Friday, November 13, 2009


A few days ago my aunt came into my job and told me about this fantastic charity she's now working with - more on the specific charity later. She's been retired for a few years and decided to lend her time... amazing!

When she was telling about her new work I couldn't help but remember the charity my mom did a lot of work with when she was here. When I got home I logged onto the computer and Googled them to find out more about then what I already knew. My aunt brought up EYE-DAS about a year ago when she ran into someone who clearly remembered and benefited from my mom's charity work with EYE-DAS. My mom used to make the necessary phone calls (as I recall it) to make sure EYE-DAS members had car rides to and from the meetings in their respective areas. No my mom wasn't blind but had good friends who were seeing-impaired so she decided to give some of her extra time to this well-deserving charity - SO BEAUTIFUL.

The synopsis of EYE-DAS is that they're "an organization dedicated to helping the visually impaired. Membership is open to any adult with impaired, partial, or no vision. Sighted individuals are welcome and can play an important role in providing resources and services to those who are not so fortunate. EYE-DAS has been serving the visually impaired community since 1975. We provide members with resources, ongoing education, current information, problem sharing and social activities in order to enable independence and to improve quality of life."

For additional information log onto EYE-DAS' website by clicking anything on this page that says EYE-DAS!!!

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