Monday, August 24, 2009


Today my body is a corpse after the 29th Annual Sunset Junction Festival in Silverlake!

I describe the festival as the final hoorah of summer time, after the festival closes you know that school will be back in session in a week and that the weather will slowly start to shift. On Sunday I took Ludovic Canot with his friend Phillipe to the festival, since they are from Paris I thought it would be good for them to see the festival - turns out Ludovic enjoyed his time after he thew back a few beers but Phillipe bailed after the first hour, I felt extremely bad because he left without saying anything and he took a taxi home and he payed for me to get into the festival - I wish he would have let me know! =(

Although we were originally supposed to hang out with Eric, Will Ovalle, Cruz and his friend who was visiting from Paris, we ended up frolicking around with Cruz, his Parisian friend, Kevin Horn and Dennis Sooney. We had a blast seeing Morris Day and the Time and Arrested Development. I saw AD back in 1993 at Lollapalooza when it was a touring act in the 90s! Arrested Development is still as energetic as they were 15 years ago, although their lineup has changed a tad.

Overall the day was filled with many beers and lots of new and old friends - what a blast. I believe Ludovic had a great time too, for me it was nice hanging out with him and also being able to have so much fun with Cruz. Cruz and I are like war buddies - we have been though it all together and has only made us stronger friends - I am so happy that we are friends again! Stay tuned for pictures of the festival, as soon as Dennis and Ludovic send me them I will share!

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