Sunday, August 31, 2008


The 31st of August has so many meanings to me, however the most important is it was my parents Anniversary Day!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad... didn't they look flawless in the picture above?!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


I think most people in their late twenties/mid-thirties can say they were addicted to the original Beverly Hills 90210. It's not a farfetched statement that the television show DEFINED A GENERATION! I think one thing that I enjoyed about the show was that the kids were stuck up, snobby and the generic idea of what most kids think children from that particular zip code would act like. Since Kelly, Dylan, Brandon, Brenda, David and Donna were down to earth people pretty much everyone could relate to them (oh, p.s. I didn't have to look up their names on Wikipedia, it just came back to me all of a sudden - I even remember Emily Valentine). I wonder if the new 90210 will have the same cuddly cast as the original? I don't know about you but I don't subscribe to Gossip Girl, The Hills, Laguna Beach and other 'reality' driven shows that flash fake children with money that was handed down to them from their daddy. True, Donna was a lil' rich bitch but she didn't come off as a bitch - catch my drift? So to sum up this posting I hope 90210 2.0 *as Perez calls it* lives up to the hype and really brings it... they've got a lot riding on this new show!



Friday, August 29, 2008


The man you see before you is my Big Brother hero. Last season it was Crazy James, however Big Brother 10's Dan takes the cake with the games, deception and tactful game play he has displayed. Even though it might all come to an end in the next few weeks he sure gave America one hell of a ride. Dan's 'roulette' game was nothing short of amazing on Tuesday nights episode and watching Ollie unravel was just as incredible. Do you want to see two players unravel??? Check the shit out below... DRAMA!!!! What we don't appreciate is Ollie calling Memphis a FAGGOT and to SUCK HIS DICK! Very respectable and Godly for a Reverends son to use those words while on a national game show... that happens at 6:30 if you're interested! Ollie is an ASSHOLE!!


I got flowers bitches! Actually these flowers you see are the first flowers I've received in numerous years - and I got them before a date. The only guys I've ever legitimately received flowers from were: Cruz and Tyson. Now I can add a 20 year old handsome stud to that short list. Eric is a very sweet guy and it's amazing how nice a younger guy can treat you even if he isn't in his late 20's or early 30's. Just some food for thought guys... but you don't have to take my word for it *wink*!!!


Another gangsta band out right now is Chromeo!!! If you like a band that sounds like they are stuck in the late 80's/early 90's this is the main deal!!! The song below pretty much defines the band and their sound. The two are an odd pair but the sound is so catchy and disposable - in a good way, that you have to feel good! My tip: Dance to this duo. I think DUOS ARE THE NEW BLACK



The last few weeks I've been listening to The Ting Ting's cd and it fuckin' rocks!!! You've probably heard the music at the various WeHo clubs or TV commercials and this duo deserves all the success they get... YOU MUST ROCK THEIR SHIT... IT'S AMAZING ROCK, PARTY, INFECTIOUS, DANCE, POP MUSIC!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Damien Crosse is smiling and the crew of Nick Young is so appreciated of this boys smile, cock, words, alluring image he puts out and his bountiful ass! Why? Because my Q&A I did with Damien has received over 2,000 hits in the week it has been out - pretty impressive!!! Next week we will be posting the interview Francesco D'Macho did with us a few weeks ago while he was hiding in a local Starbucks with Damien trying to take cover from Hurricane Fay blowing outside. These two guys are porn gold in my eyes.



Very few people have actually heard the ORIGINAL New Order song "The Beach." The song came out on the album SUBSTANCE 1987 and the song in my eyes is a total time capsule for the kind of music that was being created back then. The song is not for sale on iTunes so enjoy it here and listen to it in all of its glory... you'd be dumb not to take a ride back to the day of techno-pop.



Today I had lunch with JJ at a new Cuban restaurant/bakery in Monrovia called Merengue! Their tag line: Food that will make you dance. Pretty corny, I know but the food was so amazing I plan on returning!! If you want to check out their website log onto Merengue Their cakes looked amazing and their empenadas were beyond scrumptious!!!


At the end of our night of Sunset Junction, Robert, Moses' boyfriend desperately wanted to see one of his favorite bands of all time Kinky!
He loved the show, but afterwards became fixated on meeting the band and getting any paraphernalia he could. For 20 minutes Robert, above, completely shut Moses and I out and was enamored with the stage breakdown. He wanted the setlist, the cracked drumstick - and to meet the band. While I've heard of Kinky I do not know their music so I thought I'd put a popular Kinky song on my blog for all you Americanas! Oh, and if you don't know Spanish too well then check out their album Reinas, this album has English lyrics but still laced with some infectious Spanish grooves.. get into it and ENJOY!!!


My interview with Tommy D is up on Nick Youngs site to read starting today!! The interview is a candid question and answer forum which is light hearted and even talks about retiring from porn - GASP!!
I first met Tommy in Phoenix about three years ago. I had no idea who he really was and had no idea that he was so popular in the amateur scene. We instantly hit it off and I was heavily attracted to him - and for me to think a white boy is hot is pretty damn unique, that's for sure! We had a pretty memorable weekened in Phoenix, that's all I am going to say. The hot tub was pretty damn hot, especially with all the guys going at it and the girls too. I remember a girl there and she was pretty damn near naked. A hotel worker was walking by, and had obviously had just gotten off of work. He saw a lot of guys and a girl messing around and next thing I know he jumps the fence and joins in... yah, crazy! The rest will stay in Phoenix but I can tell you that I've always had a crush on Tommy and will likely never get rid of it either... he is too hot and sexual for me to stop liking *wink*! The Biggest Amateur Porn Star Of All Time Tommy D


The official teaser trailer


See more Kristin Chenoweth videos at Funny or Die
This video is sooooooo BRANNDON BAKER!!!!


When I used to work at Cybersocket I shared an office with Rentboy's Brandon Baker. Brandon's desk was a melting pot of sweets, treats, fun toys and amusing trinkets. One day he was kind enough to give me a the bumber sticker/magnet (above). I lost it for a while but recently found it... I think of him everytime I see it on my car!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've had major reservations about Little Britain coming to the States. You decide, which is funnier?




Sunset Junction was a lot of fun this past Sunday!

Moses, Robert and Miguel picked me up and we set out for a long day at the Junction, meeting old friends and making new ones. I have to say that the four of us looked mighty cute and we had a lot of fun. Some of the highlights were:


I saw Josh, the dude I went on a few dates with and couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy, what a nice guy he missed out on! My boss says Josh stopped talking to me because he found out I wasn't Latin but that coulnd't be true - the dude has known me for six years!

For all the fun pictures make sure you check out my MySpace page:!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


We just posted the interview I did with Damien Crosse and it's already causing a shit load of controversy! A studio has already called me and threatened me and I'm waiting for their president to call me so we can hash out our problems! If you have a chance please read Damien Crosse's Q&A at .

One thing I love about doing my Q&A on Nick's site is that I have no rules. I can essentially ask any question I want without fear of being yelled at by my boss or by a studio. I remember working at Cybersocket I could only speak good about studios because we depended on the studios advertising dollars so we would never want to offend their models or movies - LAME!! If your movie is bad then I will say it's bad.
That is one thing I like about Jason Sechrest; if he reviews a movie and thinks it is an awful effort he'll say so with no problem. Few people in the gay porn industry are truly honest. Damon Kruezer, Chi Chi LaRue and Brandon Baker are two guys that I also respect for their honesty. UGH... Brandon Baker, I miss him so much! I think my next blog posting I am going to do a write up about him and why Brandon Baker is poised to take over the world.


Have you ever met someone and it was instant attraction? Um, yah that's what happened yesterday! I really can't explain it but this boy I've been talking to for a while online and when he came over my casa yesterday it was fireworks. He seems nice, sweet and loves my gray hair - well the little I have anyway. It seems everytime I get my hopes up about someone they dissapoint me so I'm not going to think too much about what might happen between us but he is my type - tall, Latin, cute smile, slender, nice chest, smooth... YUMMY!!!

Again, who knows what will happen but we have a date on Saturday morning so we'll see!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For the last 12 days I've been glued to the television watching the Olympics any chance I can. Almost every sport that is played is important for me to watch - track, sprinting, gymnastics, diving, basketball, womens softball - it's all so fascinating to me.

I've said it before and I still believe that watching the world come together to play sports is amazing. Now, I'm not the biggest advocate for sports when it comes to kids using it get into college and scholarships - is that wrong? To digress just briefly I just think that sports is not an education, but whatever! The Olympics on the other hand, whether or not they are connected to high school/college sports are just amazing to see, some/most of the people competing are machines. Jamaica for instance ruling the distance running (I am watching it as I type!)

Anyhoo, I had to post at least one item about the Olympics, and believe me I will include pictures of all the hotties in the Olympics - damn that's going to take some work!!!


Last night some of my coworkers and I walked down to Old Town Pasadena after work to celebrate Pranee's birthday! Pranee is easily one of the sweetest people I know, in every sense of the word! Everytime it's a special occasion at our restaurant she makes her mothers infamous spring rolls for the entire crew. Beside that she always has patience and time set aside for you if you ever need her... she needs to have kids but she doesn't want them unfortunatly!

We went to Freds Mexican Cafe after work and had a great time drinking their amazingly strong margaritas and cheap - but GREAT tacos. Every Tuesday they have these amazing tacos for two dollars... you gotta go if you're in town! I think Michael and I had three margaritas each and then he had to finish Pranee's, poor thing had to go throw up in the bathroom becuase her tiny body couldn't handle all that tequila and texas tacos (Texas Tacos consisted of BBQ pulled pork and Onion Rings).

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I interviewed Francesco D'Macho yesterday for, it was a interesting and revealing convo! Some stuff he told me I was even surprised!!!!

I first met Francesco in Las Vegas - I think. Was it Francesca? I can't remember but I do remember us meeting and it being like water and oil! We ate dinner at New York New York, rode the roller coasters and even had some fun after *wink*! Francesco is a diva, but a sweet one and we've always stayed in touch. Over the years we have seen each other other in Chicago, LA and San Francisco and he's never changed. I miss Francesco when he's not around!


My Mustang needs to be fixed. The breaks, the rotors, the back windows, the turn signals will exceed $800... OUCH!! Oh, did I mention I have four other things to fix as well... but those are pretty minor and not too expensive. Rentboy here I come, I never thought I'd take Brandon Baker up on his one free month offer!


YESTERDAY I didn't want to workout. After a crazy night on Sunday, partying until the early hours of the morning (I'm exagerating a tad) the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym and then head to work.

My drill is usually the same, workout for 45 minutes and then do the stair machine or some sort of other cardio for about 45 minutes while watching my BIG BROTHER 10!
Since I work when it is on I often just go onto iTunes and buy the episode for $1.99.
Of course I could watch it for free online but buying it makes me watch it on the stair machine and I can't get off until I finish the show - and by that time I am soaking wet!!

Yesterday I was watching the show and was reduced to tears while doing cardio. I was forced to pull my hat down, lower my head and hope everyone around me thought that the excessive water dripping from my face was sweat and not tears. Needless to say if you've ever had a parent pass away this one will get you in the heart too! Renny is an eccentric lady from New Awlins but she has a heart of gold and reminds me of Marge Simpsons sisters when she speaks! Watch below...


The new Baz Luhrman film AUSTRALIA looks nothing like Moulin Rouge, instead this time he takes us on a wild, epic journey to Australia in a film that stars Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman! I don't know what to think... I believe it comes out the first week of September and so far there's been almost no advertising or press... hmmm!

Sunday, August 17, 2008



Even though it was a dream and my mom passed away four years ago, it was pretty special and significant that this was the first time she had visited my new job at Beckham Grill (in my dreams.) But she was also eating with my father... what an amazing dream to have!


You never know what you're going to find when walking around Old Town Pasadena. The other day I found this beautiful art exhibit which incorporates anyone who walks thruogh this popular Pasadena square. The trees are hung with white pieces of paper that have everyones hopes, dreams and wishes on them. From being an 18th century Aristocrat with large everything to the simplest of pleasures (check out the one above), everyone is invited to to take part so it can be apart of a bigger exhibit united with other hopes and dreams from all over the country!

Pretty beautiful huh?


I haven't told that many people but there was one person who really had me stressing at the interNEXT convention.

This particular model from a certain studio (I adore the studio btw) has made up lies and attempted to protect his STR8 demeanor and has continued to try and discredit who I am... that's extrmely hard to do bud!!

I am so tempted to go public with this guys name and make his image, name and lively hood into mud. This pathetic little blonde boy with a small --- has obviously been going from gay man to gay man asking them for coke, groping them and begging for threeways - this I've heard from direct, credible - VERY CREDIBLE sources and now I know that this kid is just a looney bin and needs to be stopped.

What's preventing me? I really do admire the studio he works for, in particular the CEO. I also feel really bad for this kid who cried in my room for over an hour about his family life and different crappy situations.

Should I go forward with my story and make this kid eat the crap he gave to me last weekend or just sit on my hands? Damon Kruezer, GayPornBlog, GayPornTimes? Who wants the story... I'm so ready to break it!

I guess for right now I will stay quiet... at least I know I'M NOT CRAZY!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Flying the friendly skies - LITERALLY!!!!

On my airplane ride home yesterday I wasn't in ANY mood to speak with somone on the plane. I partied until nearly 6 a.m. two nights in a row and been a triple mess - just ask Rich, he'll tell you *wink*.

I think I got a few hours sleep before I had to get ready to head to the airport.. ugh, a 5 hour flight home, not very exciting, at least I was in first class - THANKS COLLIN O'NEAL!!!!

I slowly got comfortable and told myself I couldn't partake in the free wine, soda, bottled water, warm face towels, good food, great dessert or freshly baked cookies - UGH what a sacrifice. Maybe that's my problem and why I'm so fat: no self control, eh... oh well I look pretty hot still!

A guy in his mid-50's sat next to me and quickly pulled out his Mac Book Air and iPhone, starting to work and edit some documents. Who could have predicted that him and I had so much common? We started talking and I found out that he lives in Signal Hill, a few minutes from my old apartment in Long Beach, loves Mac - actually he owns a few stores that sell Apple Products Exclusively! Larry is also gay and met his lover/boyfriend/husband in 1978 (the year I was born) at Ripples in Long Beach.
His mom has cancer but is not in remission, he'll see in about three months to see if the surgery and treatments she has undergone have worked successfully, eitherway
the doctor said that she has about six months to live.

I didn't get a picture of Larry but what an amazing man!!!


I'd bet that David Archuleta didn't write this song but nevertheless it's amazing!Have you heard it? I already downloaded it from iTunes
and think it's a mature effort and shows that this kid will go far.



I just posted a new Q&A with Raging Stallion exclusive Jake Deckard on Nick Youngs official site!


Besides being a smart business guy who's make the crossover from porn star to business man, Jake is also a professional masseur. Our conversation got pretty
gossipy (Jeremy Hall fans should close their eyes) and heated at one point when he told me something had to remain 'off-the-record.' Sometimes I wish I wasn't a professional jouranlist that follows the rules *sigh*!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Last night a bunch of us had dinner with Dennis Rodman, former basketball player of the Chicago Bulls.

He's been labeled a freak, faggot and a few other 'F' words I believe. I label him with the word FABULOUS!

A group of eight of us were having an extremely difficult time getting a table at the hotels Asian restaurant - until Rodman came up and told management to get us a table. He quickly left us and did his own thing with his two girls and manager but returned later on and joined us at our table to talk gay politics, culture and pop culture.

There were a few outburts when Rodman misheard a comment by someone sitting next to me. It got a bit heated and uncomfortable to the extent that our friend left the table. Everyone was pretty enamored by Rodman but it bugged me that he was rude to the cutie sitting next to me so I had to say something to Rodman and speak my mind - you know me. Overall I was generally honest with him and told him that there is a time to listen and a time to talk and when he should have been listening he wasn't, instead he was talking and thats why he misheard the dude.

DID I SAY THAT? Yup, I did!

I also had to throw in that I remember the days of him and Madonna going to various clubs in WeHo and in LA in the mid-90's... the whole argument before was when the cutie sitting next to me mentioned to Rodman that the first time he met Rodman was at The Cheesecake Factory and he was with a girl in a small dress and some heels on.
Rodman thought he said that he saw him in a dress and some heels at a restaurant he owned. WTF???? Talk about mistaken!

Overall Rod was a great person and was extremely blunt about being within the porn culture, the gay culture and being a proponent for gay folk. Pretty awesome huh?


If you want drama, I have drama!

I think yesterday was the most drama-filled day I've ever had in an extremely long time and I need to get it off of my chest - again. I've told a gazillion people but
I think I need to just blurt it out in words so it's out there and I can move on.

I met a lot of boys this weekend and I am not used to that. Actually, when I think about it, I met a lot of white boys and I'm not used to that. Besides meeting boys I had an old problem come back to haunt me and I found myself explaining myself all over again to people I've already given the explanations, apologies and the entire story to.

I may or may not rehash it on my website, I am considering my options or revenge. I really look the company the model works for and I genuinely feel bad for the model because of his living situation and shit like that, however he has made me look like a villian because he can't come to grips with his sexuality. I am bitter, very bitter actually. Not cause I was rejected by him but by him playing the victim. If you want to know the full story just ask, I won't give names or company names - yet but I feel if this boy has damanged my crediblity with people I'm not sure if it's right to go ahead and do the same thing to him. Is it?

Besides all the secret phone number passes to me so other boyfriends/dates wouldn't see, a hot man in leather (and a dirty jock) making out with me several times, plus a hot unknown porn star catching my eye time and time again I am not sure what is worth writing about and not.

I guess you can say I was bombarded with boys and as I previously stated its not that common for me *wink*

Saturday, August 9, 2008



CAZWELL... what else can I say about this out and queer artist that is socially an icon for the gay youth?

I've seen Cazwell in concert and is just as phenomenal LIVE as he is on his records. His new video is pretty amazing to put it mildly. The song: EH! The video: AMAZING!!!
Attacking Beyonce, plugging Burger King and showcasing the best video technology from the 80's makes this vid a MUST VIEW!!!!!

To all my friends on the West Coast it's only 6 a.m. for you guys, right now I am reporting LIVE (Thanks Joseph) from my bed in Miami Beach!

Last night was a fun one but I couldn't wait to get back to the condo and get into bed - I am really that old!

We started out yesterday by having to brave a pretty big rain storm that decided to make its way into the Miami area. Instead of tanning by the pool at the interNEXT convention we spent it socializing trying to duck for cover in a cabana that wasn't rain soaked. ANNOYING!!!

In LA we associate rain with cold so it's a bit odd being outside in 80 degree heat, plus the high humidity and it's raining! The hotel the convention at is very nice but the seminars I was hoping to attend are very scarce, which sucks!

We only stayed at the hotel for a few hours before we decided to jet and accomplish some errands, mostly for Rich and Collin, I was just along for the ride. They test drove a few Audi's and we went to the beautiful Aventura mall - think Orange County!

We came home and watched the Olympic cemeronies - BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING!!!! At ten we headed back to the hotel to attend the Cybersocket Suite Party which was pretty desolate until around midnight then people started to come! Around midnight a few of us decided to go swimming in the ocean which proved to be the best time I've had yet!

The security guard who was 'guarding' the gate to get into the ocean didn't mind that 10 of us jumped it and went into the 70 degree water at midnight - SO HOT!! For 30 minutes we swam and frolocked in the water before jumping into the pool for a quick rinse-off! I have to thank Gary from ManHunt and Jeremy from MaleFlixxx for accompanying me in this fun mini-adventure. Gary I've known for a few months and is now working on a project called OnTheHunt.Net - think porn stars filming real life couples having sex! Jeremy is a total hottie who I've been gazzing at since I arrived, too bad he lives in Toronto and is married to a guy =(

Why do I always pick the guys who are married, it fuckin' sucks! Let's talk about this for a minute... it's needed. The last couple of guys - Jay included I've been head over heels for and they are taken by some other fucker... I hate it! Angel was that way too: TAKEN! I think it's my karma to either A. End up with a guy who is married and to be his mistress or B. Become involved with a couple and be a THROUPLE.

Hmmm, could you ever live as a throuple? Do you think jealousy would eventually become a huge problem? I don't think I'd get too jealous, but it seems a lot easier
to find couples now adays then it has to find one man.

ATTENTION!!!! I just reread that above paragraph and I didn't mean that literally. I haven't had any threesomes as of late or found any couples that wanna engage in threeway activity, instead I meant I've had no problem finding guys who are in
relationships... you know what I mean, hopefully!

Okay, it's time to get my ass up and walk down to the the main boulevard to get some coffee... I will write later!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Did you see the new COldplay video? It lovingly plays tribute
to Depeche Mode and their infamous 'Enjoy the Silence' video
that was made in 1990. Coldplay's song 'Viva La Vida,' has the
lyrics "I used to rule the world..." and so I think that is where
they came up with the concept to remake the Depeche Mode video
which has Dave Gahan, lead singer of Depeche Mode, dressed up as a king.

Check out the video below and let me know what you
think... I love it, but then again I am starting to have a
solid respect for Coldplay and their timeless music. Regardless
of what my friend(s) think, Coldplay is not a band for soccer moms - yet!

Enjoy the Silence friends!!


I didn't get broken up with by a text message for the record and share the same
fate that Carrie did with Burer. I know that was the general assumption from my last blog about me and my plans with the guy I am currently
dating but that's not entirely true.

Yes, me and my 'blast from the past' finally did talk, and
yes I did tell him how I felt. We had lunch yesterday at
The Corner Bakery in Pasadena, catching up on diffent things
that have been going on - most importantly me being pissed
for him cancelling on me TWICE!!

My blast from the past once again explained to me that he
is into me and that he wants re-get to know me but he has
been so busy. Yah, yah, yah - I know what you're saying
no one is 'that busy,' and I agree!!

Whenever I hear the word 'busy' I think of people like Ryan
Sechrest who works from dawn until dusk almost every day
when American Idol is taping. Busy is just a state of mind in
the year 2008, right?

Anyway, I was hoping to see him before I left on vacay/biz
travel but that didn't happen. I have to say he knows how
to kiss and I haven't had that kiss in a few weeks so
I want it again - and more badly!

Time for a small nap... blog later!


It sucks when you have a really good blog going and then your
computer shuts down for some odd fuckin' reason and you didn't
save your shit. For now on I will have save every two minutes,
which in my eyes is okay - if it means my stuff will be secure,

Right now I am on a plane to see my boss Collin and
business partner Rich. I just saw Collin a few weeks
ago but haven't seen Rich in a few months so I am especially
happy to see him. No matter how crazy I think Rich
is, I think of him as my brother! The crazy stories
he has told me about his life and the crazy stories
Collin has told me about Rich are pretty fucking funny
but when I lay down at night it's crazyto think that in
just a few years these guys have become so close to me, and now
we work together. I am sure this week we will take tons of pictures and I will
post them for you all to see next week when I get back to Los Angeles.

This is my first time ever sitting First Class, is that wrong
to say as a gay man? I know there are numerous fauxpas when
it comes to being gay and what and what not to say say.
Last night Joseph and I were talking about the exact same
topic. He was telling me of a guy who wanted to take him
jetsetting across the country to four or five
different cities in four or five days. Even though
Joseph thinks the guy is cute and could take the time
off he told the guy that he probably couldn't afford it.

"I can't afford it" has normally not been in my vocabulary.
If there's something I want then I would find a way to pay
for it - except these days I don't like that anymore.
I commended Joseph for saying to the guy that he truthfully
couldn't afford it - I've said that to a couple of West Hollywood
"socialites" *I use that term extremely loosely* and they
gasp at the notion of not being able to afford admission
into a $75 club or drivingout to West Hollywood four
nights a week like I used to.

Oh, back to First Class. So never sitting in the section I had
no idea that bringing my lunch on board wasn't necessary. So
far - and we're only half way through the flight - I've been wined
and dined - two glasses of wine might I add! Douglas,
my old account executive when I worked at Cybersocket, used to
take First Class EVERWHERE - and when I say EVERYWHERE, I meant it!!!
Whether it was LA to NYC or LA to Las Vegas - a 45 minute flight,
he needed to take it. I remember one time asking him and he said
he wanted everyone to walk by him and (now I don't know the
exact verbage but) notice how important he was. When he told
me that I know I rolled my eyes and instantly IM'd Michelle to
talk shit. Wow, little did I know that I would later become
friends with Douglas and work for him! Doug has seriously become
one of my cloest allies in the recent months -

So yah, first class is nice - yaddah, yaddah, yaddah!

This post is done and there will be lots of pictures and gossip
to come upon landing in Miami and the start
of the 2008 INTERnext Convention 2008 in Hollywood, Florida.

Stay tuned!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Dee Dee, myself  Tj - HOT!!!

Since I hardly go out on the week nights and hardly get pictures taken of myself when/if I do go out I had to post this fun picture of Dee Dee, myself and TJ Young at HERE Lounge! TJ used to be a shy waiter at Micky's in West Hollywood and now he's still shy, but a full fledged gay porn star... HOT!!!

Gratuitously Speaking

Speaking of people who have completely disappeared from television, what ever happened to Donna Pescow, the mom from the 80's television show Out of this World, remember her?

We love this show because it followed the same basic formula as The Small Wonder - another classic show from 20-something years ago. Enjoy the theme music above... its so much fun!!


Today I worked the lunch shift and rang up a check from a table that had a tab ending is 227 - the bill was $92.27 to be exact!
Those three digits reminded me of the old television show by the same name that starred Marla Gibbs, what ever happened to her? I couldn't get the theme song out of my head all day and couldn't wait to get home and Google the theme song. In the last hour I've been listening to it over and over and over again... wanna hear it for yourself? Just click PLAY below!!


Chelsea, from Big Brother 9, and I (above) on Wednesday night at a popular nightclub featuring porn stars and go go dancers everywhere! Chelsea breezed in and took command of all the boys in the club - YOU GO GIRL!!!

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