Friday, September 28, 2007




This weekend I am headed to San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair! It has become an annual trip now and I look forward to it every year!

Folsom Fair is a must see for anyone who hasn't been, but I love the pre-parties! I also found out that Scott #1 is also going up there with Rigo, that should also be cool to see them outside of LA. Rigo loves to dress up in his leather so they should both be a spectacle to say the least. =)

Last year I went with Stefano and two others and we had an amazing time. This year I hope will be the same. I haven't heard from Stefano in three or four weeks so I hope he is still going!

I am staying with Brandon and his RentBoy buddies and to tell you the truth that makes me very excited. I've never actually stayed in a hotel room with Brandon Baker and his minions and I think will be interesting! I always tell Brandon that if we had to trade places for a week I wouldn't last - no joke!

I also can't wait to see some of my buddies up in SF, but most of all I hope I run into Stefano! =)

Stay tuned...

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Tonight has been a raw mix of emotions!

After leaving work I went to the gym but was tempted to just go home and try to fix my poor iPhone. You see all month long I've been waiting for Apple to allow us iPhone users to download songs from our iPhone onto your iPhone. Today I logged onto one of my favorit sites called and I was excited to see that today was the day I'd been waiting for! Like a lil' school boy I tried to hook my iPhone up to my work computer and download the new softwear onto my iPhone... do you think it worked? Yah, not so much! Instead of it working my phone basically died on me and said it needed to be restored back to factory settings - GREAT! I was panicked to say the least that I was going to lose all my contacts - right before San Francisco!

Long story short, after work I hooked up my iPhone to my computer and THANKFULLY the iPhone saves all your contacts in your computers hard drive so long as you hook your iPhone up to the computer to sync it - which I did!

There is no lesson to learn - well maybe except for don't try to get all crafty with your iPhone unless you know what you're doing! =)


Fabulous gay rapper Cazwell and equally as fabulous Rusty


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wow, what a great episode! I was floored by the first ten minutes - killing a chicken? Are you kidding me? I can already hear some parents throughout the country screaming at the TV how horrible that is but I do think it does teach kids where their meat comes from. Is it the end of innocence? Perhaps - but it does give them something to think about!

I feel as if I am these kids parents - I am proud of them all!!!!

I think there were numerous kids that stoodout this week as go-getters.

Michael, the recepient of the $20,000 prize this week has shown so much maturity and strength this week and didn't seem so jaded when told last week that he could get the $20,000 star like Greg did. I was also amazed when he said that his parents deserved the money...these kids are all amazing, truly unselfless and working together as a team!

I have to admit Greg did have stars in his eyes last week, literally, when told that he could be the recepient of the star if he worked hard enough. I am not sure if he grew up this week and pitched in to wash dishes and slaughter the chickens ONLY to win the money but I do think that THIS week he did step up and showed that he is a jack of all trades. The boy made it known this week that he has experience in killing game, and that he knows how to do the basics of plumbing. For a 15 year old kid that is pretty impressive!
By the end of the show when he didn't win he seemed pissed and I can only imagine what he's going to do next week! I am curious to know what would have happened next week if he was the winner of the star. Would he be a slacker for the rest of the show because he already won the money, or would he step up as a team player even more? I guess we will never know!

I admire Emilie for her convictions and then deciding to stay. I can imagine how hard it was to watch that chicken get slaughtered but she did watch it and stuck by her teammates even though she firmly disagreed with their opinions. You Go Girl, I am curious to see if she gets any more comfortable about killing more chickens, it is bound to come up again!

Finally, I think Jared is a cutie and a little comedian waiting to blossom! I enjoy his one-liners and I truly think he is a budding star set to play the next Screech! =)

I can't wait for next week.... I am officially addicted to this show - such a great drama and an easy way to cry!






Wow, a lot to get to today!! This might have to be broken up in two different posts! Let's see what I can get through in the next ten minutes of my break at work!

Last night I went to a new bar in Hollywood called Opera & Crimson, invited by my best friend Joseph Siyam (above). Opera & Crimson are two separate entities that can be divided by a wall or opened for a more spacious open atmosphere. Both parts of the club were beautiful, and done to the nines! The bartenders were very cute and the staff was extremely friendly - especially Brenda the security guard. We'd go back just for her alone! Throughout the night we went to her for any questions we had or if we wanted any of the GLBT gossip on her coworkers! We loved her!!! Brenda was her name right Joe? I hope so! Looking back I wish I would have taken pictures of her and the other happenings of the night, oh well, I have to be better prepared and keep my camera with me where ever I go!

Overall we had a great time socializing, networking and strutting our stuff all over the fabulous new bar! Predominately a straight bar six nights out of the week, last night as media night so it was anything but straight. Definitely a mixed crowd in attendance, the gays were out and about, seen holding hands, smooching and talking with their coworkers over free martini's and wine!

Thanks to Fingerprint Communications the bar was entirely open and guests could have whatever they wanted - but it was nice having the pretty waitresses holding trays with both red and white organic wine and different flavor martinis whenever we needed one.

The first hour Joe and I spent it alone, gawking at some cute guys, talking to numerous people he knew and sampling the hors d' ouevres. We met some really nice people that work for different facets of Hollywood entertainment. It's actually funny how many jobs are employed by Hollywood, you never really think about it until you hear of the jobs that are needed and created!

Next up Joe's friend Jesse met up with his! He brought his two straight friends along too! One looked very familiar and after the night had progressed I was realized that his friend used to be a dance at this gay bar in West Hollywood. I will leave his name and photos off of this blog because I don't want this blog to have a negative slant to it - (but we will call him Negative Nic for entertainment purposes), however this guy had some real issues last night, I am not sure what was up with him! He said he was an English/Journalism major yet didn't network at all! Last night would have been the ultimate opportunity to network, he chose to be a jerk and be short with everyone!

Jesse's other friend, I forget his name, but we will call him Adventurous Adam, was an interesting guy who loved to party, drink, and and pick up on women. Negative Nic says that Adventurous Adam has a "Wall of Shame" somewhere online or in his house filled with pictures of him and less than attractive women that he has met out and about. At Opera & Crimson they attempted to take a picture of this unsuspecting lady but I think she knew what they were up to - not very pretty but she had a few brain cells left in her... I think! =)

Anyway, the night ended by me meeting the EIC of Brentwood Magazine who was very gracious and sweet, I will definitely be keeping in contact with her!

Tonight I am off to J-Lo's new restaurant in Pasadena called Madres. I have heard that it is a bit overpriced and fair food so we shall see, the manager invited me down - it should be interesting!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Francesco D'Macho's blog has been heating up lately... have you been reading it?

His post yesterday about changing with his scene partner was very... well... dare I say extremely hot? Porn doesn't do much for me these days but hot real life stories get me excited for some reason... am I desensitized? Speaking of D'Macho I got a random phone call from him two nights ago. Since I got my new iPhone I have not changed over many phone numbers - including those who HARDLY EVER CALL ME... hint, hint! =) I was surprised that he called to say HELLO! Not that he woudln't call, but I had no idea of when he was getting into the city and his schedule etc..etc..! He's a busy guy I guess! Anyhoo, it was good speaking with him. He had to comment that I don't talk to him anymore cause Sagat is my new best friend, yet little does he know that I am checking his blog frequently and if he was a little less busy and would respond to my emails and requests for the magazine then we would be better friends! LOL ....

Going out to a str8 bar tonight - oh this should be interesting!

Stay tuned...SjB

Monday, September 24, 2007


Looking for a unique dog gift for the holiday's? How about the Mr. Poo Poo or the Mini PooPoo - I received both in the mail today! If you want to see more log onto

Sunday, September 23, 2007


What do you guys think? Personally, for me - I can't wait until Depeche Mode gets back into the studio. Dave's material is not strong or hard-hitting - YAWN! Sorry Dave, I love you but your music just doesn't do it for me... there's no magic!

Talk tomorrow guys...


Saturday, September 22, 2007


I just finished watching the very first episode of Kid Nation which airs on CBS on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m..

When the buzz of a show that takes 40 kids and drops them off in the middle of the desert for 40 days, left to create and manage a ghost town by themselves got out into the American news so many people were up in arms about it. Child labor laws were questioned, ethics were questioned, and most importantly the buzz of a show that essentially was a SURVIVOR for children created a lot of talk around the water cooler.

When the series debuted last Wednesday thousands of people tuned in to see what the buzz was all about. Many people came out really enjoying the show, while a lot of media outlets condemmed the show and shrugged their shoulders in boredom saying it wasn't compelling enough or that it wasn't done right. I know Ryan Sechrest showed no interest in the show, publicly saying he couldn't watch it, even trying to question and sway Survivor host, Jeff Probst's opinion about it.

Well I watched it and I really enjoyed it. It is ON DEMAND if you want to watch it at if you are even the slightest curious. I defintely recommend it! Already knowing that a lot of star struck parents sent their kids on the show hoping to turn their children reality experiment into tomorrow's Lindsay Lohan, is sad but there is nothing I can do about that. I would like to think that many of the parents sent their child believing that this show can change the world, change people's views on children and overall it would be a great social experiment.

I tend to be very conservative on what children are exposed to - especially ones that are under the age of 16, and God damn this show has kids from 8 to 15 years old! However in this case I believe this show will do nothing but help them thrive in society and make better human beings out of them. I can admit that I cried throughout the entire show. I was sad for these kids, happy for these kids, and most of all proud of these kids - the youngest especially!

I was sad that Jimmy (above) went home at the end, but he was 8 years old and said he missed his family.

I am happy that Taylor (above) stayed, even though she is a bit of a premadonna, saying that she is a beauty queen! And if you go to her mini-site on, sure enough she is!!!I think Sophia (above, the girl who won the $20,0000) was deserving but was acting like a bitch towards the end. I think Michael delivered two effective speeches and he should have gotten it or should get the star (money) next time around.

I was also impressed that the kids chose as their reward the seven additional outhouses rather than a television - that's commendable in my eyes! A TV is nice but the kids needed the extra bathrooms. 40 kids and one bathroom? That's not good at all!

Overall the first episode was amazing and I can't wait to watch the second episode this Wednesday night when they decide whether or not to kill a chicken!

If you guys are loving this show as well let me know, I don't want to feel so alone.
Hmmm, do you think I am too old to try out for Season Two?



iPhone Blogging

I am trying out this iphone blogging thing and i think unless something really pressing is happening i will stick to the regular blogging method! :)

Today it is still raining and i love it - although JJ doesnt care for it much... At all... LOL!
i hope everyone is ok and safe today!

Love you all...

Friday, September 21, 2007


I couldn't have asked for a prettier day today.

As I was driving home today the dark clouds were rolling in from the mountains that pretty much loom over my house.

The clouds were just an incredible sight that not only made the weather cold and almost damp, but it also made the weather feel as if it was October 25 - one of my favorite seasons is Fall!

After work I was going to hang out with Joseph and some of his coworkers but the weather was so gloomy and gray I wanted to get home, get in my pj's and cuddle with my covers in bed. Plus I have lots of DVDs to catch up on... I hope Survivor: China is on CBS On-Demand!

What are you guys doing this weekend? Do I have any new readers?


This morning my friend Christian Owen instant messaged me with a "OH MY GOD," or something to that shocking effect!

When I clicked on this link FEAR PROMO I was utterly shocked, amazed and frankly disgusted at what I saw.

FEAR is the newest movie from Titan Media featuring my good friend Fran├žois Sagat and Tober Brandt. This movie is not for the faint of heart to say the least! When I got to work I immediately emailed Keith Webb, and had to tell him how amazed I was at the movies trailer! I hope they sweep the GayVN Awards and The WeHo XXX Awards this year. While he said it was a longshot I think these kinds of movies are the kind that evoke feeling, emotion and sexuality in other men - truly amazing.

Sagat looks like he is not digging this shit at all, it looked almost too real for my own eyes. Best Actor again for Sagat? I think so if he gets recognized for Breathless too! The only thing I don't care so far about the movie is their choice to incorporate more than one model on the box cover. Usually this is Titan's rule, however with this movie I think their best bet would have been to put Sagat on the cover solo! The posters they've been distributing with Sagat alone tied up are so effective. Check it out above, oh well... I am not the boss! =(



What a crazy 24 hours it has been. Here I am Friday afternoon sitting at my desk taking my 15 minute break, thinking I had a great evening that could not be topped if anyone tried. I mean c'mon my night with great food, five star treatment who could beat that kind of a night? Three words for ya! Brandon F*$kin' Baker! Come 11:30 Mr. Baker walks in with a Cirque D' Soliel (or however you spell it) and a huge grin. Turns out that hooker ( had a better night than I did – that boy has to be stopped! =)"Guess what Fabrice and i did last night? We got the biggest limo in Vegas...blah, blah, blah - we stayed at The Hotel...blah, blah, blah - we saw the new Beatles show... blah, blah, bladh...I am over him!

If you want to find out more about his less than 24 hour trip to Vegas (that probably trumps all my visits combined to Veags), plus living it up in Sin City check out his blog… it’s one of my favorites!

Last night my brother picked me up from work and we drove to DOLCE. Passing by the restaurant my brother noticed it was empty on the inside and he contemplated not going in. I looked at him like was crazy and we went inside. If you’ve never been to Dolce before it’s an amazing restaurant. Balancing the perfect combo of elegance and style, Dolce’s looks were as sharp as the different martini’s they served – sorry Abbey, Dolce’s tini’s trumps yours any day. We had four drinks (not each) and a great waiter who was very refreshing to have. Most of the waiters looked as if they were aspiring actors, while he looked like an aspiring comedian – a little hokey but totally cool. He thought he we were winners of a contest of 944 magazine. In fact that was one of the first things he said to us “You guys are the big winners huh?” My brother and I looked puzzled at each other, shrugged our shoulders and continued drinking. It wasn’t until the next convo we had with him that we found out that he thought we won a contest... we had a good laugh! Greg was concerned “Do we look like contest winners? Do we not look like we fit in?” The two highlights of the restaurant were the glass encased wine room and the pink-lit dining room – VAVOOM!

After we headed to Bella Cucina on Hollywood Blvd.. If you haven’t been to the Boulevard lately it is rapidly changing into what old Hollywood used to look like. In fact Bella was decked out with photos of old Hollywood, especially in the mens bathroom. I’m not going to give my full review, for that you have to wait until the issue comes out in 944 but I can tell you that we were spoiled and Ramiro took very good care of us. He assumed Greg and I were on a date, plus we were moved from a cramped table to a spacious booth. Greg overheard the two gays next to us comment “How did they get a booth?” BITCHES!!!

Overall the few hours spent with my brother were hilarious, we had a great time and I truly believe you can’t spend enough time with your family, even if we do live together. =)

Greg ended up taking me home after we dropped by Akbar to celebrate Tony’s birthday. My back was in a lot of pain and the Vicodine and martini’s were wearing off! UGH, I wish I could go back and tell you about our FAB meal… oh well, ask me and I’ll tell you!

Leaving my car at work for the night, Greg offered to give me a lift to the train in the morning so I could save some gas and take the train into work, oppose to wasting gas and money – this car accident has nearly depleted my funds! =(

The next morning, six hours of sleep later, Greg took me to Starbucks and then to the train station just in time to catch the 8:05 a.m. last EXPRESS train – too bad it wasn’t there on time! I waited ten minutes more and it finally pulled up late with some bad news. There was a car accident in Highland Park (a car tried to beat the Metro Link and lost… of course) and so the train couldn’t take me to work.
When I heard that I had to take the bus I was very upset. Usually I wouldn’t complain but it was early and I knew I had a long day ahead of me! I am not going into any other specifics about my LONG ride to work but it was – interesting to say the least!

Thursday, September 20, 2007


One more day until the weekend - I can't wait!

Tongiht my brother and i are going to go have drinks at Dolce and then move on to Bella for dinner. It should be a fun brotherly outting! I've heard many good thing things about both restaurants. Contrary to popular belief, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are not owners of this restaurant, instead the two along with a host of other celebrities are investors in The Dolce Group, which is a very high end restaurant and night club chain if you will!

I should have brought my camera... more on our night later!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


He is Brandon Baker and as quick as he gaveth me this healthy, hearty food today he could just as easily taketh away!

But seriously, I was dealing with a lot of insurance crap today and Mr. Baker came up behind me and gave me pizza! I was so happy because I only had a small bite to eat for lunch and was still hungry but was too lazy to go anywhere. Minutes later he offered me chicken wings as well - YUMMY!

Later on I invited him to go get ice cream and we did, and he treated me. Wait. Since I invited him shouldn't I have treated him? Eh, he is filthy rich...he can afford it! But i felt bad, I really wanted to buy him the God damn ice cream!

De La Hoya in Drag?

physical therapy sucks...

I haven't blogged in a few days - laziness mixed with weekly job pressures have gotten to me, so the to the five people reading, I am sorry! *wink*

This morning I had to wake up 15 minutes earlier than I normally do to make a physical therapy appointment. Yes my friends, my back and neck have gotten so bad that now I am going to appointments to get them back in shape. I don't feel too optimistic about the therapy sessions but I have no choice I guess. Anyone else out there ever had to receive physical therapy as a result of a car accident and it helped? I guess I need some support!

The numerous exercises they gave me to perform made me feel as if I was an 80-year old man at a retirement home, i felt totally ridiculous, but again, I have no choice! There were a few hotties there that were also physical therapists, but of course, my luck I got the girl instead!

My next appointment is on Monday at 7 am - wow, I haven't woken up at 6:15 since i worked at Mimi's Cafe over a year ago - time for some reconditioning!

Nothing else to report here, except Yom Kippur is this weekend so I will be seeing my family for that and the following weekend is Sukkot, my next blog I will tell you about Sukkot and why it's so important to me and the Jewish faith!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I received the news late Friday night that porn star Danny Roddick passed away Thursday.

It pains me to write my first post about someone dying - truly terrible!

I didn't know Danny too well - we had only met briefly at the GayVN's when I made out with Jason Sechrest - or kissed him, I am not sure what we did (but that's not the point of my story.) I also met Danny in Chicago for The Grabbys, but he was supposed to appear at Cocktails with the Stars the last week in August closing out what would have been a HUGE month - oh well! =(

Danny's boyfreind, Alex Chandler, and I were better friends and I have a great bond with him. If you can send your love and wishes to Alex on his MySpace page, that would be awesome.

The think I remember about my mom and when she passed was people saying how sorry she was that she passed and getting very sad over it. Yes it was sad but I would tell them 'she is okay now. she is doing fine.' That is kind of how I feel about Danny. I am not sure what was going through his mind but whatever was happening he is happy, content right now - hopefully and looking down on us, letting us know that he is okay and happy.

"Don't look back in anger, I heard her say." - Oasis


What do you think of the new promo commercial for Season 4? It's definitely more sexual, seductive and glamorous - but if you take the commercial very literal it looks as if the show is going to be a big "MURDER SHE WROTE" kind of a season. Either way the teaser must be effective because you know I am going to watch on September 30!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


This weekend we have five people living in the house: Greg, Myself, Rob, JJ, Nacho and Nano!

Wow, writing that out has made me just realize something, there's just as many dogs in the house as there are humans... scary! Nacho (left) and Nano (right) belong to my good friend Jorge. Jorge needed me to watch his children while he was away and I couldn't say no.

Jorge and I are war buddies - isn't that what Carrie Bradshaw called her and Mr. Big? Jorge and I have been through it all and have still somehow remained friends. I met him when I was 21 years old and well, if you want the full story with all the dirt you either have to wait for the book or just ask me when I am up for telling a story. Eitherway, as it stands now Jorge and I trade stories about past, present and future "boyfriends" - I LOVE IT! If you want to see who this fellow is he is on my MySpace top friends list under "YOUR PARTNER IN CRIME."

Anyhoo, it's been crazy trying to get the three dogs in sync - but it's worked, again...somehow! They all don't jive well in the house so I have to seperate them at all times, but I must admit in the last few hours JJ is less concerned with the dogs being on his territory.

When we all three take walks it is AMAZING! All the dogs get along, they walk well together and don't fight. I swear the first time we did it I almost cried because of the harmony. Tomorrow I intend on taking a picture of it so you all can see it - it's fab!

Okay, I am going to go shit, shower and shave! Stay tuned...

Friday, September 14, 2007


My best friend Joseph alerted me about an hour ago that the new Jordin Sparks single is out and it's called "Tattoo." If the name escapes you, Sparks is the reigning American Idol for the '07 season. The song is cute and catchy, reminding me of the contestants from a few seasons ago who sang "8th World Wonder" and was a Lane Bryant model - can't think of her name! Anyway, listen and read the lyrics, they're pretty applicable to pretty much anyone, which is why the song will do well its generic... but in a GOOD way!


For all that know me I don't get excited or turned on by porn.
I truly appreciate the actors that have to fake having sex for six to eight hours and fake being attracted to their fellow top or bottom that is 9 times out of ten not their type.

I also appreciate the directors and the entire staff that put so much into each movie! Rarely do I get excited about a movie to the point where I will take it home and watch it – today I received the new Raging Stallion movie called Playback and I will be watching that soon… very soon! Before I got into the industry I received my first gay porn from a friend which featured a model named Remy Delaine (above) in it. The movie was a Raging Stallion movie and besides having a guy who I often chatted with on the Internet with (tatted guy, pierced c**k – name escapes me) Delaine was my favorite part of the movie. Get your mind out of the gutter, 99 percent of the time when I watch adult films it is not with my pants around my ankles – I don’t see porn in that way for some reason, at least not DVD porn, Randy Blue is a different story – NICK BRASO… look him up for his nude pics or check out the pic below!

Delaine is from Australia and as I was told by numerous people stopped doing porn in the height of his career for unknown reaons. I am sure there are reasons why but I never asked Michael Brandon or anyone else at RS as to his reasons. Nevertheless, Delaine is back, looking a bit older but still hot! The movie playback also features Roman Ragazzi who is a porn star that has had much drama surrounding his name – just Google it and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Roman I’ve met on a few occasions, one of the times we sat next to each other at the GayVN Awards where he was very friendly, however when I saw him in May in Chicago he either A.) Forgot who I was. Or B.) Just didn’t’ care… either way I can tell he was less than thrilled – oh well!

Anyhoo, I’m not sure when Playback is coming out to the general public but when it does hit the streets I definitely suggest you pick this movie up… I can’t wait to watch it with my dog… I’M KIDDING!!!


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