out with the album. i will scan
that and share it with you all tomorrow! lots of love my friends! =)


It makes me feel so good when people hunt me down when I am out and about and tell me how much they miss Cocktails with the Stars! Every time I go out I get compliments and inquiries of when CWTS is returning, when Micky's will open back up and if I will be the returning host of the show.

Honestly, I know the answers to two of those three questions. I do know that CWTS is coming back and I know that Micky's will be rebuilt - but if I will be the returning host I have no clue... that's up to Micky's management and Jason, lead bartender and promoter of the weekly event.

I have not spoken about CWTS on my blog since its inception because it's a very taboo topic. I feel that if I talk too much about it and expect to get asked back and it doesn't happen that would be very sad... and funny at the same time for my assumptions.

Many people have asked me to start up a CWTS-esque show and so far I am reluctant to accept. Micky's was a very basic format with no frills and could have used a kick in the ass or the wallet but money never seemed to be incorporated into the promotion. except for the weekly porn star payments, my pay, and advertisements in Odyssey. In no way am I talking shit, but my theory is 'if you want to make money you have to spend money' and with numerous other shows around town competing, doing similar promotions should put management in a position to step-up their game in a show. I liked the format of Micky's show overall, no complaints. Besides the fact that I begged for a new banner, which is now gone and they are FORCED to get a new one - bitter sweet, very bitter sweet!

So besides people coming up to me asking questions another thing that makes me so fuckin' proud to be a part of the show is when people send me photos or videos.
One friend in particular (  ) he shall remain anonymous *wink* created two beautiful videos incorporating two of my favorite things in this world: hot men and depeche mode!

Check out what he did they are amazing...thanks babe... whoever you are!!!! =)

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Have you ever asked yourself the following question: Are you more mentally strong or physically strong?

Tonight when I was watching Kid Nation on CBS they awarded the $20,000 gold star to an eight year old that they described as not necessarily physically strong because of her age but mentally strong because of the way she managed the town store and interacted with the other kids - oh, and it was her ninth birthday too!

Anyway, it got me thinking, sometimes we can be more mentally stronger than physically stronger and the really good people in this world can keep a great balance of both at all times... the few, the proud, the fortunate!

When Sagat was in town he met up with a guy who was physically strong but was mentally week and insecure - that is the most unattractive trait ever in a guy for me and Sagat seemed a bit annoyed by it too. I haven't dated any guys who were insecure about themselves to the point that it was obvious. Of course we all have our weaknesses but I believe it takes a strong person to acknowledge those and then move on, don't lament on them and obsess - there's no point!

I again cried this week at the outstanding job all the kids did. And it amazed me for another week the power of a hug! When was the last time you gave someone a hug and meant it? Hugs are pretty powerful, in fact there are some people that have tried to give hugs to as many people as possible. Infectious and heartwarming, hugs are quite possibly the best gift on earth if done right.

Speaking of infectious and heartwarming, yesterday Annie Lennox came out with her new CD called "Songs of Mass Destruction." One of my favorite songs by the diva is "WHY." I recall her singing this song during the summer time for Live 8 in London, check it out, it certainly gets its message across loud and clear. Oh, her new album is amazing too!

Good night and stay tuned...



I just saw the following clip about abortions on Perez Hilton and I almost pee'd my pants! Sarah Silverman's new season premieres tonight at Comedy Central... make sure you tune in!!!


I just received this disturbing email from Lucas Entertainment and honestly didn’t find it very funny especially since in the last six months we have seen two great porn stars slip away so sadly!


Michael Lucas' found dead in Manhattan apartment

New York, NY (October 3rd, 2007) -- The body of Lucas Entertainment founder and CEO Michael Lucas was found last night in his Manhattan apartment.

Authorities released the photo below of the crime scene.

No additional information has been released. Stay tuned for further developments.

LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT is New York City's premiere gay adult entertainment company. Founded by Michael Lucas in 1998 with the intent of showcasing the city's wide diversity of types and ethnicities, the company has come to represent a stamp of top quality and garnered high regard among gay adult film aficionados worldwide. Along the way it has been rewarded with a multitude of GAYVNs (including Best Picture two years in a row); received exposure in countless mainstream and adult industry media outlets; and spawned five distinctly successful production lines: the Auditions collection, the Encounters collection, the Fire Island Cruising collection, the International collection, and the most prominent series of all, the Manhattan collection. More information can be found at,, and Lucas' personal weblog,

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


(Photo courtesy of Party with Brandon)

Although this picture is missing the team soccer mom, Brandon Baker, this is the team that stayed in two rooms at Hotel Britton in San Francisco this past weekend!

The picture above was taken on our way to breakfast Saturday morning. I suggested this restaurant that I go to everytime I am in the city and love. Don't ask me the name, everytime I go to the restaurant I forget the name. I can tell you it's on Taylor Street next to The Mark Twain Hotel and that it's decorated in pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean. The place is very quaint and you can see the food being cooked right as you walk in the door!

Brandon bought our tables champagne from the store next door and he even shared it with the tables around us! That is how Brandon is by nature - this morning when he walked into work he had bought me Robeks's juice and a shot of wheat grass!

After breakfast we walked around the city, saw the Love Parade, and bought clothes.
I was so happy because I also caught up with Collin O'Neal and hung out with him for a while.

Okay more later on hanging out at the Titan Parties and seeing other porn stars and good friends!

Stay tuned...


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