Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Today, September 1, 2009, is the fifth anniversary of my mom passing from this earth. Last week my friend Alex lost his mother and eight months ago my friend Angela lost her mother. We all will lose our parents - this is a reality that many don't want to face but it's truth.

While my mother is gone her memory lives on and I can laugh and smile about her life than cry about her death - which seems appropriate, why cry about her being gone when you can celebrate the 60-something years she lived (mom, don't worry, I won't out your age - but she was born in 1939)! I, like we all do have memories of our mom that will stand the test of time - what an amazing mother she was and I love thinking about her.

I dedicate the following song to this day and to others that have or will go through the same thing....

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