Wednesday, September 30, 2009



I tried one of these funny contraptions last week and I found it very easy to use, does anyone else have one? I am very tempted to go purchase my own, bring it home and let it sit, never be used again... HAHAHA!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009




Very few photographers can make this face look good - one of those amazing talents is TBall aka Tom aka Tom Trevor! This weekend it seems as if he took a million pictures - maybe even possibly a hundred of me. Overall TBall's blog is great so make sure you check him out here! Below are some pictures from TBall, enjoy!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


As most of you know I've spent the weekend in San Francisco all apart of the annual tradition which us gays call Folsom Street Fair. In a nut shell it's a festival for EVERYONE that would like to explore their deviant side - and yes it's good to let it outta the bag sometimes and be a little freaky!!

Ashley and I arrived on Friday night and immediately high-tailed it to the party hosted by Sister Roma and DJ LaRue. When I get to SF I always need to see Roma so I made it a priority to stop by and pay my respects. LaRue and I aren't on that great of terms - I'm lucky if she smiles at me so I try to keep my distance yet still remain polite enough. It frustrates me that we used to be so civil and friendly to one another and now all I get is coldness from her. While I'm not blaming Jason Sechrest, after-all we all make our own decisions in life, but since she re-became friends things have not been the same. Jason and I are slowly starting to become civil with each other and I think coffee or lunch is in order to hash some issues out but with LaRue I think the damage is done and she wouldn't even want to break bread with me - not a big deal, but it sucks that we have become so estranged all due to dumb circumstances or whatever it may be.

Anyway, her party featured all the porn stars that are in the scene now but unfortunately I didn't have much fun because I was sober all all hell and the space just wasn't that great. Usually when I think of a Chi Chi party it has an amazing space, like the End Up - not so much with the Triple Crown Bar on Market Street. DJ Chi Chi always spins great music. It's funny, either you love her style or you hate her style - she isn't a trained professional deejay and she owns up to it, however she does spin some great shit and that's why people love her deejay talents!

It was a fun night overall and I hope they move that party back to End Up next year - much better space!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Depeche Mode - Hole To Feed
I don't know what to think about this video to be honest. I almost lost my Subway sandwich when I saw the people tonguing throughout the entire video - especially with the mustard *belch*! I have this thing about kissing with the tongue - especially if the person doesn't know what they're doing! So yah, watch this movie with caution and if it takes a few times before you finish it I completely understand!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


GOSSIP. I am starting to become obsessed with this band - their first couple albums were very garage band-esque but with their new album "MUSIC FOR MEN" it is over-produced (in a good way) and just sounds so much cleaner.
I know hardcore fans don't appreciate the new, cleaner sound but I do - I feel like they are challenging themselves and are progressing as artists. You agree? Anyway, they will be at The Fonda on October 26th in support of their new album - I say go buy it!!!


Thank you D.O. for all the clothing - some I just cannot bring myself to wear but everything was tried on and played with in the mirror!!! If you aren't aware who D.O. is please log onto Black Scorpion Video and check out his movies. You will also probably notice him from his mainstream modeling work - last week D.O. was in town working with famous photographer Justin Monroe. Check out some of their photos below... ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Lately I've been watching a lot of Bonanza on TV LAND. Actually, to tell the truth, I have been setting my DVR to tape all the episodes, I probably have only seen a handful of episodes - and I don't mind, it's amazing to watch this kind of classic television! It's amazing that the show lasted 14 seasons on the NBC network.

I have no idea what attracted me to the show - on Sunday I was getting ready for work and the show happened to be on.
The episode was a nail biter and got me hooked instantly, I suppose if I would have caught a weak episode I wouldn't have ever given the television show a second look but this wasn't the case.

Anyone else like Bonanza or obscure television shows that you feel no one likes except for you?


My brother doesn't think this is necessarily the wisest - or masculine costume for a pit bull but I think it fits JJ quite nicely.
My intention is to also dress PD (the dog formally known as PT or Johnny Hazzard's dog) as a bumblebee too! It's a cute costume and I think they will be so adorable especially if Johnny and I go as either a bee's honeycomb and a bottle of honey - SOOO CUTE!

Of course I need to talk with Johnny Hazzard over this but if he agrees we will have a blast, wish me luck!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Today I visited Blacks Beach with James - yah, it was a bit weird but I have done nude resorts before *straight* so it wasnt too weird. We only stayed an hour but we got naked and had a good conversation on the beach - overall I am glad that we were able to spend the day together!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Today, September 1, 2009, is the fifth anniversary of my mom passing from this earth. Last week my friend Alex lost his mother and eight months ago my friend Angela lost her mother. We all will lose our parents - this is a reality that many don't want to face but it's truth.

While my mother is gone her memory lives on and I can laugh and smile about her life than cry about her death - which seems appropriate, why cry about her being gone when you can celebrate the 60-something years she lived (mom, don't worry, I won't out your age - but she was born in 1939)! I, like we all do have memories of our mom that will stand the test of time - what an amazing mother she was and I love thinking about her.

I dedicate the following song to this day and to others that have or will go through the same thing....

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