Thursday, January 17, 2008


Life is so great right now!!! Days like today just make me so happy to be Scott Boardman... that sounds korny huh? This morning I woke up and decided that JJ and I would visit Chantry Flats up in the Los Angeles Mountains high above my house in Arcadia. I haven't hiked in what is known as the Big Santa Anita Canyon in years but with my dog yearning to get out of the house and me wanting to go on a mini adventure it seemed like a perfect idea.

JJ and I walked 5 miles through beautiful trails and small waterfalls all the way up to Hoagies Camp Ground (2.5 miles up.) Check out my pictures below... what a beutiful day it was to hike... I can't wait to do it again!

Monday, January 14, 2008


For some reason I just thought of my mom again. It's so funny how even the smallest things remind me of her. Sometimes I will be curled up and I will remember her curling up on the couch and I would lay right below her with my head on her hip - we'd both watch TV together. One of my favorite trinkets that I have is a postcard my mother sent me four or so years ago while she was on the road. It is on my fridge but I am thinking of framing it - it's that special.

I'm sure we all have individual memories of our mom and dad and I think even if they are alive or are no longer with us those memories are so special and should be treasured. Well before I lay my head down and close my eyes for the night I am so happy that I had/have a mother that was so put together and was always there for me. From picking me up at school, baking cookies for my family and my friends, and giving me her honest opinion, I realize that many people arent' as lucky as I am... and while I do miss her like heck and think about her ten to fifteen times a day, I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT SHE THINKS ABOUT ME 30 TO 50 TIMES A DAY AND ALWAYS HAS HER EYE ON ME... I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT!!!!



Today is just not another Monday - today would be my mothers 69th birthday. Most of you know that my mother passed away three years ago on September 1, 2004 from cancer.

Just to write that she would be turning 69 wierd me out a bit. Has it really been more than three years since she's been gone? I guess it has... that was just some of the things I was thinking about today when I was at the cemetary laying next to her grave. I find it fascinating that people die and are buried everyday. I know it's something we hear about daily on the news but we rarely hear about the funeral that follows or visiting the departed on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthay, Chanukah or any other special holidays relating to the people who have passed.

It is a privelege to walk through a cemetary and see all the different cultures and customs of different families and ethnicities. For instance, did you know that a lot of Asian cultures place fruit *at Rose Hills we see a lot of Oranges* by the grave. I've heard conflicting reasons why this is done. Anyone know the official reason? I also heard that a lot of religious Asians like to be buried on the highest land in the cemetary, the rational is to be closer to God... kind of beautiful actually! I also notice that many Latinos make it a day of visiting their dead. Food, flowers, elaborate picnics and family all decorate the grave, truly making the day a celebration instead of an ongoing grievance... we could all learn something from this!

All-in-all today was a beautiful day to spend with my father remembering my mom, sharing tidbits about our life with each other and eating lunch. I miss not seeing my dad as often I used to - come to think of it I miss seeing my dad with my mother on his arm.

Tonight is still up in the air, I may go to the gym or I may go ice skating - I have a few hours to decide! Last night was a blast! Hanging out with my coworkers and drinking until 2 a.m. at trashy str8 bars in Burbank/Glendale areas... a lot of fun!!!

Okay, happy birthday mom... I love you!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


It is 10:30 in Los Angeles and I just finished watching my very first episode of Seinfeld. I know, hard to believe but I never really wanted to see the show until tonight when there was nothing else on.

OMG, I just realized that in the last few months M*A*S*H has begun to grow on me too... what does this mean?

Lately I havent' been doing much of anything - which sucks! Work has slowed down since Christmas ended, which means less shifts for me. Until I start Collin O'Neal I have to watch what I spend, which means NO Ebay, NO shopping malls, NO buying spontaneous gifts, and last but not least no iTunes - UGH, just writing that killed me! =(

Okay, bed time and another day at the gym... I'm very excited!!

Talk soon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


When I have a great day I try to take a mental photograph of what happened that day so I will never forget it - yesterday was that type of a day!

Before I go into my day let me preface my story by saying that I love waking up knowning that I have a full day ahead of me that is yet to be written. Like an improvisational play, my day had a general outline but no set, written in stone tasks to accomplish. What I love more than waking up knowing I have an open day laid out before me is waking up and being totally spontaneous - my day was a hodge podge of both of these kinds of days!

When I woke up I received a email from Anthony Lopez inviting me to lunch at noon and I was happy that my day was going to start me off in the Hollywood area since I expected my day to take me there anyway. Conversing over a great lunch about business and pleasure after the lunch I went to my tanning salon, Silverlake Sun across the street from MJ's bar to start my tanning routine again.

After tanning I hopped over to Melrose to window shop and then to the Penguin store to check out the 'so-called' deals I've been hearing about... TIP: If you live in the Los Angeles area they are having a pretty good sale on some of their closes!

I then called my old gym buddy Ms. Kenny to see if he was going to workout at Ballys Hollywood. If he was I would surprise him and workout there for the day... of course he was and I jammed to the gym to beat him. I wanted to make sure that when he walked through the door I was on the eliptical machine greeting him! Besides Kenny I saw all of my other negro *wink* friends who I graciously adore and worship. Leaving together Kenny and I hopped over to Bossa Nova on Sunset to eat an amazing dinner. Might I add I got their signature Brazilian (Traditional) Pollo dish, while Kenny got Nova's traditional Brazilian (yah right) BBQ Pizza... LOL LOL!

What a great day... today I've found myself sitting back lamenting on how lucky I am to have spent the day so wonderfully and carefree!

Love ya all!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Today is going to be my first day back at the gym in almost two months - yah, two months, very scary! Me, the person that went to the gym everyday has been reduced to NO gym time! Actually I am a bit reluctant to go to the gym today because I have to go to Ballys in Pasadena for now on. For my friends who don't know my old routine I was very accustomed to going to the Hollywood Ballys. At that gym I made a lot of friends and had so much fun there. The Pasadena gym is small, bricky and I feel claustrophobic in there... it's not a fun gym! Wish me luck, I am going to make it a great sweatbox exercise time... I deserve it!

Love ya....

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Almost a week into 2008 and the year is going as planned - well sort of!

I believe I've told numerous friends of mine that this year will be a fantastic year filled with change, growth, and happiness! Not only is this the year that I am the most focused and set on achieving what I want to do but I will also hit the big 30!

The last week has been filled with lots of work at the restaurant and getting ready to start my next job in a few weeks. Collin has yet to decided my official hire date but I am guessing it will be around the first of February. We decided that I will be attending the GayVNs with Collin and Rich and I am so excited about that. I feel that for the first time I will have bosses who will value and respect my opinion when it comes to work that will inevitably effect Collin O'Neal productions. The GayVNs were pretty amazing last year and i can't wait to see what happens with them this year... hopefully Kathy Griffin will be back!

In the love department I feel that this year would be a great time to settle down and date someone who I connect with on all levels. They say it's hard to date in LA, and while I do see some truth to that, I also believe that there are many great guys still out there so the search for a great guy is still attainable for me!

I am ready to go to bed now and fall asleep to the rain falling soon and love you all!



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