Sunday, December 30, 2007

britney v. sagat

Francois Sagat just sent this to my MySpace account, what do you think of it?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Been So Long

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

It's been a few months since I have blogged. Let me be the first to tell you that I've been so busy with transition and change in my life that blogging has been in my mind at all.

Since leaving Cybersocket I've felt a HUGE burden lifted off of my shoulders. While I still freelance for the company it feels nice not to work in the office - too much tension and fear there for me, I miss my coworkers but not the lump in my stomach I would get everyday when I would walk in. Isn't that sad? Somedays I do wake up and wish I could go grab lunch with Michelle or talk shit back and forth with Morgan... ahh, those were the days! =)

The last few months I've been busy working aththe restaurant and enjoying my new FREE life. Going to breakfast/brunch with friends, meeting new friends and even some time for some small romance, December has been a very good month, but I can't wait for 2008 to begin. Is it just me or am I the only one that things 2008 will be an amazing year? In the new year I will be starting a new job, traveling more, making more money and working around people who I respect and admire.

For those that do not know yet Collin O'Neal will be my new employer come 2008. If you've never met him well then you're missing out on knowing a genuine guy. I can say all this because I know he will likely never read my blog so its technically not considered brown nosing. Many people associate the porn industry with heavy drugs, heavy partying, escorting, and lots of fucking - and while Collin might do a lot of fucking, since I've known him I consider him a guy who is down to earth, caring, not a drug addict, and as i said earlier, a genuine sweet man! Rich Tallman, his business partner is the same exact way too, and while it may sound weird, in the year (or so) since I've known them I already consider them almost brothers to me.

A few weeks ago I attended the Bjork concert with Jason Ridge and it was a very interesting night. The Bjork concert experience was a total dissapointment... her voice was flawless but with all the money she pumps into her video you'd think that her concerts would be the same. Eh, not the case. Instead her show was pretty a flatline with spurts of excitement thrown in every 20 minutes or so... ! One of the most impressionable things Bjork has ever done was her performance in Dancer in the Dark, did you see it? If not take a look at this clip below, warning it's a very slow movie but totally worth it! The scene below is a spoiler.

What else has been going on in my life? Hmmm... well I went to Disneyland for Christmas, that was a lot of fun. I went with my brother and his best friends family (most of you know Tony.) In order to go I had to lie to my aunts and tell them I was sick. I don't think I have ever lied to my aunts so for me to lie to them was not only incredibly hard to pull off but to continue keeping. By nature I am not a good or habitual liar, in fact the only time I do lie is if it's a small tiny little white lie or if it's for a greater good.

I promise I will start blogging even more and to even write this blog has taken me a few days... yah i know i am bad!

Talk soon..


Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is the first time in over a week that I've had a block of time free to sit and blog... pretty amazing and it feels good.

As most of you know last Sunday was my birthday bruncheon at Saddle Ranch! After we went to WeHo to The Abbey where we sipped on martinis and mojitos for a few hours - oh, and Greg ordered a chocolate fondue for us - then we hopped over to Fiesta Cantina and Here bar, ending the night off at Canters for some Matzo Ball soup.

We were out for 11 hours partying in total... it was an amazing party filled with friends and love! Something that Sister (Josephs sister but I call her sister too... that's another story) said to me on the way to The Abbey that pretty much somes up the day is "I like drinking in the day time, I feel naughty."

To see all the pictures from my party log onto

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Today is my friend Aj's wedding. I've known Aj for about four years now, originally meeting him at Mimi's Cafe in Long Beach! He is marrying a girl named Yassie Tran and I think she is the luckiest humanbeing because of Aj's gentleness and charm. To view their engagement video check out the video below, but if you want to see their wedding Web site log on to

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

thank you

it's amazing the way a phone call, email, myspace or text message can really make you feel special on your birthday. i am so blessed with the friends that i have surrounding me - like a shield, protecting me 24/7. To each of you that sent me any sort of communication yesterday I am so thankful for you.



Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've been meaning to blog for a few days now, but of course with my schedule - time hardly permits me these days!

So good morning to ya'll and thank you for reading my blog. I should thank you every time I post a new thought on here, just like Angel Benton does on his blog. Have you ever listened to his blog before? Anyway, I am getting off track... check out his blog he always has something interesting to say!!!

Yesterday morning my new friend Marcy and I woke up early to go try out for the Big Brother 9 in Hollywood. The odds of us getting picked? Very slim! But it was a lot of fun to go try out for a show and even be considered... really it was!! I tried out for a MTV reality show about ten years ago and was almost selected. I think they said out of 5,000 people I made it down to the final ten, out of which they needed five people... not bad, eh?
After we tried out we swung by The Grove and then I had to get home for my family dinner at Saladang Song in Pasadena! Saladang is a Thai restaurant that actually has two locations that sit right next to each other. One is a more family dining kind of atmosphere, being very simple, looking like your average Thai restaurant. The other Saladang, called Saladang Song (Song in Thai means Two or Second, so it fits that it is called Saladang Song.) This restaurant is a architectural wonder to say the least. More for celebrations and intimate dates, it almost feels as if you're sitting in a glass greenhouse. As you enter the restaurant you instantly notice the two cemenent walls/pillars that surround you, almost as if you're in a castle. As shown the picture above the cement walls have intricate steel welding incorporated in the design. If you dine at night the reflection of the small pond glimmer on the cement walls adding a more romantic feel to the restaurant. Oh, and did I mention the food is not too shabby either? Try the Asparagus Salad if you go and the Pad Thai! The salad is warm and is served with a warm peanut dressing... so damn good!

Today is my actual birthday party brunch at Saddle Ranch on Sunset Boulevard! We are leaving in about an hour so I can't write much longer but I promise I will go into more detail tomorrow... promise!!!

Love you all... talk soon!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I've been out of touch, I know, I know! It's been so crazy these past few weeks working both jobs that I've had hardly any time to myself. In fact today is the first day back at the gym in over three weeks... yah, I've been that busy. After Cybersocket today I intend on going to Bally's and giving myself a good sweat!

So this coming Tuesday is my birthday and I have already started receiving MySpace comments on my page! One friend posted the following video of Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday to JFK! How did he know that I have an affinity for historical relics like this? Thank You So Much!!!

Porn Star and friend of mine Damien Crosse also stopped by my page to wish me a pre-Happy Birthday! Do you know who Crosse is? If not I suggest you check out some of his movies from Titan - the boy is hot! I've always thought he was a knock-out and I got the chance to finally meet him last February at the GavVN's in San Francisco. Since then we have seen each other in Vegas, SF, and a few other places! Although he does have a boyfriend, Angelo, if Damien was single he'd have me on his ass - literally! I don't know what it is about Titan guys but they are amongst the friendliest, personable and sweetest guys in the pack! Damien... if you're reading (and let's be honest, you're probably not!) I love ya bro, you're the best, thanks for being so sweet!

Just look at him (left) there's really nothing not to love about him!!! And if you think his smile is charming, ya should see him naked... oh wait, here's a semi-nude pic of him!!!
If you want to contact him the following is his both his MySpace page and his official blog... ENJOY

Speaking of my favorite people and Titan models did you happen to cruz by Perez Hilton's site yesterday? If ya did you would have seen François Sagat featured. Perez regularly does these funny Separated at Birth pieces where he takes two people who have something similar in common and then compares them to each other. Yesterday Perez did Kelly Osbourne and François. Check it out below!!! If you're not familiar with François Sagat he is probably one of the most known gay porn stars in the buisness and I'm proud to say that he is my friend. If he lived in Los Angeles (a city that he loves, just don't ask him about San Francisco) we'd be very close friends but he lives so damn far away - anyway, check out his debut on Perez HIlton.

Blog soon so stay tuned...

Sunday, November 11, 2007


The Spice Girls new Christmas commercial for the store Tesco in Great Britain is below for your viewing pleasure!!!

I love the Spice Girls. They first came to be when I was just out of high school and and just ending my teen years! I can remember when they first broke every girl at my old job Mimi's Cafe had to look, dress and talk like the fab five! Leslie, Mari, Dawn, Carrie they all were a Spice. Shit, I remember I was sucked into the glam glitter life style! Before I was out to myself, I was donning glitter, flair pants, flambuoyant flair shirts and platform shoes!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


20 More Hits and my blog will have 1,000 visits!!!

Whoever the person is who hits the 1,000 please tell me!!!


My brother and I always quote this episode!!! HA-LA-RI-OUS!!!

"Gimme Another!" "Gimme Another!"


As most of you know, every day I begin my day by watching ABC and end my day watching ABC.
It just so happens that Good Morning America and Nightline are two of the best produced telelvision news programs on TV today, and when I have time I love to watch World News Tonight with Charlie Gibson.

Yesterday was probably one of the best days in a long while when it came to delivering compelling, human interest news - in my opinion anyway! Four stories really caught my eye in particular. Check them out below if you're interested, and I know you will be!

4. In Pakistan, opposition leader Benazir Bhutto (left, photo courtesy of ABC NEWS)was haulted on Friday from attempting to hold protest rally's. Bhutto and her supporters are pushing for democracy in a country that has been reluctant to change with the times. Bhutto was placed under house arrest yesterday, forbidden to leave her compound by local officials - barbed wire, police brutality, road blocks, and tear gas have been prominent in the city. To read more log onto the following site: ABC INTERNATIONAL NEWS

3. I watched the Country Music Awards earlier in the week and saw a mesmorizing performance by American Idol alumn Kellie Pickler that paralyzed me! If you watched Pickler when she was A.I. she played the 'dumb girl role' while on the show that was neither cute or impressive - what a long way she has come! On the CMA's she sang the song called 'I Wonder,' and by the end of the song she was in tears on the stage barely being able to continue the song. The entire audiene lept to their feet and applauded the song. As I sat there I wondered as to why the song was so meaningful to her? Usually I am a stickler for lyrics but I didn't catch the lyrics I was just enjoying the song - yah, very strange for me to just enjoy a melody without giving any thought the lyrics! Two days later Good Morning America ran the following story which explains Kellie's song which is in fact about her relationship with her estranged mother. Watch the story and Pickler's performance below!

2. The following story made my Friday morning! How often do we see someone on the street, in the next car, at a club or on the subway but have neglected to say anything? Well New Yorker Patrick Moberg was another statistic but then decided to do something about it after spotting his 'dream girl' in a NYC subway! He created a website and believe it or not found the girl of his dreams in less than a week! To make a long story short, Camille Hayton is from Austrailia, her apartment recently burned down, then heard about the Web site from a friend, met Patrick on Thursday night to talk and was on Good Morning America Friday morning to talk about the site he put up in a quest to find her. Read and watch the story by clicking here! Patrick Moberg and Camille Hayton's Story!
I may be a big sap but this story gives me the inspiration to fall in love!!!

1. This story I chose as the most important news because we are guilty of being prejudice towards the homeless! On World News Tonight (last night) they named one of my favorite female singers/musicians as their PERSON OF THE WEEK. If you guessed Natalie Merchant you'd be correct! There is a new music compilation out right now called 'Give Us Your Poor,' that was put together to help end homelessness on the streets. Now what is so great about this disc is that both the spoken word and music was written by people who are or have been without a home at one time. Natalie Merchant, Danny Glover, Keb Mo, Medeleine Peyroux (I LOVE HER), and Mario Frangoulis all lend their voices and time on this amazing CD that has both some really strong lessons and songs! Frangoulis penns my favorite song on the disc called 'Feels Like Home.' The song, both touching and catchy is a knock-out that I'm sure you will like. Watch it below!!!

Have you ever heard of music for the soul? Well this is that kind of disc. Go buy it, or give it as a gift... they will enjoy it!

Read the story by clicking here, you will be so happy you did! Lending a Voice to the Homeless

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I've been so busy the last few days with working both jobs I've totally neglected my blog. It means so much that people MySpace me and ask me how come I haven't updated my blog... WOW, people actually read my cyberspace input!

The last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. Working two jobs have both good and bad sides. The good: a whole hell of a lot of extra cash. The bad: my dog pretty much hates me!

Monday at work I came out to an employee at my job Beckham Grill. Marcy, also known as the psychic one, looked me up on MySpace and while my profile is set to private she still saw my sexual orientation as being gay. At first she dismissed it as the profile not being me but then later on in the evening she just straight out asked me if I was gay or not. Of course I said yes... I have a policy that if anyone asks me I will tell them without hesitation. I explained to her how I am a reluctant to just tell people that I am gay especially at restaurants because I would rather the employees get to know me for being Scott first and not "Scott the Gay Guy" - which I will probably end up anyway, but I feel that if the str8 guys and the back of the house gets to know who you first they will be a a little more tolerant when they find out that you're a homo - LOL!

Since I've been working my second job I have been missing all of my favorite night time television shows like Heroes and Kid Nation. I am going to try and catch up this weekend... that's a goal of mine!

I have also been trying to plan my birthday party which is a few weeks away! 2-9 here I come and this year instead of having a big night time party I have chosen to do a Sunday brunch at Saddle Ranch Chop House on Sunset Boulevard. Have you ever been before? They have some good food, the mechanical bull and $10 bottomless mimosas to boot!

So far 17 (or so) people have RSVP'd for it and I am honestly hoping to have only 30 people, at the most! Anything more than that gets very overwhelming and confusing. Now if 50 people come I'd feel truly blessed but I don't think that's going to happen... we'll see!

Finally, I have started to prep for the second annual WeHo XXX Awards which will be happening at the beginning of February. Stay tuned for more info on that! Okay I gotta run...



Monday, November 5, 2007


I don't want to say I told you so but "i told you so!" As I recall when Heather Mills first entered the Dancing With The Stars competition last season America loved her and saw her as a beautiful (one legged) dancing queen! From early on I was on to her, I remember her early claims that Paul McCartney (according to Trailerparkbarbie) forced Mills (after her revision amputation surgery) to crawl on her hands and knees up aeroplane steps because they were not wide enough to fit her wheelchair. Oh and this was pretty insane too: "Mills asked McCartney if she could buy an antique bedpan to keep under the bed at night so she wouldn’t have to crawl to the bathroom when her prosthetic leg was not fitted. McCartney objected, saying it would be like being in “an old woman’s home.”

When I told my family of her other crazy claims hey snarled at me saying how nice she appeared and that the claims were likely just fabrications.

Now if you've been reading Perez Hilton and listening to radio outlets the world now knows how crazy Heather is! In fact this morning on The View Barbara Walters even spoke out against Mills!

This is just another one of my long lists of celebrity's that I predicted would go off the deep end! Tom Cruise was my first celebrity prediction that I knew was crazy and would not support his movie career because of my prediction. Another one I feel strongly about am awaiting his public downfall is The Fresh Price Will Smith! Yes, he's crazy too - just watch! I liked him in iRobot but other than that he's a crazy and when his private life goes public you can revert back to this blog and I will again say

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Last night I had a dream that I was playing $10 worth of $2 lottery tickets. My friend Justin was calling me crazy in my dreams for spending the money but I did anyways! I woke up before I ever scratched off the tickets to see if I had won but I took the dream literally and went to 7-11 today to buy $10 worth of $2 lottery tickets just to say I tried!

Sure enough I won $25! Profitting $15 from my dream. What a lucky day for me huh?
I know it's not a million dollars but it's still fun to win money that wasn't mind to begin with right?

Stay tuned...


I am starting to get into the whole English Laundry brand of clothing. I bought my best friend a shirt from EL for his birthday and then bought myself one too! Their catch phrase is Elegant, Arrogant, English Laundry!

The shirts are not cheap but are known for their flare and detail! You really need to have the right kind of attitude and posture to where one, not everyone can where a English Laundry shirt!

Check our their site by clicking HERE


When I was a kid I remember my friends used to call me Scott Baio. This was hardly an insult to me! Scott Baio if you remember was the ultra hot live-in nanny on the show "Charles in Charge." I bring this up because at work last week we got season two of the show. I loved the shows intro! What was your favorite television show intro? Here are a few others that I love!!!

My Three Favorite Cartoons As A Child

And This Was My Favorite Cult (short-lived) TV Show. Do you Recognize It?

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Like most Americans (and the world) I enjoy television as much as the next person!

Heroes, Kid Nation, Brothers and Sisters, and Good Morning America are just some of my favorite guilty pleasures that I watch either daily or weekly! For some that don't know me very well you might not be aware that my all time favorite show is I Love Lucy. Did you know that? I think I can go out on a limb and say that I Love Lucy is also my brothers favorite show of all time too!

Today I just saw a new episode of I Love Lucy and I was so happy! Maybe I should clarfiy, it wasn't a new episode it was just one to me and that coming from me is saying something, I was certain I had seen them all. This episode was about a British admirer/starlette who was extremely fond of Ricky and Lucy wasn't having any of the flirting that was going on. I will save you with the entire detail of the program but Lucy ends up on a horse by the end of the episode which brought me to tears! Another part of the episode that was halarious was when the starlette wanted to get Ricky by himself so she asked permission from Lucy to take him to a luncheon. Lucy said the only way he could go was if she attended also. The British bitch said she would have invited Lucy but she only has a two-seater so she wouldn't know where to put Lucy. Lucy said "Why don't you tie me on the front of the car like a deer?!"

Okay maybe you had to be there to watch it... but it was funny! On the otherhand something I can't stand is bad television and when I was watching Ugly Betty on TV this past Thursday I was sick to my stomach on what bad TV the show is!

As you know the show is supposed to take place in New York City but is filmed almost entirely in Los Angeles. I know that a lot of shows are done this way but in the last few months I have watched as Ugly Betty uses obvious Los Angeles' backdrops, trying to pull them off for New York City clubs. Last season they used the Aston Kutcher invested restaurant "THE GEISHA HOUSE." Maybe I am being too picky since half of the country has no idea what "The Geisha House" is but why should they ruin it for the Los Angeles locals?

This week the show did it again and it made me even more upset because it involved the musical Wicked! All week long the show was advertising that it would be featuring the musid of the Tony Award Winning show and I was so giddy because I love the music of Wicked so much! When I got home they again tried to make the lobby of The Pantages Theatre to be the lobby of the The Gershwin Theatre in Manhattan. Not only did Ugly Betty ruin it for LA residents but they also ruined it for the NYC residents also. I was also excited to see the original cast of Wicked on Ugly Betty, but of course that wasn't going to happen either because the cast was the LA cast!

Again, maybe I am being way too picky but I feel that when a television show has milions of dollars for each episode they should do their best to make a great show that will be impressive 50 years from now just like I Love Lucy!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Yes I’m alive! Yesterday I was unable to write any form of a blog because I as in the fetal position all day. Halloween was the craziest Halloween so far to date!

As you can see from the pictures I was a sailor and although I went by myself I met up with Ceasar, Danny, their friends and my boss Morgan. We started off at Motherlode but then ventured on to HERE where I saw my “boyfriend” (he’s not really my boyfriend, instead Pablo (left) is a ultra hot bar back/bartender at HERE Lounge who I think is very handsome and hot!) At first, several of months ago when I started calling Pablo my boyfriend he kept telling me no, and that he had a boyfriend already. It took a few months of getting used to but he soon realized that I wasn’t’ going to give up and that his boyfriend (Fernando, who also works at the bar) was okay with me calling Pablo my boyfriend.

By 8 p.m. I was drunk, which could be blamed on not eating dinner and having a modest lunch! Morgan reserved two cabanas at The Abbey and we partied all night long! I saw Daniel Miagany and his friend Leo (right, they were dressed as clowns) as well as DJ Frankie, Tyson (yummy), Ross and a few other surprises! I also met new friends!!!

Lindsay was a girl that I happened to walk by and noticed her standing alone. Both cute and sweet I knew that she wasn’t having a good time. When I inquired why she told me that her friends had left her because they had to work in the a.m., quickly I befriended her and took her under my wing, isn’t she cute? At the same time I was talking with these two guys from France: Mikel and Virgil were their names.

No offense to Mikel because he was a cutie but Virgil was SO DAMN HOT!! Do you think he is cute? He was dressed as Zidane the soccer player from France - how appropriate. I think he mentioned that he was from St. Tropez. I believe Mikel is from Paris... not quite sure. François have you seen any of these guys around town? =)

To sum up the evening we drank three bottles of Effen vodka and got very drunk I think I got home around 3 a.m. and was so thankful that I was home, safe in my bed. P.S. - did i mention that I fell twice at The Abbey. My white sailor suit tells the complete sad story of my fall - needless to say it's very, very dirty!

Okay I am tired of writing and enjoy my pics!!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween!!! Check out my Halloween costume from four years ago – yes, I did drag!

It’s scary that in 20 days I will be 29 years old. I know it’s not the big 30, but nonetheless it’s a tad unnerving that another year has gone by so quick.

Some people have asked me what I have planned for my big day and as of right now I have no idea. Any ideas?

I spoke to Jorge , have I ever mentioned Jorge on my blog? I don’t think so. Ugh, in brief I dated him (if that’s what you want to call it) while he had a boyfriend. Yes, I know it sounds awful…but let me explain. At the time I was 21, maybe about to turn 22 and Jorge was a prince to me. He was extremely handsome, friendly, secure and gave me attention – pretty much everything a guy who is 21 looks for right?

I’m not going to rehash the whole rollercoaster ride except that it ended VERY, VERY bad and that today, eight years or so later, Jorge and I can laugh about it. We talk often, I have pup sat a few times for him and I can honestly say we are friends. I love Jorge with all my heart and I am so glad we are close and can watch movies together and be in the same room. Ha! A few months ago we watched a movie and drank wine for a few hours, that was so much fun. Jorge doesn’t read my blog so I don’t mind gloating about him. Then again, he might be reading – I thought Angel Benton didn’t read and then I saw that he did!

Anyhoo, back to my initial posting subject! Jorge’s birthday and mine are not that far a part and he’s going to Puerto Vallarta with his nephew for a few days – now that sounds nice!

Okay, that’s enough for right now. I don’t know if I made a point in this blog but at least I reached out and said Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I'm Impressed - my blog hits have doubled in one week!
I know it's not a "PEREZ HILTON, 8 MILLION HITS A DAY," kind of a blog, nonetheless I am happy that
people are actually reading and (dare I say) enjoying my daily postings!

Thanks to everyone, love you all!

Stay tuned...

iTunes ROCKS

The staff favorites selection for iTunes this Tuesday morning are fantastic!!!

Two albums from Depeche Mode and two albums from The Cure!!!

I love it....

Stay tuned...


Isn't it funny how music can totally influence your day?

This morning I was beat tired. Usually on the way to work I listen to the radio - Kevin and Bean on KROQ for the drive to work. Today I decided to pop in Depeche Mode 101 into my CD player for the commute. 101 is just any double album: you have your favorite disc. Remember when "USE YOUR ILLUSION" came out from GnR? You either liked the red CD (UYI1)or the blue CD (UYI2). I always preferred UYI2 because it had Get In The Ring... I believe that was the harder CD, less radio friendly if you will! Anyway, my favorite disc from the 101 album is disc two because it has Black Celebration, Never Let Me Down, and Everything Counts. Don't get me wrong, the first disc is also a frequently played CD too, I just prefer the second one!

Singing, snapping and clapping (can you imagine that) my outlook on today and life in general has completely changed - music is amazing! 101 is one of the few CDs that makes me cry... it's just an amazing legacy for Depeche Mode to leave behind if they ever disolve!

What is a CD that makes you snap, sing, clap and cry? Listen to it today, it will change your entire outlook on what is planned for this Tuesday!

Stay Tuned...


Monday, October 29, 2007


I just got back from lunch at a local Greek eatery and picked up a Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea drink.

After drinking the entire drink I read the entire bottle and noticed that it said ‘Chinese Apple.” Is a pomegranate an apple from China? I had to look it up on Wiipedia. The following is what I got from

“The Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree growing to 5–8 m tall. The pomegranate is native to the region from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran to the Himalayas in northern India and has been cultivated and naturalized over the whole Mediterranean region and the Caucasus since ancient times. It is widely cultivated throughout Armenia, Iran, India, the drier parts of southeast Asia, Malaya, the East Indies, and tropical Africa. Introduced into Latin America and California by Spanish settlers in 1769, pomegranate is now cultivated mainly in the drier parts of California and Arizona for its fruits exploited commercially as juice products gaining in popularity since 2001 [9] [10]. In the global functional food industry, pomegranate is often mentioned among a novel category of exotic plant sources called "superfruits". Fresh pomegranate season is from September to November in North America.[1]”

I started to chuckle because it reminded me of a funny skit on Little Britain involving to proper English ladies. “Judy” (left) is a mild mannered lady who is pudgy yet sweet. The other, “Maggie” (right) is a conservative bigot to say the least – LOL. Check out the scene I grabbed from YouTube below but in brief whenever Maggie eats, drinks or engages in something that is deemed as improper she throws up all over the place… yah it’s funny!

And as always, enjoy the clip!!


Last night was my first night on the floor at Beckham Grill and if I do say so myself I kicked ass!

Overall the night wasn’t busy at all but I made some great cash for the time I was there – it’s nice to be making my own cash now that I am fully trained!

I was also impressed that two of my customers went up to the manager and complimented them on my service. I thought to myself how amazing and fortunate I was to receive a service compliment on my first night on my own – it probably put my manager at ease with me capable of doing my job effectively!

As a side note, he came up to me and told me that I had a customer compliment and they were really jazzed. I had already heard about the compliment from the host so I looked clueless and said “Oh so you met my aunt and uncle?” Then I laughed! What a comedian I am huh?

When I got home last night I watched Brothers and Sisters and then late night Oprah! Did anyone get to watch the rebroadcast of Oprah?

The show was about Hearst Publishing and Cathie Black, the women who runs the entire operation. An inspiration for women but also an inspiration for anyone who aspires to be at the top of their game in life – yah, that covers pretty much everyone! Black just released a book called “Basic Black” which is supposed to be a great book about getting ahead at work and in life… I’ve already ordered it! On a separate and sad note, I read on Perez Hilton this morning that Oprah’s school for girls in South Africa is in the midst of a child abuse scandal! On Perez’s site she is quoted as saying to the parents of the children in Africa “I’ve disappointed you. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

What an awful thing to have happen, puts a lump in your stomach seeing a good thing like education be turned into something disgusting and sick.

Okay, until later on… stay tuned….

Sunday, October 28, 2007


I was so ecstatic to hear Patti Griffin on Brothers and Sisters tonight!!! I received her album in the mail about six or seven months ago and have been a huge fan ever since. The song below is from tonight's episode of Brothers & Sisters, which is called Heavenly Day. If you enjoy this song you're going to love the entire album so check it out!!!

Okay night night, talk tomorrow!!


This weekend was pretty intense!<

Friday I was happy to spend some extra time with Tommy D and his model friends. While at first he told me he'd be going to bed pretty early, he changed his mind for some reason and four of us took a cab to WeHo to check out Abbey and HERE Lounge - both were a lot of fun.

Tommy's buds were gay for pay (GFP) and/or bisexual so we took them to Here Lounge which offers up a night called TruckStop - think Coyote Ugly. I at first wasn't too thrilled because the lesbian to gay ratio is 4 to 1 I had a great time, especially in the last thirty minutes when the girls dancing on the bar started dousing themselves with bottles of water and soaking their adoring fans with water and the bartending gun (with water). I even got wet by one of the bartenders who is my bud. What a great evening and as I stated before it's always great to hang with Tommy D, if he was single he'd be mine! =)

SATURDAY my best friend Joseph and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Chipotle and then jetted to his bosses house to see her new baby and her hot hubbie! =) For those who know Joseph you know who I am referring to!

Later on some of my brothers friends and I all went down to Long Beach for a Halloween party. Cesar and Danny, two of my really good friends were hosting a costume party at their (relatively) new and BEAUTIFUL home in Long Beach. There were lots of hot boys there and overall a pleasant crowd! I can't go into too much detail but I have to comment on Cesars costume - well not so much his costume but more like his six-pack abs and beauiful skin, yummy! If Cesar was single he'd be mine. Er, wait, didn't I say that about Tommy D too? I sense a recurring theme here... LOL!

I will post some pictures later on as I totally forgot my camera! I do have to say Tony, Tam, Greg and I looked mighty sharp in our Sailor outfits... just wait and I will show you some great pictures of the party!

Okay, time for bed


Travis, Seth and Myself!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


The follow is for all my friends that have made memories with me! If this was to be my last post I gotta let you know I love you all tremendously!


These last few days have been very adventurous for me. Typically my Thursday nights are not that eventful, and I guess the same thing could be said about my Friday nights too!

Thursday my company Cybersocket hosted a party at Rage for the first ever GayVn Webmaster Retreat at the Rennaisance Hotel in Hollywood. Bringing together the industry professionals from across the States, I had a feeling the party would be a success - usually all parties that we host are. I was very excited to attend these parties for a number of reasons: one being that it would be my last official Cybersocket party as me acting as EIC, second: a former coworker and now friend of mine Jose was going to be at the party (he's technically straight, but we still love him - and he works for Randy Blue now, behind the camera!!) and finally because Tommy D was going to be there too!

Before the party I drove over to Brandon Baker's house to shower and shave, and if I haven't said this before I love going over to his Porno Palace (as he calls it). When you're at Brandon's house you might as well be at home because that is how he makes you feel. When I got there I was so impressed with the new entrance of his building. Called "The Victor" they made the entry look like a Hollywood hot spot - I believe he blogged about it a few months ago but I hadn't been there since the remodel! Brandon was sweet, he assumed that I was spending the night so he got blankets and pillows out for me and was genuinely dissapointed when I told him that I couldn't sleep over. Rusty has been out of town and so he deserves to have his privacy I think!

If you've ever been to Brandon's swanky studio then you know that taking a shower is a 24/7 party. When you get in the shower there is a disco ball right above you (check out the photo to the left) and he has all sorts of different shampoos, body washes and conditioners you can play with while you're in the shower as well.

Brandon also let me borrow a Sailor top for a party I am going to tonight! Stay tuned for the pictures... we're going to have lots of fun!

Okay, I have so much to talk about regarding Tommy D and his friends!
Tommy and I were able to hang out on both Thursday night and Friday night. Thursday was only briefly since one of his fellow models got a tad sick (he shall remain nameless but he knows who he is) after drinking way too much! Tommy left early so I ended up hanging out with his behind the scenes bud "Marcus". Marcus was only 18 but very mature for his age - and hot for a white boy! Looking more like an Abercrombie model than anything else Marcus and I got to talking about his life and his background. After we had enough of the party we took off around 12:30 to go over to The Eagle in Silverlake. Thursday night it is the wet underwear contest and felt that if we could get him in then he'd have no problem winning the contest!! With his almost crystal eyes and knockout features he was a shoe-in ( I will post some pictures if anyone got some of us.)

When we arrived to The Eagle they were carding and didn't let him in. Two guys suggested we go over to MJ's,which was a great idea because it was Jason Sechrest's porn show night so that's where we went, however I didn't want him drinking at an establishment that was 21 plus! It was bad enough that he was in the bar when he was underage but I didn't want to incriminate the bar anymore by having a underage guy drinking beer - I suppose I was trying to pick the lesser of two evils!

I ended up taking him back to his hotel, but not before we sat in my car and just talked for like 30 minutes about each others lives. No there was no indecency on my part or his. This kid is going through a lot and is not quite sure if he likes men or women, I didn't want to try anything and get him anymore confused. I believe he told me that he did a few things with guys but it was all GFP.

I wish him the best and I hope he keeps in contact with me - I know I will try my hardest to keep in touch with him. It is crazy but virtually all the Next Door Male models I have met I have become pretty good friends with - I guess that's a testiment to Stephan and the company he has built - kudos, kudos!!!

Friday night was also a good time, I am really glad I got to see Tommy again and spend some quality time with him. I will write about that tomorrow... I gotta jet to this Halloween party. Have a good night and as always... Stay Tuned!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


As I sit at my desk working I feel like I am going to fall over and enter into a deep sleep!

These last few weeks have been constant go, go, go with no time to stop and catch my breath. Have you ever felt like you were speeding through life and are out of control because you’re so busy? Just like in the dreams we all have when we are freefalling or uncontrollably speeding in a car with no way to stop the only way to stop is to hit the floor or run into a brick wall – I don’t want to hit my personal wall, or the floor for that matter!

This week has been a busy one for numerous reasons. For one I believe the fires are making everyone a little crazy and exhausted. Whether or not you’ve been directly affected by the fires, if you live in Los Angeles the smoke, ash, and the incessant stress put on us from the 24/7 news coverage can all add unneeded anxiety and tension to our already busy life.

I briefly mentioned on MySpace a few days ago that the street I work on at Cybersocket was involved in a bomb scare. Apparently someone left a suspicious package at the Planned Parenthood across the street from my job, causing the police and bomb squad to shut down Vermont and Santa Monica. Damn right wing Christians!! Actually they shut down Vermont all the way down to LACC – it was pretty serious because they told us we couldn’t take our cars out of the vicinity. For two hours we were stuck wondering if it really was a bomb and if everything would be okay. Thankfully everything was okay and it wasn’t a bomb – that we know of!

Brandon Baker had a different experience and for that click here.

Last night after work I went to the gym – finally – and caught up with my buds at Bally’s! After Kenny walked with me over to Amoeba records so I could buy the new Dave Gahan album for Morgan and myself. I also purchased the old school DM 101 CD which I lost many years ago. I couldn’t pass it up it was only $10!!!

Check out a clip I found of the legendary concert at the Rosebowl from 1989!

After Amoeba I watched the last ten minutes of KidNation and then Criminal Minds - my new favorite show then went over to Andy's to spend the night... I think JJ likes when I go over there to spend the night, he gets the bed to himself!

Talk later, today will be a busy day as well…

Stay tuned…

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This made my day! What you see is my friend Victor Banda attempting to throw a penny in the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Behind the camera is Chi Chi LaRue directing him to do so... she had major difficulties trying to get him to do the task at hand - Obvioiusly! Check it out... you'll laugh!

I remember when I was in Rome over ten years ago my aunt told me that if you threw a coin over your shoulder in the beloved Fountain that it meant you would one day return to Rome. If you want to read more about the Trevi click here!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My Blog recently hit 225 views - I have to say thank you to all my readers who check out my site daily and to Francesco D'Macho for adding me to his Blog listings... love you!!!

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