Tuesday, June 16, 2009


by Scotty B
(pictured here with the newest porn nuptials: Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho)

PORN MARRIAGE: Just because Los Angeles based porn stars can’t wed doesn’t mean that Euro stars can’t! Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse (staghomme.com) got hitched over the Memorial Day weekend in Spain, confirming their dirty love for one another. Coinciding with their marriage, Raging Stallion (ragingstallion.com) is releasing ‘Porn Stars in Love.’ When I spoke with Francesco about this movie he said it was the first time he had ever filmed an adult sex scene in a bed. Yes, a bit ironic, however I love the fact that this movie has soooo much uncut cock, including: D’Macho, his beau Damien Crosse, plus French native Vin Costes (uncut) and his uncut New York boyfriend Manuel Torres. The wedding was attended by some hot men - most who are in the porn industry including the newest Hot House exclusive (hothouse.com) Paul Wagner. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to hear who had sex with who after the dinner party! …

FIRED: I wish I could say ‘FIRED’ was the name of Jet Set Exclusive Marcus Steele’s latest movie, but sadly its not! Instead Marcus revealed exclusively to me that he was fired from his job in Mississippi because it was discovered that he was working in the gay porn industry. A bit down but definitely not out, Marcus shrugged it off but says that someone had to of been watching gay porn at his construction job. My only hope is that whoever ratted him out gets a good case of karma - Steele has kids of his own and is an all around sweetie, we wish him the best in finding a better job!!!!

PISSING FOR CHARITY: If you were at IML this year but missed out on the many porn parties coinciding with The Grabbys (porn’s version of The Golden Globes) than it’s my pleasure to inform you that the Recovery Brunch held the morning after the Grabby’s with Angel Benton and porn star hottie Bobby Clark (cockyboys.com) raised a record $7,100 for TPAN (Test Positive Awareness Network) of Chicago. Angel Benton (angelbenton.com) dished on all the debauchery that occurred, saying that one customer paid to have Tommy Defendi (collegedudes247.com) cum on his face. Another paid to have Bobby Clark piss on him in the bathroom, while another fan paid to do a body shot out of Bobby’s ass… all in the name of charity of course!

RETIRING NOT RACIST: Is Collin O’Neal (worldofmen.com) anti-Semitic? No, of course not… at least not in my book - but Michael Lucas (lucasentertainment.com) sure thinks so. Lucas, who just finished shooting in the Holy Land, dropped this bombshell accusation just last week, if you want to hear his reasoning for yourself, check out the video interview he gives on the Nick Young XXX website (tinyurl.com/lucasversuscollin). Speaking of Collin O’Neal, he released the unfortunate news that he’ll be leaving the industry, but has tons more content to put up for all dedicated members (like me.) “I think it is time for me to slowly back out of this industry…. models use to make a lot of money, but since more and more people are throwing porn up for free it has forced producers to cut costs…” For his entire entry log onto his site. Farewell Collin, your contributions have been noted, appreciated and respected!

As a side note, let me introduce myself formally as Scotty B. While I might be new to Odyssey, I know my porn, actually I love my porn. I write and interview porn stars weekly for the site NickYoungXXX (nickyoungxxx.com), plus I I host ‘Cocktails with the Stars’ at Micky’s (mickys.com) every Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. upstairs in the XXX Lounge. The roster is up on their site but if you’re too damn lazy then read on… kicking off Gay Pride, Channel 1 Releasing (c1r.com) is bringing in exclusives Cameron Marshall and Vance Winter. Later in the month Raging Stallion will be showing off their two latest exclusives: Ryan Raz and David Taylor. I love seeing who gets the dirtiest on stage, don’t you? I’ll see you there or right back here next time!!!

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