Sunday, July 26, 2009


I saw this on Perez Hilton today and I am so blown away by what these inmates can do. When you think about it, if these performers could have put their new found talent to good use before they were sentenced to do time then they might have avoided prison entirely. I wonder if these dance routines inspire change and almost a sort of psycho therapy?

On a similar note last week when I was driving up to the camp ground with Eduardo, he being born in the Phillipines told me that the gay culture is more heavily integrated into mainstream culture - especially with feminine guys. Eduardo told me that his father would always get his haircut by men only and it was widely known that all the men who cut hair and perform similar services were gay and did the best job. He also said that for gay men that were more masculine it was a lot harder to blend into the gay scene even though it was probably easier to live life because of the masculinity they had.

I also learned that the Phillipines has 20 spoken languages in the country and although Tagalog is the national language it is not the most widely spoken - very interesting!!!!

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Syljohn said...

cool post.

there's actually more than a hundred languages (8 of which are considered major). Interestingly enough, Philippine gay's have developed their own pseudo-language (which is an amalgamation of regional dialects, foreign words, coined phrases, and portmanteaus) and is quite unintelligible to the untrained ear. And every so often, a gay term or phrase, if used long enough or has acquired enough following, gets incorporated into the lexicon

There seems to be an aversion to the "straight acting" gay stereotype in mainstream Filipino culture based on the archaic albeit nonsensical fear that these masculine gays are only trying to assimilate in order to cop a feel on the straight men. Surprisingly though, the more flamboyant stereotypes are more gladly accepted

just some random thought inspired by ur post :)

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