Sunday, September 28, 2008


TJ told me about this gym-esque place in Monrovia called Cross Fit Academy. The web site says it is nothing like a gym and it isn't - it was more like a concentration camp! I went on Friday morning and woke up Saturday morning with my legs in utter pain as a result of the box jumps and my back aching a little from the squats!

I am thinking about joining the school and watch my body change drastically due to the sweat, pain and agony! The 16 minute training I went through was pretty strenuous!

1. One minute of rowing
2. One minute of push ups
3. One minute of box jumps
4. One minute of squats
5. Run around the building

The rowing wasn't so bad but the push ups were exhausting as were the squats! The task that was most difficult was the box jumps, jumping up and down on a box that was about 20" long was hard.... very hard! The competitor in me says "GO BACK AND DEAL WITH THE PAIN!!" The fag in me says "You can't do pull ups, squats, power squats and rope climbing - get out while you are still alive! UGH... decisions, decisions!

Friday, September 26, 2008


The 'Italian' took this cute picture of us the other day at the Dodger game. I am so happy he is the cute one... this photo does nothing for my looks!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Their press conference is confirmed and set for October 6, 2008 in Germany to talk about their forthcoming 2009 World Tour.

Their album isn't out for several more months but it seems as if tours are announced earlier than the album is formally announced. Funny how that is the complete opposite for some acts nowadays (Mariah and Janet). The truth is that Mode can sell out stadiums around the world if they have a hit record or not - and their labels have faith in them.

I plan on going to Europe next summer to see Mode in London, Spain, Paris and Berlin! I can't wait to see Mode in concert and hear the new material - you never know what you're going to get with Mode, their musical direction seems to always go different ways... in a good way!


The more I read into McCain the more I dislike the man! His latest plan to put his campaign on hold to deal with Bush's Bailout plan and the sliding Economy is either a ploy to buy more time before he meets with Obama or McCain's way of flexing his muscle over the way his campaign will be ran - either way to postpone the debate between the two Senators is a major mistake!

Last night McCain was supposed to appear on David Letterman but decided to cancel and fly to Washington DC instead. Of course David wasn't too happy and went on to publicly humiliate McCain and his Vice Prez nominee. Letterman was infuriated even more when he found out that McCain decided to stop by CBS to interview with Katie Couric instead! Check out the shocking clip of Letterman below giving McCain the ol' one, two punch!!


Wednesday/last night the 'Italian' and I went on a date to Dodger Stadium to see them play against the San Diego Padres.

The 'Italian' told me that he had never been to a Dodger game so he was excited see one. Naturally I was excited as well because it was going to be his first time and I love watching the Dodgers play. The game was expected to sell out and so I logged online the night before and bought some tickets that were actually good seats for what I paid - almost every seat in Dodger Stadium is a prize in my opinion.

Before the game I stopped by my local mall and bought us both a Dodger hat. I can't remember the last time I owned a Dodger hat and since it was his first game I thought he should sport one as well. I've wanted the particular style hat *that you see to your left* for a while so I decided to buy it.

We met at Mexican restaurant El Conquistador in Silverlake for some pre-game drinks! I surprised him with the hat and he suprised me by wearing a black shirt as well - yah, we matched, kinda cute huh? I have to admit that everytime I see the 'Italian' he gets more handsome... I have a little bit of a crush on him and I am so fortunate to have met him. After our drinks we went to the Stadium, parked our car and ran to our seats - we were already 30 minutes late. It was so cute because he was totally unaffected by his surroundings and was genuinely happy to be at the game. When we were walking up to the Stadium he would hold my hand or give me a kiss. Being at Dodger Stadium I knew we had to be a bit respectful with the kind of people we had around us. Kind of people meaning: conservative, Latino families. Holding hands and kissing in front of children does not bother me.

The crowds were massive in the Stadium and when we found our seats he continued to show me small public displays of affection *PDA's* (kisses, hugs, and ear tugs (ear tugs are so cute). I had to finally tell him that we had to watch our PDA's becuase the crowd around us could be a bit judgemental. I wasn't necessarily worried about our actions but I was concerned about peoples reactions after they've had their fifth beer and are having a good buzz. All it takes is a group of Latin guys who want to display their machismo personality in public and start talking shit to some gay guys - LOL! The 'Italian' was sweet and understanding, while I told him he could still tug on my ear and I encouraged it *wink*! I remember walking into the stadium some lady spotted us holding hands and she made some sort of comment like "Wow, look at that!" I also remember looking behind us while we were in our seats and these people were noticing our PDA's - I could really careless if people stare or comment, I just don't want any trouble!

The game was great and even though we had hardly any room to move I think he enjoyed the game and got a better understanding of what American baseball was about. He made a comment to me that made a lot of sense. The 'Italian' said that he noticed how there is often a game withing a game going on (i.e. - Bloopers, Follies, shots of fans in the stadium, trivia, the wave, singing etc...) He is right too!!! I had to explain to him the rules of the game which would normally annoy me but his curiousity was so genuine and real I couldn't get mad, I thought it was endearing and innocent!

He took several pictures of us so when he puts them on his MySpace I will post them... don't worry *wink*!!

After the game we went to a place in Los Feliz Village called Fred 62 and had some late dinner. We talked, ate, kissed, held hands and were a cute couple!!

This weekend him and I are going to Vegas to meet up with his friends who are visiting from Italy... this trip should be a great bonding experience for both of us to get to know each other better!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Saturday night a bunch of friends decided to head to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary to catch the last film of the summer: ALIEN.

Moses had a group of nine people (Derrick and Kevin to name a few) and I had a five friends with me. It was my first time seeing a movie at the cemetary and a long over due visit. These movies in the cemetary have been going on for years now and every summer I tell myself that I will go but never do. TJ and Chris met up with 'The Italian' and his two friends who were visiting from Italy to see the movie that I had never seen. Have you seen the original ALIEN?

I was floored when I found out that the movie was made in 1979 - who knew? The movie, unlike the original Halloween had held up over time. I was on the ednge of my *errr* blanket while watching the movie, currled up in the arms of the 'Italian.' How romantic huh?

If you have never been to the cemetary to see one of the movies they play every summer you have one more chance! On October 23 the movie group called Cinespia will show the classic horror tale CARRIE in the cemetary in honor of Halloween! Carrie was the first ever horror story book I read and was totally enthralled. If you've read the book then you know what an amazing story teller Stephen King is and how real-to-life the book reads. Of course the movie wasn't as good as the book but with Sissy Spacek it was a great movie for the time!

The movie and the cemetary are must see's - either seperately or together. The cemetary is an old treat filled with infamous Hollywood starlets and unknown locales comprised of many Russian Jews and old money from Hollywood yesteryear!

I will post some pictures later of our trip to the cemetary both on MySpace and on here... Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I almost pee'd my pants watching Guillermo, Jimmy Kimmel's parking lot attendant, handing out shots of tequila at the Primetime Emmy Preshow!!! I have to give Sanda Oh major props for her spontatity and energetic personality. Overall Guillermo got over 20 people to take shots with him and the stars were so candid and sweet! Check this clip out below, it will certainly bring a smile to your face.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Why am I so giddy that Dan won Big Brother 10? I have no reason to be happy... really I don't! Yesterday I was so happy to be going to the television taping of the show. I got my haircut, my eye brows cleaned up, and got all my friggin errands done early so we could be there at least by 3:15 - apparently 3:15 was way too late because Lorrie and I never got into the show. There were about 60 people in line to see the show who acquired their tickets from a ticket agency, on the contrary there were over 130 people who got their tickets from CBS directly, so of course they got in first!

I was almost in tears because I didn't get in, however I did get to see Matt and Adam from last season - and Adam even said a friendly Hello! There were numerous house guests from previous seasons and it was fun to see them all... did I mention Matty, LOL?

After the rejection Lorrie and I went over to a restaurant in Studio City called Mexicali to sulk in our loss and drink margaritas - two pitchers and some fajitas!
Joseph, my best friend, joined us to laugh, talk and share our margaritas... it was
a lot of fun I have to say!

Lorrie and I ended our night by grabbing some frozen yogurt and then watching the Season Finale at her house with her fiance Mike.

I hope I get into the Wrap Party tomorrow night, Dee Dee said she could smuggle me in and it's so important to me.... I hope, I hope, I hope!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Thanks to the new technology of the iPhone - God it's an ingenious invention, and a somewhat new program called Recorder, I can now record my voice and you can listen to what I have to say!!!

This is brand new technology for the iPhone so it's pretty exciting!!!!

Check out my first ever voice recorded blog below...


Saturday, September 13, 2008


Miriam is practically the sister I never had, but oh so wanted! Every year she comes up with a new, inventive way to celebrate her birthday, often giving me inspiration to change things up a bit for my birthday. This year she has chosen to have her party at The Rialto Theater in South Pasadena. The theater was once a great place to check out an independent movie or the weekly Rocky Horror Picture show, however time has brought all that action to standstill. The theater is now available for rent and that is what "sister" has done! She is planning on showing the movie 'Roman Holiday' starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn *I dug up the original trailer for you the ones that love old movies*

I told her to poll her guests on five or six different movies and then choose which ever one was the most popular but she decided to go with 'Roman Holiday." I have never seen the movie so I am anxious to see it - it has been a movie I've always wanted to see but never got around to it, let's face it, it's not going anywhere!

I think my brother had the best suggestion of all; that she show "Scream 2" instead of "Roman Holiday." The horror movie was partly made at The Rialto and since her birthday falls in the month of October it would be a great Halloween gift for everyone to see a movie that was made at the creepy theater they are sitting in... OOOH, SPOOKY!!! Check out The Rialto Theater below as it was featured in the movie 11 years ago... WOW, it's already been that long!!! Whatever movie she shows it will be a memorable night because her friends are always so gracious and nice, I can't wait to celebrate her birthday with her!


Fall is almost here, just a few more days and the air will be free of uncertain heat and night time rolling around in sweat. Okay, I'm exaggerating but fall is my favorite time of the year.

I remember last year when I was EIC at Cybersocket I wrote in my editors letter that it was such a beautiful time of a year because the leaves change color, the night air is cooler and I often find myself walking a little bit slower to enjoy the somewhat cold weather we enjoy in Los Angeles.

In honor of the fall I had to take my garden and replant new flowers to reflect the season change. I originally had marigolds in my small garden on the side of the house, however they were not full perennial flowers so I had to pull them all out and replace them with the flowers you see below... it all turned out so beautiful, don't you think? I also replanted strawberries next to my thriving tomato bush and my grapes. Sadly, my pumpkin and cucumbers succumbed to the summer heat and not being pollinated *or so my coworker Wendy says* so I had to pull those both out and try a different fruit - sucks because I really wanted to have homegrown pumpkins for the Halloween season.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I hope the horse you see next to this posting is an authentic 'Italian Stallion.'

Last night I decided to go out to The Eagle and meet a guy that I've been talking to on the Net for the past week. We had planned not to meet until next week but things worked out and it happened last night instead. We had so much fun drinking and getting to know one another. We stayed until about 1:30 in the morning and driving home I had a tough time staying awake, I was so tired. His travels have taken him to NYC for the next week and I can't wait to hang out with him next week when he gets back into the city! It's awesome to meet someone that has so many qualities that you find admirable and interesting... that's him in a nutshell!


The stage is set for a great Big Brother 10 showdown on Tuesday evening! After nearly 70 days in the house it all comes down to two players: Dan & Memphis.

Memphis doesn't deserve the money, the only argument that I can argue is that he coasted through trying to fly under the radar and avoid as much drama as possible. Dan on the other hand was one of the toughest players that Big Brother has seen since last seasons Crazy James.

I reserved my tickets to see the finale live and in person this coming Tuesday, the only thing to do now is get some tickets to the official wrap party! I have loved the show for years now and can't wait to meet my favorite players from Season 10!

Monday, September 8, 2008


When it comes to clothes and the winter season I get totally psyched! Something about the cold months and fashion just scream "BUY ME SCOTTY!" One of my favorite kinds of clothes to buy are jackets. By far they are the prettiest and every gay man should own at least a dozen *wink* to mix and match with his warddrobe - damn, I think I have at least a dozen! The new Macy's Men Collection Fall 2008 catalogue just got delivered to my house today and it has some amazing jackets inside. If you recieved the catalogue and you agree let me know, I think I'm going to pitch to my brother to split the cost of some jackets with me - especially one that is $350!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Did you happen to watch the Republican National Convention? Did you happen to see McCain's speech? Did you happen to notice that virtually no one shown on camera was under the age of 40 years old? I think it's pretty reasonable to say that the conservative, right wingers are a dying 'OLD' breed. Are the majority of the RNC OLD MONEY?


Tomorrow night I will be seeing Nine Inch Nails in concert for the first time in 13 years, um yah I'm excited!!! The last time I saw Trent in concert was when they opened up for David Bowie in 1995 at the Forum. Coincidentally tomorrow night I will also be seeing them at The Forum but this time they will be headlining. Wow, to go back 13 year - I was still in high school with dyed black hair and flannels were fashionably in and so was dying your hair black - apparently! I don't remember who I went with - probably Laura, but I remember how amazing he was in concert and the energy he gave off to the adoring crowd. Tomorrow night I am going with Robert, Moses boyfriend, and I am so grateful that Moses is letting me buy his ticket off of him! My friend Eric just bought a ticket to the show too so we will all be partying in the pit... how amazing is that going to be?? Check out NIN during their 1994/1995 World Tour with David Bowie which was called The Dissonance Tour! I didn't know that offhand but before looking it up I didn't think that Bowie and NIN was a good team to travel on the road with. As I remember Bowie was touring under a very strange album, not only was it a dark, gloomy album but it just wasn't him. I can remember watching Bowie and thinking "this is the legend they claim is amazing?" Bowie was trying to match the feel of the concert but it just wasn't working. Looking up the concert tour it states on Wikipedia "This tour observed a format placing Nine Inch Nails as the opening act, transitioning into Bowie's set with joint performances of both bands' songs.[18] However, the crowds reportedly did not respond positively to the combination.[19]" At least I wasn't the only one that thought so! Check out NIN below from that tour... he was amazing!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Big Brother 10 never ceases to amuse me... jerry is so old and funny!!!







Age: 53
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Occupation: Beauty Salon Owner
Marital Status: Married

After 54 days (maybe some change) Renny was evitcted tonight. Move over Carol Brady, Renny is America's new mom! What an amazing, crazy lady! One thing I loved about her was that she was SOOOO CRAZY but so loving and real. A few weeks ago I was touched when she was finally awarded her HOH room and was able to see pictures of her mother and dad. She broke down crying, I was on the stairmaster and I was crying tears of happiness/sadness as well. I hope when I get to the Big Brother Season Finale WRAP PARTY I can give Renny a hug and tell her what a speical lady she is! Until Renny, I never got to know anyone too intimitaly from New Orleans excpept for Brandon Baker, for some reason I think they both would be amazing together if they met. Until the WRAP PARTY, check out what I mean below about her being crazy... THIS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!!


On Monday afternoon I met up with Derrick at The Faultline to take advantage of cheap beer - why the hell not? Since I got there 30 minutes before Derrick I decided to find someone to talk to. I scanned the room the selected the "NO ON PROP. 8" people, they seemed nice and normal. I got into conversation hoping to leave with a sign to display on my front lawn, I left with an appointment to volunteer on Saturday morning from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., convincing swing voters to VOTE AGAINST PROPOSITION 8!. If anyone cares to join me please email me and let me know ASAP. Right now I am going alone, any one care to go? Email me:


I have been procrastinating all day long on when/if I will go to the gym today. I have some errands to run but for some reason staying at home sounds so much better than driving to Pasadena to go to the gym - man I wish Bally Total Fitness would build a gym in Monrovia, that'd be amazing!

This past week has been probably the most stressful week that I've had in a long while. Besides all the bad shit that has gone on in the past week there has been some awesome stuff - including Micky's nightclub meetings have officially resumed and we will be starting to *seriously* talk about the nightclubs future, Cocktails with the Stars, and other endeavors revolving around the bar. There is not much I can tell you but I can say this is going to be a totally DIFFERENT porn show and blow all others left away... it will really be amazing!

Months before the club burned to the ground the major thing I think the night and promotion needed was a BREAK! The night had no new ideas, no new promotions and even though we were still bringing in the hottest stars and had a lot of free giveaways from some great companies nothing that blew my skirt up was going on.

I do believe everything happens for a reason but I think the hiatus and the club has had will make everything 110% better when things finally get off the ground! I have received so much support from people in the porn industry about getting Cocktails with the Stars back up and running again, I can't wait for opening night!!!

The romance with the 20 year old boy is officially over. I guess I shoudn't call him a 'boy,' nothing about him was 'boy' like *wink*! The main problem was that we got intimate way too fast and then trying to reverse that and make dates instead of sex all the time was too difficult for him to comprehend, I think the thought that I was not interested in him. It makes me sad that it ended but then again I think it is for the best - the boy is a dominant top and two dominant tops don't get a long well in a relationship. In the future I cannot allow myself to get involved with someone so much like me! Does that sound bad or awful? I hope not, I'm just being honest and most of all realistic on what kind of person will inevitablly make me happy! Relationships are alwasy 50/50 and I don't think the fault of our crumble was either his or more, sometimes he thought I was uninterested and sometimes I was unsure but 85 percent of me wanted to get to know the kid and see what made him tick!

Yesterday my day was pretty damn full, usually my days are spent at home and working from my computer, instead I was able to spend four solid hours with my father having breakfast, fixing the refrigerator, shopping at Costco and having heart to heart conversations. After I spent a few hours with my friend Leslie who is set to give birth to her baby girl Sophia in two weeks - EEEHHH!!

After I got dressed and met up with my friend Johnny Hazzard in West Hollywood for some dinner at St. Felix. Over the past year Hazzard and I have become pretty good freinds and so have our dogs. I enjoy talking to him because he is a good listener, a wise man and a genuinely good person at heart. We had a great dinner and then strolled over to a local ice creamery that serves shakes and sundaes. The name escapes me but involves a MILLION choices of Shakes. If I had the time I would love to sit down and do the math and see if they actually do have a million different options for shakes - could I sue for lying or false advertising?

Joseph picked me up afterwards and we drove up to Hollywood Blvd. to attend the 944 Magazine/MTV Music Awards official party at the Kress Building! The building used to be the old Fredericks of Hollywood store but this looked nothing like the old store.

The Kress building is a four story building that used to be a department store during the olden days of Hollywood, appraently there was a Kress Department store in Long Beach too - FYI! Now the building hosts an awesome restuarant and three floors of night club action! While the hosted bar and celebs were on the rooftop we were forced to party on the third floor until Joseph and his friend got the sacred wristbands that would get us up on the rooftop so we could hang out with Perez Hilton, The Kardashians and some other rappers who I had no idea who they were. I felt priveleged to go becuase I thought I could meet a lot of new contacts so I could begin writing for 944 again and meet other professionals in the magazine industry - except the party was so big that didn't happen.

The party was fun but way too much testosterone and the gays were too obvious to spot out. How come in Hollywood all the gays are so fucking typical and you can point them out amongst a crowd of a hundred people? Do you know what I'm saying? I wish I could have taken a picture of some of the gays that I saw...
Anyway, the picture you see is Joseph and Hannah at the party. Hannah and I got along pretty well, her story is the same as mine - minus the single and alone part *wink*! She graduated from UCLA and is now a freelance writer but feels as if she is stuck in LA because there are virtually no chances to get ahead for aspiring journalists. She was a diva and if I didn't know any better I would have thought she was some big time writer for Cosmo or something. Her personality reminded me alot of my coworker Leslie at Beckham Grill so I liked that too! I got Hannah's information so we can keep in touch and I will - funny how two people can connect so quickly, and the funniest part about her was that she made this funny comment when we were alone about how she 'digs' gay guys. I wasn't sure what meant by 'dig' but the vibe that I receievd was that she falls in love with them and then they come out to her later... I think. I will definitly ask and clarify!

Joseph and I went over to pick up his friend John and then headed to the gay bars once again to grab some drinks and party a bit more. I didn't last too long because I was way too tired to say any longer, the only option was for me to go home - I knew the next day I would have to deal with my boss(es) and the gym so it was in my best interest to leave the day behind and the great memories with some great friends!

Ciao, Ciao!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


As JJ eagerly looks on, I show off my first red tomato - EVER, grown in my garden!!!!


I've been waiting for MILK the movie for nearly two years now! Starring Sean Penn in the title roll, MILK is the documentary of Harvey Milk, the first openly elected gay official in the United States! If you want to see the preview log onto my friend Perez Hilton's website, there you can watch it!!! GOT MILK??


It's amazing how one porn star can garner so many hits in just one day - it must be some kind of record!! Yesterday on we posted the new Q&A interview with Francesco D'Macho and my God did it attract readership! Unprecedented to say the least, when I went to bed last night his article had just under 2,000 hits. Checking the numbers first thing this morning I was amazed to see that D'Macho attracted a thousand more hits while I slept!!!
Francesco DMacho and MyselfThe article is filled with gossip and lots more juicy tidbits that you must, must, must read!!! Enjoy and thank you D'Macho for your interview, you beat out Erik and Crosse... amazing!!!

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