Sunday, December 28, 2008


I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 'ITALIAN' TO COME HOME AND SEE MY ROOM. Since he's been gone I've done soooo much with it and I think he's going to be proud.

If you know me I am a total minimalist - the less furniture and posters in my room the better! This is completely opposite from how I was when I was a kid. Depeche Mode, Red Hot Chili Peppers and such filled my room, however I am trying to not only spice up my room but add some color to it - the ITalian loves color!

Anyhoo, I think tomorrow I am going out to find some colorful items I can dress up my room with - there's too much brown and darker tones going on in my room, it's way too dark! Tomorrow I will likely take some new pics and post it for everyone to see so stay tuned!

Nighty Night


Since I've been off of work since Christmas Eve I've gotten my days a bit tangled up. Friday night I decided to waste sometime in front of the television and channel surf. Okay, channel surfing to me is changing the channel from 7 to channel 4 and then back to 7 - I know, dumb, but I like those two channels. Thankfully on ABC7 they had WifeSwap and SuperNanny on - I HEART THESE SHOWS. I remember over a year ago I would race home from work to catch these two shows on Tuesday nights... they were that important to me. I feel like every episode is pertinent to everyday family life and valuable lessons can be learned by watching them. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I cry every time? Yes, I cry Oprah tears. WifeSwap was sentimental and of course... I cried, however SuperNanny made me extremely sad and reflective on how I treated my parents. The two parents on the show had kids from previous marriages, totaling four: 7, 8, 9 and 18 years old, sounds pretty normal right? Yah, normal except the parents were both legally deaf. The younger trio of kids were extremely rude to the parents, often mocking them for their disability and outright disobedient. When they didn't want their parents to hear or see what they were saying they would cover their mouth so their elders couldn't read their lips. Nine times out of ten the 18 year old was forced to act as the parent, especially since she was fluent in ASL (American Sign Language) and was able to hear. While the show ultimately had a happy ending, what it took to get there was tremendously heart wrenching and I wish I could have turned to my mom and apologized for all the times I was an asshole to her, I think we've all be one to our parents before. Turns out the show I'm talking about made a great impact on the deaf community... who knew the deaf community sign's on YouTube (check it out below) as this lady is referencing the particular SupperNanny I watched - truly amazing.

I guess the moral of the story is that no matter if your parent is old, young, deaf, mentally disabled or "normal" you should always treat them with the highest respect.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


He now knows an American-hating Reverend and an outspoken homophobic Pastor... ouch, I hope things don't snowball any further!


Incase you did, now is the most important time to get involved. DId you know that Jerry Brown reversed his decision and is now going against Prop 8 supporters? DId you know that people that support Prop 8 are demanding that the 18,000 gay and lesbian married couples in California should be nullified?

Last night we had a LIGHT UP THE NIGHT on the four corners of Fair Oaks and Colorado Blvd. While it didn't bring in 400 people like our November 15 Protest, we had 30 to 40 determined protesters that carried candles, a hearty spirit and many donned stickers expressing their dismay in the passage of Prop 8, one I believe says "I'm Equal!"

January 10, 2009 is our next BIG event in Pasadena on the steps of City Hall in protest against the D.O.M.A (Google it)! The time and logistics are still TBD but please keep checking the following two sites for more information, both will be updated daily!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008


Please don't forget about the next chain of events taking place on Saturday, December 20th at 5 p.m. in the evening.




Sunday, December 14, 2008




I must admit that I think the new Britney album is... *pause* decent. I'm not a HUGE fan of the lady, although I do think her commercial success has been tremendous. When the girl was sick and under the influence of God knows what I constantly prayed for her well-being and that she would bet better and back to what she does best: perform. It's true, the public loves a fairy tale story and believes in the come back kid in Hollywood, we've seen it time and time again (i.e. - Robert Downey Jr., Dave Gahan).

The songs that so far stick out on the new album "Circus" are 'Lace and Leather," "Out from Under," and "Unusual You!" Actually, the latter was my instant favorite and I was pleasantly surprised that my 'bromance-boy' Bryant Huddleston also enjoyed the song and voted it as his favorite on the album. If you haven't heard it, take a listen below... we're sure you'll love it!!


I have successfully completed two weeks at NBC, working on the Tournament of Roses Parade in Burbank. Right above this text is the front of the building where I work, actually my office is directly to the left of the NBC sign, we are sitting in the former office of Jeff Zucker, President of the Network. The time there has flown by in a good way and I am not only learning a lot but I'm re-meeting some nice people. I love working at a large office space for the simple fact you can always meet someone new and smile at random people *if you so choose* at your leisure -things like that cheer me up and engage me.

While I was working as an intern at ABC Family a few years ago the people there weren't extremely friendly, in fact most of the girls I worked around were the exact opposite.

I only have a few more weeks at NBC before I will have to turn in my badge and look for my next gig. It scares me that I am 30 years old and haven't found a full-time job yet, so I just have to look at the situation that it just isn't my time - yet. I hope I don't like I'm rationalizing because I feel like I should be in a career driven job, collecting medical and my 401k benefits, however none of that's happening right now.

This is not a pity email, but instead a wake up call to the universe to acknowledge that I am willing to accept new offers that come into my life and am mature enough to wait if need be.

Saturday, December 13, 2008



hello, i hope your holiday season is well, if you don't remember me, my name is Scott Boardman, I helped organize the Pasadena Join the Impact rally in November! it has come to my attention there there will be a national silent protest this time next week. if you haven't heard yet it's called LIGHT UP THE NIGHT. this time we will not be chanting or bearing loud signs, instead we will be burning candles and donning t-shirts (please see the website: The plan is to meet on the corner of Fair Oaks and Colorado at 5 p.m. and go from there. It would be ideal if we could take over all four corners of the intersection and then at 6 p.m. come together for a quiet and peaceful march around Old Town, finally ending up in the Miller Alley Square which inhabits Johnny Rockets, Laemmle Theater and Gordon Biersch. Again this is a silent protest, so all you will need is a candle or LED candle (Target's having a GREAT SALE ON LED CANDLES... buy in bulk and have them just in case your neighbor/friend needs them for the march) and we will be wearing second class t-shirts, if you don't have a t-shirt like that please wear black in honor of the Pasadena GayBorhood tradition (

I hope to see you all there at 5 p.m., please spread the word and if you're not around Pasadena take the initiative and start one up in your city, just log onto:
I hope to see you all there and please spread the word...

Be well...

Scott Boardman

Friday, December 12, 2008


If you're a Depeche Mode fan or groupie you're going to like this next tidbit of information, and no it's not about their new album so keep reading.

Most of you know that I took a part-time job at NBC working on the Pasadena Rose Parade, however most of you aren't aware that I'm working closely with a man named Tom who also does a lot of work on the Jay Leno show as well. Tom is really a great guy and whenever he walks into the office I find myself enjoying his company and his way of thinking every time I see him. Yesterday before the Leno show started we were discussing The Cure and how they were appearing on the show that night. I told him that they were among my favorite bands but how Depeche Mode was truly my favorite.

I also disclosed that I was the one who waited for 3.5 days in line to see Depeche Mode make their debut performance on American night time television in 1997 performing their song "It's No Good." When I recalled my time and story in line Toms eyes lit up and instantly remembered Depeche Mode being here as well. Tom told me that he will always remember Depeche Mode singing on the show because it was the loudest audience he has EVER heard on the Tonight Show. I'm not sure how long Tom has been at the show but I am guessing more than 14 years... although I think I heard 20 years, I'm just not too sure!

I was so elated to hear that Depeche Mode had the loudest audience he and the crew had ever heard, especially since bands come and go so often on that show and pop bands like The Jonas Brothers, Hanson, NSync and other popular acts have performed... AMAZING!!!!

I supplied the link below to view the band performing 11 years ago! If you watch the opening skit an extremely young Scotty B is in the skit with my old friend Tammy Au - damn, we were young!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was on Perez Hilton's site this morning and I saw that Rolling Stone Magazine announced their music albums of the year! I don't subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine, actually I think of it as an inferior music magazine - but that's a different story.

Their number one album is by the band TV on the Radio entitled 'Dear Science.' It's ironic because for the past three months *more or less* that album has remained on my desk and has not been played or added to my iTunes library. If you know me then you know that adding music into my library is a priority so it's a bit odd that I haven't done so yet.

Now I can't wait to get home and grab the album and listen to it, although I fear that I am now going to expect too much of it and it won't live up to the hype... we'll see!
Has anyone heard it yet?

Friday, December 5, 2008


Call me nerdy but I love to randomly log onto ABCNEWS.COM and browse the thousands of stories they tell daily! One I find impeccably entertaining is the 75th Anniversary of Prohibition in the United States. Check out the following site for some great photos and interesting tidbits about prohibition.

One picture (above) that I find particularly interesting is the way bartenders got away with serving alcohol while the Feds were
determined to eliminate any kind of alcohol for public consumption. In this picture the bartenders have tubing (I assume in their sleeves) to pump the liquid into a glass... tricky huh?

I think we all know about prohibition but must people aren't aware of how long it lasted, what were the logistics of it etc...I grabbed the following below from Wikipedia telling of the 13 year ban on alcohol which involved two Amendments of our Constitution and two Presidents... check it out, pretty interesting! Click Here


Some of the people I vacationed with agreed that they would much rather retire in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta rather than the oppressive heat that Palm Spring features most of the year. Don't get me wrong PS is pretty in its own right, however the town seems too sleepy for me - and white. Puerto Vallarta features a vibrant flair that attracts people from all walks of life - yes, even white people call it home, either to run their own business (mostly artists) and retire.

Where would you want to retire? The south of France, or Italy? That equally sounds good to me but for the sake of this convo choose between PS and PV!



Although I have desperately wanted to update my blog, since I've been in
Mexico it has been impossible to concentrate long enough to focus on
piecing together three sentences - I'm sure everyone knows how time is
so very limited when you're on vacation and always on the go.

I must confess that this vacation was probably one of the best trips yet.
I have little regrets on this trip, we partied a lot, laughed a lot and created
hundreds of life long memories with life long friends - too sappy *wink*?

Sitting in the plane and flying to my final destination: home, I had several hours to lament on my time in Mexico, but more importantly the new job I start this week at NBC as production assistant of the Rose Parade come January 1, 2008. While the job is only a one month gig, I am so grateful to Joseph for evening offering me the position and the chance to work with such a prestigious network like NBC. Am I nervous? A little bit, I believe starting any new job can be a little unnerving, however that's just some of the fun of learning new tasks, meeting new associates/peers and moving toward the final destination of our lives.

Mexico on the other hand gave me a great opportunity to really bond with Bryant Huddleston, that is Joseph's other best friend, Bryant and I have known each other for years not but haven't really spent any quality time together for me to actually get
to know him and interact with him. I am so glad we had the opportunity to be silly together and develop a friendship - the laughs and good times we had will no doubt always stick in my mind, never a dull moment with Bryant, that's for sure.

The entire vacation pretty much surrounded around Anthropology and Manana Cantina, however we did go out and do some ruffin' it explorations up in the jungles of Puerto Vallarta with Douglas, Jon, Bryant and Joseph. The trip was an all day long pilgrimage, and while it had it's high and LOW moments, overall the trip was fun and interesting enough. Among the highlights was the tequila factory and the Predator set of the original movie starring California's Governator *wink*!

Bryant and I had some comedic moments with not only picture taking, but (mainly his) one-liners like: "That'll Do!" If you want to know you have to ask me what that means... I will then tell you all about it!

Regrettably when I get home I will not be able to instantly upload my photos to my computer to share with you all on MySpace as well as Snapfish, instead I need to give my pup some TLC and head off to bed - tomorrow is going to be an extra long day with the new job and picking up my car early in the morning from the car dealership - ugh I have to walk there, how much does that suck?

Anyway, I do promise that I will post this online when I get home so any of you living across the world *wink* can read this in the morning - it will take up all of 15 minutes of your day I'm sure!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


I thoughT the song right above (courtey of YouTube) would be appropriate while I am waiting for my plane to board. If you didn't know I am headed down to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta actually.

This is the first time in over a decade I have been to Puerto Vallarta and I cannot wait. Joseph is at the opposite side of the airport already on his way to PV while I have another hour wait *damn*. He didn't go through a travel agent and I did, however he got a better flight departing and returning - how did that happen?

Anyway, I hope to update my blog while I'm SOUTH OF THE BORDER but I'm not quite sure that will happen - we'll see!


It's Tuesday and I am just barely getting around to updating this blog from my weekend birthday bash in Hollywood. Wow, I must say the party went off without a hitch and I do believe that everyone in attendance had a great time and enjoyed themselves immensley.

The night started off by the ITalian getting to my house nice and early - I love when he is prompt and early, my nerves are settled that much easier. I have to hand it to him that he is ALWAYS on time and if he's running late he will tell me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that, it shows a true sense of consideration and that he cares.

Giving be a barrage of gifts is putting it lightly! I don't usually enjoy getting extravagant gifts for my birthday but he went there - oh yes he did. He walked into my house with a beautiful brown/greenish bed-in-a-bag as well as a oil air freshener * hint, hint *! As I was busy getting ready for the evening he said he had to go grab his backpack out of the car - nothing too unusual until he walked into the house with a huge 32" flat screen television. Yah, impressive. I started crying, no joke! A television? Are you kidding me? This is what I had been saving up for... I was lost for words and was ecstatic to say the very least.

After the surprise of the gift wore off we had to get our shit together and jet to Pasadena to grab Wendy and pick up the 4 dozen balloons I ordered. As we were driving on the freeway towards Beckham Grill to nab Wendy I cautiously surveyed the ITalians car to see if his car could even fit 48 balloons - GOD please don't have us make two separate trips!!!

When we picked up Wendy she had brought me a plant and three balloons - great all we needed was three more balloons to fit in the car - eh, oh well... it's fine.

Fast forward 30 minutes we are at Ralphs and get a $10 discount on teh balloons and then realize just how many balloons we had to fit in the small SUV he has. But we did it... I have to admit that it was hilarious cramming them into the car and then having Wendy sit in the middle of them all.

Fast forward past the three mile car ride down Sunset Boulevard, we got to Isla Cantina and started setting up, we had the entire back restaurant and thanks to Wendy she made the place look extremely nice and professional, God knows I wouldn't have been able to do what she did. Also on the table was tiny sombreros, candy necklaces *both were extremely popular * lollipops, and confetti.

I was only expecting 20 to 25 people for dinner but that number quickly doubled to almost 40... way more than the initial conservative count.

After dinner, Igor, the owner, brought over three bottles of bubbly for the entire party to sip on and they brought out my NOW infamous rainbow layered, vodka Jello mold stuffed with pineapple and cherries soaked in vodka - yah, lethal!

Over the next several hours people came and came and came... it was a truly an affair to remember filled with lots of fusion drinks, sangria and amazing friends - both new and old!

At the end of the night I was in pretty bad shape, I guess I will leave it at that... until next year *wink*!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I think most of you know that Jimmy Kimmel and his show is not only my personal hero but something I look forward to every single night... with that being said check out these HI-LARIOUS clip, it's going to make you feel good!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Have you received any this year? My household has gotten four or five Thanksgiving cards, and I hope this is not a continuing trend. As it is I am not a Christmas card sender and I always feel tremendously bad about it. Every year I promise myself that the following year I will start early and send cards out to everyone in my life but it never happens. Not to change the topic, I feel that people are sending Thanksgiving cards to me and while I understand the logic I don't think I need an Easter, Christmas, New Years, Chanukah, and now Thanksgiving - ugh!

Anyway, that's my two cents on the greeting cards, however I should bite my tongue, those cards put food in my mouth, some of you know my mom worked for American Greetings for a few decades. =)

Friday, November 21, 2008


I received numerous 'hello's and well wishes yesterday for my birthday, however the following two both creeped me out and made me laugh. The first is a creeper while the second (follow the link... trust me it's worth it, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE BLOOPER!!)
almost made me pee my pants... seriously!!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!


Thursday, November 20, 2008




Today is my birthday and I can't believe the day is almost over - it's 4 p.m. and the day has FLOWN by! All there's left to do is hopefully the ITalian *wink* and dinner with him!

This morning I was awaken by the numerous text messages and phone calls that people usually make on someone's birthday - nothing special or unordinary, just a bunch of sweet people calling me and wishing me the best day ever. Sister in particular was so awesome because she was the first one I spoke to this morning on her way to work and as I laid in bed trying to wake up, keeping one eye on Regis & Kelly and the other eye trying to find my dog in my room.

After I hung up with Sister I called Burke Williams and booked my 10:15 a.m. massage at the Pasadena location. FYI - the Pasadena locale is tucked in a small alley in the middle of Old Town Pasadena - steps away from the hustle and bustle of the busy pavement, the store is a beautiful escape! The treatment that I've wanted to try out for a long time has been the Savannah Surrender and since sister gave me a 20 percent discount for any services as well as a $100 gift certificate for the spa (Joseph gave it to me as well last year for my birthday.) The Savannah Surrender treatment is described on the site as:

"Fall under the spell of this enchanting treatment and you'll emerge relaxed and stimulated, soothed and energized, all at the same time. It begins with Burke Williams Mineral Salts vigorously massaged into your skin. Next, the salt is rinsed off and your body is washed with exfoliating gloves and our own special cleanser. Immediately, a warm, organic mud is applied. This is followed by a bath of cascading waters that literally wash away stress and tension. Finally, an invigorating peppermint-menthol application leaves your body tingling and your senses awakened."

Sounds nice? Well the description doesn't do the signature spa treatment justice at all. The spa in general is a tranquil space, however the room that the massage took place is was pretty amazing. I walked into the room that was dressed in a red haze with eight shower heads suspended over a wet bed - that's the best way to describe it! Kathy, my masseuse, was beyond incredible and I felt obligated to give her a 20 percent tip because of her professionalism and thorough job. I have to say that if you are insecure and uptight about your body then this might, or might NOT be the best treatment for you. To be honest the towel you are given to cover your butt is tiny and just when you think you have covered your butt entirely the masseuse will fold it in half so even more of your private areas are covered - LOL! I'm not the one to be bashful when it comes to people seeing me naked so I didn't hesitate but I can imagine others being bothered or feel uncomfortable.

After properly adjusted the warm water showers started cleansing my skin. After the water was finished drenching me from head to toe the abrasive salt scrub was rubbed into my skin - also from head to toe. To bring an already long story to a close if you want to hear all about the amazing treatment log onto:

I HIGHLY recommend the service and although it's a little pricey it's worth the fee because with the treatment you can take advantage of their spa where you can stay all day, if you want, and relax. From a steam room, a dry sauna, a luxurious hot tub, numerous cold showers, showers - both contemporary and a rustic old school shower, plus many grooming essentials this is a great way for men (or women) to relax for a day in Pasadena!


I know I have a boyfriend but it's official, I have an innocent crush on the Starbucks str8 barista near my house. He is cute but I think his personality is cuter than his looks - does that sound bad? I hope not. Usually when I come into the Starbucks near my place he is not here but today as I was grabbing my espresso drink I verified with him that the drink was a triple. He told me it was and then asked with a smirk and a smile "Why, you want more?" LOVE HIM!!!

LOL... anyway, I thought that would be an amusing story to tell you - the masses of people that read my blog *wink*!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


What a cute Christmas gift idea... I think I know what I am getting all my coworkers and friends - my only hope is that they don't read this blog *wink*!!! Besides being such an inventive gift doesn't it look yummy? I think so.


Even though I am groggy as all hell today I have so many reasons to be thankful. First off, my birthday vacation is right around the corner - actually a week away, and I cannot wait to board the plane and go somewhere that isn't Los Angeles. I planned my getaway to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico about six months ago with a few friends and it's now here... amazing! If you've never been to PV than you are missing out on a great city - I have the distinct priviledge to show Joseph Siyam, my best friend, one of the prettiest and gayest cities in Mexico.

When I first went to PV I was a senior in high school and it was my big senior trip with my friends, our last hurrah I guess you could say! While I spent virtually all of my time at str8 bars it was still a lot of fun, I can't wait to see the gay side of Puerto Vallarta that I've heard so much about!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I had the great opportunity to interview Steve Cruz while he was in Los Angeles last weekend - this man is intelligent and a great talker - so naturally we had a lot to gab about. The interview seemed like it lasted 15 minutes but instead it was about 50 minutes - needless to say we had to make the interview a two-parter. Check out the first 19 minutes now on Nick Young's site and look for the second part next month! If you weren't previously aware of who Mr. Cruz is then you're in for a delightful treat as we talk about his career and successful PSA's about safe sex and 'HOW HE ROLLS.' Make sure you check out our interview and his PSA's!!


artist: David Cook
song: Light On

Why does David Cook irk me so much? There's no denying that the boy is talented, however I think his success has been traced too much to Chris Daughtry's career - and God knows that man is genius too! David Cook is not quite a pretty boy like Chris Daughtry and his persona is little off too, I don't know why, I just can't gauge him. HOWEVER, his new song 'Light On' is not so bad, I can listen to it and not get the Ibbie-jeebies as much as his other songs. I am hoping that he will grow on me, much like Carrie Underwood did. Check out his first song from his debut, freshman album, chances are you will dig it and want to buy it!


Yesterday I received an email from a local resident and thought I would share it with you - usually I write about them but this time I opted to vocalize my thoughts, literally!

Listen by click the following link:



http:​/​/​scott​board​man.​ blogs​pot.​ com/​2008/​11/​long-​beach​-​resid​ents-​prote​st-​chick​en.​ html

Also, I encourage you to read a statement from one of my email friends who wrote into the company 'El Pollo Loco,' please reconsider protesting ALL of their chains... instead seek out the ones in the LBC area (including Denny's and Corner Bakery) that contributed to Yes on Prop 8


As an execu​tive of El Pollo​ Loco,​ I recei​ved your messa​ge indic​ating​ your inten​tion to stop eatin​g at our resta​urant​s becau​se one of our franc​hisee​s made a perso​nal donat​ion in suppo​rt of Calif​ornia​’s Propo​sitio​n 8. I voted​ again​st Prop 8. On a perso​nal level​,​ I not only under​stand​ your anger​,​ I share​ it.
You have share​d your opini​ons with us and we have read them.​ But befor​e you decid​e El Pollo​ Loco is taint​ed forev​er due to one perso​n’s polit​ical donat​ion,​ I respe​ctful​ly ask that you let me tell you about​ the El Pollo​ Loco I know.​
Six years​ ago, I joine​d El Pollo​ Loco.​ Durin​g my inter​views​,​ I asked​ my boss-​to-​be,​ the Presi​dent/​CEO,​ if the compa​ny offer​ed domes​tic partn​er insur​ance becau​se I would​ need it to cover​ my partn​er.​ He said,​ “Actu​ally I don’t​ know,​ but it’s clear​ly the right​ thing​ to do, so if we don’t​ alrea​dy have it, we’ll​ get it.” I am very proud​ that one of my first​ jobs was to annou​nce that El Pollo​ Loco now offer​ed domes​tic partn​er insur​ance cover​age.​
How many compa​nies can you name that have an out gay or lesbi​an on their​ execu​tive team?​ My femal​e partn​er and I will celeb​rate our twent​ieth anniv​ersar​y later​ this month​.​
My partn​er has parti​cipat​ed in all El Pollo​ Loco event​s that inclu​de “spou​ses/​partn​ers”,​ which​ is the langu​age we use on invit​ation​s to those​ event​s.​ Our relat​ionsh​ip has never​ been treat​ed any diffe​rentl​y from the heter​osexu​al relat​ionsh​ips of the rest of the El Pollo​ Loco manag​ement​ team.​ I do not hide our relat​ionsh​ip in any way. Her pictu​re is on my desk.​
One of my staff​’s respo​nsibi​litie​s is to inves​tigat​e and resol​ve emplo​yee compl​aints​.​ Feel free to ask anyon​e on my staff​ about​ the promp​t and serio​us emplo​yment​ conse​quenc​es for anyon​e caugh​t makin​g dispa​ragin​g comme​nts about​ gays or any other​ group​.​
El Pollo​ Loco has almos​t 5,​000 emplo​yees.​ We also franc​hise the El Pollo​ Loco brand​ to other​ compa​nies.​ Those​ franc​hisee​s combi​ned proba​bly emplo​y anoth​er 10,​000 peopl​e.​ A membe​r of one of those​ compa​nies,​ not El Pollo​ Loco,​ Inc.​,​ appar​ently​ made that polit​ical donat​ion.​ Of cours​e a group​ that large​ will inclu​de peopl​e with varyi​ng polit​ical persp​ectiv​es.​ I am not aware​ of a singl​e one who donat​ed as an El Pollo​ Loco repre​senta​tive to suppo​rt Prop 8. The only time the Prop 8 issue​ came up in the conte​xt of El Pollo​ Loco was when I recei​ved a compl​aint from a custo​mer that the staff​ in one of our resta​urant​s had put Post-​It notes​ all over the cash regis​ters and count​ers sayin​g “Vote​ No on 8!” We told that resta​urant​’s staff​ the same thing​ I will tell you. Peopl​e are encou​raged​ to vote their​ belie​fs,​ but El Pollo​ Loco is a resta​urant​ compa​ny and we do not take posit​ions on polit​ical issue​s.​
I hones​tly belie​ve that anger​ direc​ted at El Pollo​ Loco over Prop 8 is ill advis​ed,​ but it is certa​inly your right​ to eat where​ver you want to eat. You will be missi​ng the world​’s great​est chick​en.​
Put me on your maili​ng list and I will join your effor​ts in those​ areas​ where​ I belie​ve they are being​ done respo​nsibl​y,​ appro​priat​ely and with all the facts​ right​.​ My email​ is jscot​t@​elpol​loloc​o.​com.​
Jeann​e A. Scott​
Senio​r Vice Presi​dent
Human​ Resou​rces & Train​ing
El Pollo​ Loco,​ Inc.


There's so much talk that the next big rally is on January 10, 2009 at all City Halls - again. At our majestic City Hall in Pasadena we had hundreds (some say up to 500) people rallying for what they believe in. While I truly believe the January 10, 2009 march will be BIG, I am putting forth a new date
for the biggest protest yet: Saturday, February 14, 2008 - Valentines Day, at 10:30 a.m.. Why not have thousands of mock weddings on the steps of your City Hall? As most of you know, Valentines Day is one of the biggest days to get married in the U.S. - it's just too bad our group will not be included!

Please forward this onto everyone you know and have them reference my blog, I will be posting updates and working closely with

Monday, November 17, 2008


I just received a great - long-winded - but worth the read email from a local citizen named Kathleen. Her email brings up several corrections to my earlier posting "It Scares Me.." . I encourage you to read her informative email... I hope she doesn't mind me posting it for everyone to receive a little education lesson.

Hi Scott,

I'm following up from Saturday to ask that you add me to the Pasadena-specific email list and to let you know that I'm available to volunteer prior to the Jan 10 rally. I will be out of town the month of Dec, but return on Jan 6. If I can be of assistance the few days prior to the rally, I'm available.

Also, a couple things I wanted to say. First, I sincerely hope you did not take to heart the negative comments that one man made about the "poor planning" etc.. I've done community organizing in the past and as I said to you on Saturday, what you managed to accomplish in a week was AMAZING. Don't worry -- even if there were people who couldn't hear, they'll be back. They weren't there to hear specific speakers or any "message." They were there to feel the positive energy of the group and to take a stand in public. It was more important that THEIR voices be heard, not yours. :-) You DID GREAT!!!!

Secondly, I just read your blog and thought I'd comment on this statement from today's It Scares Me entry, "Would it be just as easy to write something into our constitution to say that blacks didn't have the right to get married by a vote"

The answer is NO. And the reason is LEGAL. It's illegal to discriminate based on race. If we were to attempt to amend our State Constitution in a way that discriminated based on race, it would be struck down on a federal level by the US Supreme Court. Currently, no such federal protection exists for sexual orientation or gender identity.

Here's a quick constitutional law lesson.... :-)
When a law is passed, or other actions taken by governments, it has to pass constitutional muster. How likely it is to be upheld as being constitutional depends on what "level of scrutiny" the court will apply when reviewing the law. There are three levels of scrutiny:
1. Rational Basis
The law need only be "rationally related" to a "legitimate" government interest.
2. Intermediate Scrutiny
The law must be is "substantially related" to an "important" government interest.
3. Strict Scrutiny
The law must serve a "compelling" government interest, must be "narrowly tailored" to serve that interest and there can be no "less restrictive" way to accomplish the interest.

There are very few laws that will be held unconstitutional if all they have to pass is the "Rational Basis" test. It's much, much harder for a law to withstand constitutional challenge if it has to pass "Strict Scrutiny."

There are two reasons a law will be evaluated under the Strict Scrutiny test: (a) the law restricts a fundamental right, e.g. right to vote, free speech, etc. or (b) the law singles out a "suspect class" of people, i.e., it singles out a specific group of people, thus making the law suspect.

To date, the US Supreme Court has only determined two groups of people to be a "suspect class" -- racial minorities and religious groups.

One of the things the California Supreme Court did when it made its ruling on gay marriage in May of this year was to determine that sexual orientation was a suspect class with respect to discrimination and thus the ban on gay marriage had to be subjected to strict scrutiny. They determined that the ban could not withstand the tests required. This is EXTREMELY important for California law. The court will not allow an amendment to the constitution which discriminates against a suspect class, so if they continue to parse the argument the same way, they can't let Prop 8 stand. But it's not a slam-dunk. The vote on the court was a close majority and we'll have to see if the Court views the discussion on sexual orientation as suspect class as a holding of the case, or simply dicta (discussion) not rising to the level of legal precedent.

And a note: This determination of sexual orientation as suspect class only applies to State law, not Federal law.

The most profound thing that could be done in this country would be to pass a FEDERAL law protecting LGBT people from discrimination, much as the 1964 Civil Rights acts did for racial minorities. There was even a poster at the rally on Saturday that recognized that fact .. it said something like "Amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include Sexual Orientation." (Personally, I think it must also protect transgender people).

Currently, there is a proposed law which would grant protection in employment -- a step in the right direction, but it must be MUCH broader if any real protection is to exist. (you can read about ENDA here: )

Long winded, I know. But I feel the more people who understand the legal challenges, the better the chances of getting legal protection. :-)

Warm regards,


Wow, I was actually shocked that people have missed my music postings - do people actually care what kind of music I like to listen to? Last week I was shocked to see that Brandy dropped a new single, and that she will be releasing a new album in December - her first in four years. Whenever I think of Brandy I think of Ari Gold, he loves him some Brandy - not only does he think that every track that she has released over the years has been solidly produced but he loves her vocals - I have to agree 75 percent of the time, most of her tracks are bombshells and insanely creative!

Her new track is vastly different, it actually takes ten steps back to the ballad she released in 1995 for the 'Waiting to Exhale' soundtrack called "Sitting in my Room," remember that track? It was a cute track and had a great hook - perfect for radio play! Her first track of her new album, due out in December is called 'Long Distance,' which grabbed my attention for numerous reasons: mainly because my boyfriend will be leaving for 25 days to Italy and I won't see him for Christmas - probably the most important holiday to me (not for religious reasons.)

I, like Oprah, share the logic that music is the soundtrack of our lives and this song couldn't have come at a better time - I truly believe that this song will get me through the 25 days of not seeing him =( What do you think of it? Give it a whirl and a twirl!


Like an acorn on the head *WHOP!!!* I woke up this morning and instantly started thinking about the passage of Proposition 8 and what it means in our society. One thing that came to mind is: isn't it scary that a state can enact a law/rewriting AGAINST the constitution ONLY BY A SIMPLE VOTE??? I am serious, think about that for a minute. Would it be just as easy to write something into our constitution to say that blacks didn't have the right to get married by a vote (even though we know it would NEVER pass). Isn't it scary to think that we can write any amendment into the constitution just by a vote? It sounds a bit scary to me and I think we all know from past lessons in history that just because something is part of the majority does NOT make it the right view!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

W00 - H0LY- H00!!!


Rev. Susan Russell was extremely pertinent in getting the word out about the rally yesterday (that is her bog above, make sure you check out the slide show - I tried to take it so I could post it on my site but I think it take a Mac Genius and that's clearly not me *wink*! I said it numerous times during the rally and it's worth repeating that the church called me with no ulterior motive but to spread love and the word that marriage shouldn't be taken away from anyone! Unheard of right? Wrong! Turns out there are numerous gay friendly churches throughout the SGV, including Pasadena. It's funny, last weekend my neighbor was telling me that every church is gay friendly - that they don't teach gay is wrong and they love everyone *that was the gist of our convo* also that they have services/prayers for AIDS and hospices etc... basically the church(es) were compassionate - I beg to differ. My old church, Annunciation is much like my fathers new family, they choose not to talk about gay or homosexuality - because if you don't acknowledge it then it doesn't exist - however we all know that the churches don't condone it and would rather NOT talk about it then address it - no blood on their hands!

I am a little off topic. I guess the main point of this email was to give a shout out to Rev. Russell and how amazing her and her staff were - Juan especially were this entire week! Below are some pics to tease you from Rev. Russell's site, make sure you log onto her blog and say HELLO!!!




It's been a little over 24 hours since the Join the Impact rally took place. I decided to hold off and give this blog posting at least a 24 hour thought process before I put anything down in words - some might say this is a good approach, while others could argue that I might lose some essential details - well this is my approach!

The 'ITalian' and I arrived at 9:30 and City Hall as well as All Saints Church was DESOLATE - there was NO ONE around... I was so worried that it would be five people protesting - the cops outweighing the protestors, that wouldn't be good, LOL! Thankfully people started coming: by pairs, and groups of three's, fives, and then by droves! Carrying signs, their children and passion, all of the people standing in front of Pasadena City Hall had a story to tell and a personal reason for being there! I have to hand it to my boyfriend, he was SOO AMAZING this week. He hardly whimpered at my attention being totally devoted to this project, and yesterday he didn't complain that I wasn't focusing on him - instead he let me be and do my thing, he was okay on his own with my brother, Moses, Abdullah and Rob (my roomie). When 10:30 rolled around there were hundreds of people and as I spoke to the crowd people kept flocking to the event. The Pasadena Star News (the link is to the story written by reporter Brian Day) says that the event had at least 300 people there, while others have said it was between 500-700 people, thoughts on that anyone???

There were numerous speakers yesterday - too many to name and I'm sorry if I don't mention all of you but I have to say that the one that made me tear up and feel why I was there was the speaker named Scott Boardman - I'M JUST KIDDING! In all honesty Pastor Zelda Kennedy from All Saints Episcopal Church located directly behind Pasadena City Hall gave a memorable and pertinent speech that made us all think of what civil rights are. The most important thing she said was that she has seen discrimination in her life, she knows what it looks like and Proposition 8's passage is just that. She took us on a stroll down memory lane when she had to ride in the back of the bus and (either her or her friend - or both) had to deal with water sprays and police dogs unleashed on her because of the color of her skin - her speech gave me goosebumps and I wish I would have recorded it. (Photo courtesy of Pasadena Star News. Staff Photo by Sarah Reingewirtz)

I also have to say that the Pasadena Police was amazing in their efforts to keep the Free Speech Rally peaceful and on task - Veronica Burris in particular was the only visible police officer that I saw who was patrolling the area and took the time to come up to us, introduce herself and tell us what we could and could not do. I think the Church can attest to her professionalism, efficiency and fairness led to our protest moving along that much more smoothly - THANK YOU OFFICER BURRIS!!! If you can please call:
(626) 744-4501, and compliment this officer - seldom, if at all, does the police department receive positive feedback and this officer deserves it. I found out that she was in fact working overtime and should have been home, I think we all know how much it's a downer when you'd rather be elsewhere than working - what an amazing officer!

After the rally hundreds of protestors took to the sidewalks of Old Town Pasadena to spread their message of the discrimination within Proposition 8. We met up with the group for the last blocks but I can attest to the four to five blocks that the marchers stretched - it was incredible!

Also, a major thank you to Perez HIlton for compiling some of the YouTube links from yesterday's rally - EVEN IF HE DIDN'T CHOOSE TO COME TO OURS *wink*!! You can see all of the rally's on YouTube via Perez's page or by logging onto YouTube!!!

So I was looking around to see if I could find pictures of the rally because I wanted to see what I, unfortunately, missed. And I thought I'd share them with you in case you haven't seen them. If you have any please send them to me and I will add them... but in the meantime enjoy!!!!

http://flickr. com/photos/39995061@N00/sets/72157609146308131/

http://flickr. com/photos/jesusinlove/sets/72157609156911083/

http://flickr. com/photos/merider/tags/prop8protest/

http://flickr. com/photos/bagginz/3033577857/in/photostream/

http://flickr. com/photos/bagginz/3034417476/in/photostream/

http://flickr. com/photos/bagginz/3033578359/in/photostream/

http://flickr. com/photos/bagginz/3033610497/in/photostream/

http://flickr. com/photos/bagginz/3034450306/in/photostream/

http://flickr. com/photos/42465014@N00/3035250126/

http://flickr. com/photos/42465014@N00/3034411857/

http://flickr. com/photos/42465014@N00/3035249104/

http://flickr. com/photos/42465014@N00/3035248572

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is the day, we will see you at 10:30 a.m. SHARP! The rally will take place in front of Pasadena City Hall... look for me and please say HELLO, it will undoubtedly make my day! Bring signs, a positive attitude and history will be made! I can't wait to meet and see everyone - let's hope for a HUGE turnout!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Are you ready for tomorrow? If you are unsure of what's going on please log onto to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need for tomorrow... it's a big day tomorrow, go out and protest but think safe!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay, for a minute let's talk about something else besides the Marriage Equality Rally on Saturday 10:30 a.m. at Pasadena City Hall *wink*!! For a minute let's talk about adult stars - the gay ones. I logged onto the site I work for part-time and I was shocked to see that viewership of my interview with Matthew Rush quadrupled over night - is that even a term? Well, let me say that it was at 200 views last night before I went to bed and 16 hours later it is almost at 1600 - AMAZING!!!

The biggest interview and most watched interview I have done to date is Francesco D'Macho *left* which has been read more than 6,000 times and that was a simple Q&A, no video at all! My second best was Damien Crosse, Francesco's boyfriend. To check out all my interviews, both video and written please check out the following site:!




This morning I trucked on down to the Pasadena City Hall to seek out either a permit for a rally/demonstration on the steps of City Hall or to at least let them know - turns out the latter is all that I needed. Given the name 'A Free Speech Demonstration" this needs no permit - the guys from Pasadena Gayborhood were correct - as long as you don't interfere with traffic then everything is fine and no permit is needed - HOORAY!!

I can't wait to see everyone on Saturday, I know our protest will be one to remember being both: peaceful and prominent!

Be well..

Scott Boardman



Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Every once in a while when I get a little down I log onto the local Pasadena Humane Society to see the dogs that need a home. This doesn't necessarily cheer me up but I can cruise through the pictures and ads and see these beautiful dogs knowing that virtually all the dogs are so loving and beautiful that they will all be adopted... SOON! One dog in particular I wanted to go adopt, but I can't - yet! However if you want to adopt this dog *you see above* I suggest you log onto the Pasadena Humane Society and look for dog D#A239170. How lovable does this pretty girl look!!!


Join the Impact!

I don't know about you what I am up for taking chances... are you? Today I've had two major organizations from Pasadena call me and lend a helping hand: All Saints Episcopal Church and Pasadena GayBoorHood Association!!! Please watch my NEW video and get mobilized!!!

For Immediate Release:


November 13, 2008

Scott Boardman
(562) 673-3278

National Protest Planned for November 15 to protest the passage of anti-gay constitutional amendments in Arizona, Florida, California

— Massive groups of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and heterosexual citizens will take to the streets across the United States, including Pasadena to protest the passage of Proposition 8, California’s anti-gay marriage amendment, as well as other anti-gay ballot initiatives in Arkansas, Arizona and Florida.

Every day since Election Day, thousands have protested up and down streets in cities across California, including in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento. A national, grassroots coalition of LGBT activists have followed in their footsteps.

On Nov. 15, 1:30 p.m. EST/10:30 a.m. PST, in large cities and state capitals across the country, Pro-Equality supporters will raise public awareness of the need for LGBT equality in marriage and in other civil rights.

WHAT: Prop. 8 Protest

WHO: LGBT and straight citizens of [--CITY NAME--] and surrounding areas.

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008;1:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m.

WHERE: Pasadena, California

For more information contact: Contact: Scott Boardman
(562) 673-3278

For more information log onto:


*As of 11/18/08 there has been an update on this blog... please log onto my site to see any NEW updates:






Contacts: Julie Weeks
El Pollo Loco


A small town in Oregon, Silverton, elected its first transgendered official - WOW, you go Stu!!! Check out the story from CNN below or read it by logging on to!


Join the Impact!

I don't know about you what I am up for taking chances... are you? Today I've had two major organizations from Pasadena call me and lend a helping hand: All Saints Episcopal Church and Pasadena GayBoorHood Association!!! Please watch my NEW video and get mobilized!!!


Fight the H8 in California
I am beginning to think that the rally I've been organizing is going to be a great demonstration! I've been getting a good amount of emails over the past few days and last night I received the best one yet. I hope the lady who emailed me doesn't mind me sharing it with everyone however after reading it I closed my MacBook in tears and proud to be me.

See you all on Saturday, November 15, 2008 in front of Pasadena City Hall at 10:30 a.m.!


I found your blog and am relieved to hear there's a protest in Pasadena! No doubt downtown L.A. is going to be packed--which leads me to think that Pasadena is a better choice for myself and my 9 year-old son. I can't think of a better way to teach him that civil rights shouldn't be taken for granted by anyone. And that sometimes you have to put your feet and voice (and poster board) in action.

I hope there will be lots of other families there to show that hatred is not a family value. Are you having speakers? Are any addressing families and their needs? Just wondering.

Another straight (and seriously pissed-off about 8 passing) middle-aged mom for civil rights,"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Join the Impact

If it looks cheesy please forgive me, this is my first MacBook iMovie *wink*!


National Protest Against Prop 8

This Saturday, all across America there will be massive protests against PROP 8! I will be hosting one in Pasadena, outside City Hall, and I hope you will join me. Either way log onto for MORE information!!!


Monday, November 10, 2008


All you teeny-boppers and gay boys love him for being the shy and cute Mormon boy from American Idol last season - oh, don't dare you say the word 'sexy, *GASP* he's only 17 years old!

I heard the album on preview and I didn't think too much of it, but I refuse to condemn it until I give it a full and proper listen - stay tuned for that. Until then you can buy his first single from the new album out TODAY, it's called "Crush." The lyric that hooks me is "Do you catch a breath when I look at you? Are you holding back like the way I do?" Okay, those lyrics didn't just hook me (granted I know that David Archuleta had NO HAND in writing these lyrics) I am almost positive the first few times I heard the song I broke down in baby boo-hoo cries remembering all the dudes that I had a crush on and they either weren't attracted to me or didn't know I was alive and breathing next to them *sigh*!

Buy, Buy Buy.... This Song

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