Saturday, August 22, 2009


Last night I went on a date - at least I think it was a date. I met the guy briefly last Sunday at the Fautline right before the Depeche Mode show at the Hollywood Bowl. Eric and I were on our way out and the guy, James, and his friend were hanging out about ready to leave - funny that I didn't noticed him before. We briefly spoke and exchanged numbers and we were on our way to the show - the show details later... pretty fun but we were pretty drunk!

This week James and I chatted on Wednesday and made plans to hang out on Friday, likely grabbing a drink at The Eagle. I had been invited to a Hollywood party, benefiting ALS, which was sponsored by my good friend Nancy O'Dell and the WWE (yes, the wrestling association). I invited James on Friday afternoon but it seemed as if he had other plans later on in the night. At first I was a bit disappointed but in hinesight it was probably better off that he didn't attend the party with me because of how packed and loud it was - there would have been no way to get to know him and have fun as we did at The Eagle. If you know me then you are aware that Eagle is my stomping ground, the bar is a great place to hangout and just have a beer - and while I had never been there on Friday (at six p.m.) it had enough people there taking advantage of their Friday Happy Hour! I arrived on time and waited for the stud to get there, I think he arrived 20 minutes later than I did and admittedly I thought I was being stood up. I was texting back and forth to my friend Peter Laska that I think I was going to be having a drink by myself - but that wasn't the case. Hanging out with him for a solid two hours, James convinced me to play pool. Okay, this boy doesn't know anything about playing pool. I used to watch Moses play pool a lot in Long Beach so I know the basic rules of the game, but hitting the ball with that oversized stick always intimidated me. To make an already long story a tad bit shorter I picked up the stick and played a solid game of pool with James. James and his friend Paulo argued on the correct way for me to hold the stick but when the game was all said and done I lost, but gained a tremendous amount of experience and humility! I was extremely nervous playing pool in front of a bar full of people that I felt were all glaring at me, watching and waiting for me to either hit the ball in the corner pocket or to miss the ball and humiliate myself - I think the latter happened more to be honest. After the first few whacks I became more comfortable with the pool table and found myself having fun, actually enjoying the game and not worrying about what other people were thinking. James was a stud date and a stud teacher.

After the game we all played a few games of The Simpsons pinball game and then decided to go hunt for a LA WEEKLY - we would've found it sooner but he didn't take my advice on where to pick one up - no worries, it was more time to hang with him
and get to know who he is. So far we have a lot in common, especially music!

I hope there is a second date.... gym time! Talk later.... xoxoxo

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