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(West Hollywood, Ca) -- Columnist and host, Scotty B, alongside NickYoungXXX, Randy Blue, Jet Set, and Odyssey Publications have all set out to get the adult community to stand up against H8!

On Wednesday, July 15th, photographer and creator of the NO H8 campaign, Adam Bouska will be hosting an all day photo shoot from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. at his studio in North Hollywood, Ca. The now infamous photos can be viewed on the NO H8 Campaign site ( and is an attempt to bring a brighter light to fight for equality. While receiving over 400 submissions from people around the world giving their interpretation of Bouska's image, he is proud to have shot over 800 activists including Fran Drescher, Debbie Gibson, Megan McCain, Tatyana Ali, Blake Lewis, Perez HIlton, Ashlee SImpson, Pete Wentz, Playmate Rachel Sterling Tara Reid, and porn director Chi Chi LaRue.

"The adult community has huge influence over mainstream gay culture and if they can help with this nobel cause than I think it is a cause we should help promote," says Scotty B.

While the images are now being used for a viral/grassroot outreach on and other social sites, eventually they are expected to be compiled for a billboard campaign as well as multiple spreads.

Adam Bouska says that all you need to bring is a plain white v-neck/t-shirt, and they will take care of the painting/temporary tattooing the "NO H8" logo on your cheek.

In order to keep up with the demand of the photos, they are asking for a minimal donation of $25 from each participant per individual portrait to help out with our mounting costs as of July 1st. Group/couple photos can also be purchased at an additional $25 per finished photo (not per person). Children 12 and Under will continue to be photographed free of charge.

These fees help afford the time and resources to continue working on the campaign and making sure everyone gets a chance to take a photo. It will also help make plans in the future to take the NO H8 Campaign to other cities!

For more information please contact Adam Bouska via the NO H8 Campaign site (

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