Monday, August 27, 2007



Chocolate Rain is an original video/song created and performed by Tay Zonday! Posted originally on YouTube, Chocolate Rain gets thousands of hits a day (right now it's over 7 million hits) and Zonday has played the U.S. night time talk show circuit promoting is song! Creative and catchy to some, others disagree thinking it is trite and a waste of three minutes. If you are the latter than I have two other Chocolate Rain knock offs that are definitely funny and worth the watch!

First up is Kermit the Frog performing "Chocolate Swine," paying homage to Miss Piggy... I think! =) Performing on the local radio station STAR 987, the clip makes me laugh every single time!

The second is Shaolin Rain. Shaolin is an intern at a local Los Angeles radio station called KROQ 106.7. The morning deejay's, Kevin and Bean love this intern and always tease her for being a robot. She has even become a regular on the show, and while I am not too sure as to how the repeated robot references came from, it's still funny! Check out the clip below.

Which one is the best? Let me know...

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Frank said...

Kermit The Frog performing Chocolate Swine was hilarious.I busted out laughing bigtime.Thank you for sharing it!

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