Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last night I attended Joe Siyam's birthday party at the new bar Rockwell in Los Feliz. I'm not sure how many people he had in attendance but I am sure that the upstairs bar was divided down the middle of half gay and half straight patronage for a Saturday evening. The bar in itself is for the most part a comfortable, zero attitude straight bar - far from the drama or attitude that you are accustomed to seeing on Hollywood Boulevard - don't we hate those clubs anyways?

Rockwell was instead filled with fun, friendly people searching for a posh environment which serves up inexpensive, tasty drinks from tasty bartenders!

Would I go back? YES.

Would I recommend it? YES.

When do I see myself going back? Not anytime soon - just being honest. It was a place that was so cute, reminding me of Magnolia in Pasadena, but a tad bigger (LOL).


THANKS to the Internet blogger for posting this pictures so that I could use it too! I decided to incorporate this photo in my posting about how the Dodgers swept the series between my HOMETOWN team and the St. Louis Cardinals (3-0). Not only does this photo provide a taste of nostalgia to all the hardcore Los Angelenos who are hungry for a victor in 2009, but this authentic newspaper clipping also provides a bit of foreshadowing of what I think will be a victorious season for the Dodgers.

If you missed the game yesterday then you missed a game that was virtually flawless, void of any major mistakes and giving Eithier just one more notch on his belt to being MVP for the Dodgers. Do you agree? The next game will be played on Thursday, and although I cannot attend because of work commitments I will be there in spirit! As to whom they will play is still undecided, what we do know is that its between the Rockies or the Phillies.

Congratulations to the entire team for taking the St. Louis Cardinals on their home turf, sending loyal fans dressed head to toe in red hats, jerseys and rally towels home with nothing to gloat, brag or hold their head high about!


Saturday, October 10, 2009


The following story makes me want to watch CNN all day long - cause it's not necessarily all about the repetitive news they air but these special tidbits.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Why the hell would I enjoy seeing a movie called 'Zombieland,' right? After I got back from the fun pool party with T.J. and Chris over at Chad & Eric's house, my buddy John Magnum asked me out on a friendship date to see the movie 'Zombieland.' Now if anyone else would have asked me to see this movie I would have defiantly said NO, however he's only in town for a few days and he's one of those cute str8 boys that you wanna hangout with because he's so charming - so I went to see 'Zombieland,' and ENJOYED IT!!! First off I had no idea it starred Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin and had a hilarious cameo from Bill Murray - yes, this movie is a B-, just for the simple fact that it's fun, doesn't take it self too seriously but the actors are not cheesy and too annoying. I didn't get John's take on the movie but I liked it.

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