Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last night I attended Joe Siyam's birthday party at the new bar Rockwell in Los Feliz. I'm not sure how many people he had in attendance but I am sure that the upstairs bar was divided down the middle of half gay and half straight patronage for a Saturday evening. The bar in itself is for the most part a comfortable, zero attitude straight bar - far from the drama or attitude that you are accustomed to seeing on Hollywood Boulevard - don't we hate those clubs anyways?

Rockwell was instead filled with fun, friendly people searching for a posh environment which serves up inexpensive, tasty drinks from tasty bartenders!

Would I go back? YES.

Would I recommend it? YES.

When do I see myself going back? Not anytime soon - just being honest. It was a place that was so cute, reminding me of Magnolia in Pasadena, but a tad bigger (LOL).

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