Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I ate something bad last night so all day today I felt like shit. I laid in bed and did NOTHING but feel sorry for myself, answer a bunch of emails, deal with 'Cocktails with the Stars' drama, conference call a few people and thow-up. Fun day huh? Tonight I had to work but moaned the entire four hours. I need to feel better by Thursday so today must be the last day I grovel and feel sorry for myself! Night

Friday, April 24, 2009


If you have some historical time to spend in the next few days I highly suggest you get yourself over to The Huntington Library to view the Abraham Lincoln exhibit.

Today Moses, Topher and I went to the botanical gardens and library to see the new updates to the museum/library and the exhibition of Lincoln. The Library has been a staple in my life since I was a child but it was Moses' first time there so
I tried to impress him and show him as much as I could, needless to say the place does well on its own impressing people. The Huntington Library is a beautiful grounds that features: lush Asian, Japanese, Rose, Desert, and SubTropical gardens. Overall the Lincoln exhibit intrigued me because of the historical aspects and the huge ways he changed our country - both legally and with dealing with laws and how they were governed.

Two of the most interesting pictures I saw were the ones you see above. The first is the WANTED poster that calls for the capture of the three men accused of assassinating Lincoln. The other is a rare photo of Abraham Lincoln, actually it is the most earliest picture ever taken of our President.

Here are some pictures below that I really are fond of!


*photo courtesy of Access Hollywood*

On Friday, April 23 my all-time favorite group, Depeche Mode, played Jimmy Kimmel. Wait, wait, wait... let me clarify something. Five bands every week play Kimmel - no big deal. Smaller bands with a small fan base usually perform in Jimmy's intimate indoor concert theatre, at most it fits in about 100/200 people - yah, not too big. There is also the other outdoor arena concert called the Pontiac Garage. Much bigger than the indoor theatre, the Pontiac Garage easily fits one thousand people if properly crammed in, in fact I've seen Dave Gahan, lead singer of Mode, perform on this stage numerous years ago! But when Depeche Mode comes to town what to do? If you are the new and upcoming W Hotel in Hollywood you partner with Jimmy Kimmel and erect a huge stage on Hollywood Boulevard stretching four LA city blocks and host a party that would almost seem like Times Square! Depeche Mode attracted a crowd of an estimated 10,000 people *some papers say that 14,000 people could have been present but I doubt that*.

Eric and I had been planning on spending the night on the Boulevard but decided not to when I found out that my tickets would not get me front row - instead media tickets in the media bullpen about 150 yards back. Needless to say it was bitter sweet to know that we would not have to endure the cold night but would also not be able to see the band up close like we planned. *insert sad face here* Overall the day went pretty fast and I was also blessed to spend time with Lisa and Tumara - two people I've known forever... I wish Karen and Laura could have been there!

To make a long story short the band too the stage and rocked the boulevard - what an unforgettable night!!! Eric and I had an amazing time and I'll never forget it for as long as I live! I Check out this story from Access Hollywood. Below is a clip of their final song 'Never Let Me Down' the crowd downs the hand sway with Gahan. It's hard to hear but the site of 10,000 people swaying their hands together in unison is pretty remarkable!


I should have been on this commercial/public announcement but I got cut at the last minute. Yes I was disappointed - especially since the guy who did the commercial seemed appreciative that I called him but I was cut because 'big' names were brought into project. Yah, I get it.... no one knows 'Scott Boardman.' but I can still have hurt feelings that I was told to come down because he was in dire need of volunteers and then I was told that I could come down but probably wouldn't be included!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey Guys. Testing 1, 2, 3 - blogging from my phone? This could be dangerous!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Get to Micky's after 6 p.m. tonight for the GRAND REOPENING
of everyone's favorite bar... and they stay open until 4 a.m. still!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


BODYBUILDING-GURU.COM. I've never heard of this site, but then again I've never heard of this Aussie until I logged onto YouTube earlier and it came up as a site that I should see. As of now I am a member - why not check out this guy flexing. Maybe one day he'll do it naked *wink*!!!



I don't log onto Brandon Baker's page as much as I should anymore. When I used to work at Cybersocket I'd log onto PartywithBrandon almost daily - and with content like this it shows why Brandon's site has lasted so long!


Today I cried, was lonely and felt... well, alone! The only thing that I think kept me somewhat sane was the obscure phone message I received early in the morning and a comment from 'Momma' regarding the Scottish lady who has never been kissed... you had to be there! Enjoy


Thank God my jury duty is over!!!

Don't get me wrong jury duty was rewarding, challenging and thought provoking but it was also something that doesn't pay enough - if it did I am sure everyone would be a little more happier and open to going. During my five day jury duty I met a beautiful girl named Pattie who I bonded with and became friends with - we laughed a lot and shared so much about our own lives. Not once did we speak about the trial but we wanted to...

The trial was essentially about a guy and a girl and the drama between them both. The girl wasn't on trial - she brought four charges against her babies daddy and even though some of the charges were warranted, at the end of the day all of this shit
could have been avoided if their lives were a little more balanced and they knew how to treat each other with respect.

So let me go a little deeper into the case - you all wanna know what it's about.. don't ya? Now what the girl and the guy say are two totally different scenarios but the defendant never took the stand so I guess we'll never know what really happen! The case began somewhere in the early hours of a September morning. The so-called *victim* says that she was sitting in her car and the defendant all of a sudden rode up on his bicycle throwing rocks and ramming his bicycle into her car three times. She says that she was on the phone with her girl friend and was 'confused, shocked, and afraid.' She admits that they had a fight before this happened but never went into what happened. We ended up finding him not guilty on the charge of Vandalism because there wasn't enough concrete evidence and she seemed to be very unreliable on the chain of events - she might have been a bit untruthful in her testimony. Her story of what she told the cop and what she told us did not match... hmmmm!!!!

The second, third and fourth charge was violating a temporary protective order. Something I learned about the law with protective orders is that the person you are attempting to keep away from you cannot call, come within 100 feet of you, email, write you a letter, or TEXT! The defendant text messaged the accuser three times which then translates to three separate charges. Another interesting factoid about temporary restraining orders is that the person who is filing the order can contact the person they are trying to stay away from by phone or any other means possible, however as soon as the person who is being restrained contacts the restrainer it's considered breaking the law. Basically the law doesn't work both ways.

Did that make sense? I felt extremely guilty about voting guilty on all three counts especially since the girl who put forth these charges seemed like the antagonist but it was important to set some sort of precedent and the understanding that if you violate a protective order than you must be found guilty - no matter how minor the attempts are... am I making sense?


Since Nomar is gone we like Andre now!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'd rather the song without Hannah/Miley but either way the song is a beautifully crafted memory of what high school's all about.
What do you think?


This past weekend was a busy one - JJ and I were exhausted as we made this blog - can you tell?

Monday, April 13, 2009


SISTER ALOYSIUS: Oh, Sister James!
SISTER JAMES: What is it, Sister?
SISTER ALOYSIUS: I have doubts! I have such doubts!

Sister Aloysius is bent with emotion. Sister James puts out a
hand of comfort. She kneels before Sister Aloysius.



I promised myself that I'd be more honest in my blog - that's what it is for correct?

Last night was a tough one. At work my voice was going and fast, I could barely speak to my tables and I realized that servers not only walk a lot over the course of a nine hour shift but we also talk to EVERYONE. My voice needs to heal quickly and I'm almost considering consulting a friend that could probably prescribe me steroids for vocal chords. I know a lot of singers do this when their voice is failing them while on tour - Depeche does this as do many other artists.

When I got home I went to bed almost immediately - I had no energy to anything else.

While sleeping I had a peculiar dream about Daniel, the guy I used to date. Why am I still thinking about him? We dated for three weeks, lol, clearly not love... right? The dream was about a guy picking me up after I dropped my car off right across the street from Dan's condo building. I look at his parking stall and saw a Honda in his parking space - it had a Hybrid symbol and would might have been a Handicap placard - I couldn't tell. I obsessively starred for a few minutes until my ride signaled for me to jump in the car so we could be on our way. I jumped in the car and I gave the guy a kiss and we were on our way. Who was this guy? When I woke up it was Daniel - very weird.

While my dreams are about the past, I'm actually pretty excited about the future, flying to New York in a few weeks to see Hector, whom I met in San Francisco over the GAYVN weekend.

Here's the real deal on Hector. Weeks before going up to SF I would intermittently speak with him on Adam4Adam. Our conversations were touch and go... basically we kept it brief, however we knew that we'd both be in the city and that our basic intention was to meet up and possibly get down *wink*.

I didn't see many pictures of Hector - hell I didn't even know his name but two photos he had were pretty attractive. While in SF our meeting was extremely brief and was a fun one. For some reason I didn't want him to leave my room, instead I wanted to pull him back into bed and cuddle all day long, however that wasn't an option... unfortunately!

Later on in the day time we met up for coffee and felt each other out, not literally.

SInce then we have kept in touch and guy seems fun and a perfect balance of young and old, masculine yet sentimental... that kind of stuff if you know what I'm talking about.

It's a bit weird saying that I'm flying across country for a guy but how do you know if the guy is a great person or not if you stay home and never fly out to meet his friends and see his surroundings? My visit out there will be a good little vacation out of California because I'll have a few days to spend with my old college friend Lauren Child and her boyfriend Gideon.

Oh!!! And I am going to pitch to my boss that we do a little work while I'm out there - basically I'm going to have my boss fly out to NYC with me - hopefully he has friends out there and we can do some interviews!!! A little bit of business a little bit of pleasure - hopefully more pleasure than business *wink*!

Until later, take care!!!


For some reason this song came to mind this morning. Leona Lewis was an ear pleaser last summer and into fall, however nothing else has been heard of the album. Critics everywhere hailed her voice as the new 'IT voice, however the album wasn't so great. Sadly her album was weak, nevertheless 'Better in Time,' was a great follow-up single to her breakout single 'Bleeding Love."

Enjoy, now what's your song of the day???

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's an honor that 15 people stopped by my page in a manner of 8 hours to read my blog - THANK YOU!!!


I consider myself a HUGE iPhone fan! I rely on my iPhone for just about everything and to say I use it on a daily basis is an understatement.

The phone was having some battery issues yesterday (or so I thought) and it had a minor crack on the back of the phone. Before when I inquired about getting it replaced because of the crack they Apple Genius said it would cost $100 for a replacement so I never bothered - it's just a crack.

I was at work last night and the phone kept shutting off and would not turn back on. I assumed it was the battery and something
was wrong with the phone. I got off work early intentionally so I could rush over to the Apple Store before they closed for the evening and I somehow convinced the concierge that my issue was important enough to see a Apple Technician - I'm brilliant!!!

The techie guy finally saw me five minutes before they closed for the evening and I told him I felt bad and he told me I shouldn't - even if I didn't have an appointment. When he was talking to me I realized he was gay and I can probably guilt him into giving me a new phone. The tech said that my problem wasn't my battery and it was most likely my screen I put on top of the iPhone - admittedly I did put a cheapie screen on that day so that could have been the problem but I didn't give in - I wanted a new iPhone.

Guess what? Yup, he deemed the crack and my *battery problem* worthy enough to give me a free iPhone replacement.
The iPhone is so pretty and new.... LOVE IT!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I can't think of any other queer performer I love more than Levi Kreis, have you heard his voice? Levi's been gone for a while so if you're answer was no then I forgive you.

He has a new album 'Where I Belong' that is coming out early next month and I cannot wait!!! Levi Kreis has been a constant in my life and I admire him for all his progress, determination and beautiful music that he creates. Check out the song below that was chose to accompany the movie "Kiss the Bride," that starred a very pregnant Tori Spelling!!!


Last night I had a few minutes to record this before I knocked out for the night. The work week was busy with exhausting jury duty and personal stuff going on. I am so happy that the weekend is here - even though I do have to work at the restaurant!


I'm not bitter that I'm missing White Party this year - the party I can really careless about. I wish I was there because so many of
my friends are there having a good time partying.

I am also glad I'm not there because a friend called and told me that the guy I used to date is there too. I just choose not to be
around someone that I still hold have anger with. I know, I know... get over it and move on, however when my ego is hurt and I feel violated personally than I react different and I gotta tell you that is sucks.

I've discovered that my ego was not hurt because I was abruptly dumped - that's not a problem. Roberto promptly dumped me for his reasons and I was fine with that. Daniel broke it off with me and it hurt me to the bone because I thought we were on the right track and I told him things that I don't just voluntarily tell guys that I'm dating. I am also a bit upset that the guy I thought had a good balance in life had such a fucked up balance. He depended on his friends and father to dictate how he dated people and made decisions which didn't work - and he admitted that!

I am not the kind of person that has wounds heal over night and while that sucks it's something I need to deal with - I know that Daniel is definitely not in a good place either and even if he doesn't think of me at all I know that in the end I will be better off than he is. However on the flip side, the nice guy in me would have loved to have been there for him because I cared a lot about him in such a short amount of time... maybe that was my problem!


Thursday, April 9, 2009


Last night was a blast and that's saying something if it's porn related and I am not not necessarily required to be there for work. I met a lot of new people in the industry and a lot of friends became better friends. Thanks for the night that was had last night everyone!



Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yesterday I was at home and Jeremy Lucido from Randy Blue posted a VLOG on his lunch time break, here is my response back to Jeremy on my lunch time break yesterday! ENJOY!!!!





I made it to the courthouse in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles about 25 minutes early! Opting to take the train instead of driving in I saved a few dollars and the hassle of trying to find parking and the freeway... I think I am more tailored to live in a city with a train transit than Los Angeles.

I am so thankful that I didn't send my laptop in to Apple to get fixed this week, I don't know what I would do for eight hours in a jury pool without a laptop, although I just realized that the free WiFi offered in this building does not allow me to access YouTube.

Be sure to follow my updates through the day - I am sure there will be plenty, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My bud Ken over at Unzipped was gracious enough to give me some press regarding my time in the adult industry and my new upcoming show at Cocktails with the Stars!!

For the interview click on the following link: http://blog.unzipped.net/2009/04/five-questions-scott-boardman.html#more

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Please check out NickYoungXXX.Com to see the new and noisy Hot House video!!!



Andre Ethier is my new Dodger Blue Crush.... *sigh*, I heart him and his gay face!!!


Last night I went to a new night at MJs called SONIC. The promoter was Justin who is a bartender at MJs and primarily The Eagle.
Justin has been my bartender for years but he and I don't know each other outside the bar - I don't think he even knew I was alive, but nonetheless he is one of the most polite guys when it comes to slinging drinks that i've ever met. Justin is a young guy, well... younger than me but he has a good network of friends and when I asked him why the night was so crowded he said he's very fortunate that all his friends came out - all 300 of them, you go boy!!!

Justin is a stud and so are his friends, 75 percent of the guys that were there I'd of taken home *wink*!! I wish him the best of luck in his promoting endeavors - judging from last night he won't have a problem!

Friday, April 3, 2009



He's not dead but the music accompanying this beautiful youtube video makes it seem as if he is!
If you're not aware of who Francois Sagat is well he's not only the biggest porn star in gay porn
but he's also my very good friend. I miss him, can't wait to see him again....


Thursday, April 2, 2009



(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) -- After a nearly two year hiatus, the longest running gay adult promotion in Los Angeles returns to recapture the porn industry in West Hollywood.

What promises to be one of the most highly anticipated shows, COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS is set to splash back onto the scene on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 6 p.m. - a new time for the show! What has been a staple for the porn community featuring the hottest gay porn stars, introducing them to their fans and promoting their latest movies.

If unfamiliar with the 'Cocktails' promotion, the show has been a staple for the porn community featuring the hottest gay porn stars, introducing them to their fans and promotion the adult stars latest movies and ventures.

Join your hosts Scotty B and Angel Benton for what they promise will be an unmatched return featuring surprises, giveaways and of course... porn stars!

Throughout 'Cocktails' history it has continually raised the bar on what a porn star show should be. Incorporating the most in demand hot porn stars with some of the wildest hosts, the weekly event has evolved to what Scotty B describes as "the hottest mess you'll ever witness... in a good way! From previous hosts like Will Clark and Jason Sechrest to porn stars like Matthew Rush or the boys of RandyBlue.com, the show is always evolving.

"I'm ecstatic that Micky's and 'Cocktails' are returning, the wait has seemed like forever!" says Scotty B. "I can't wait to start inviting the Internet studios back and some of the new up-and-coming porn stars."

Keeping with present technology, 'Cocktails' has teamed with the site NickYoungXXX (www.nickyoungxxx.com) to broadcast the show weekly to the world - a first for the show. This teaming is thanks to Nick Young and the management at Micky's.

"Broadcasting the show has been a work in progress even while the bar was still in rubble, we just needed a reliable company to help, and with me already interviewing/working for Nick Young, the choice was obvious," says Scotty B.

Another first for the show is having two permanent hosts. Angel Benton explains, "Gay porn is such a huge industry now that there are literally events going on all over the world, and Scotty and I have to stay on top of that. With two of us, if one of us needs to be out of town attending an event, the other one has the show covered. And if we're BOTH in town, then the audience gets twice the fun!"

The opening night celebration will actually feature a wide variety of porn stars. The guest the following week, April 23rd, will be Cockyboys.com Exclusive (as well as star of Buckshot's "Boy Country") Bobby Clark, who will be promoting his upcoming co-hosting gig at the Grabbys Recovery Brunch in Chicago. If muscle boys are your forte than be sure to swing by on April 30th to check out Robert Van Damme (www.robertvandamme.net), this muscle stud has a new studio and so many stories to go along with it!

For more information about "Cocktails With The Stars" please contact:

Scott Boardman

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