Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Weekend's Adventures: Part One

I have to tell you a secret about François Sagat that I hope he doesn't hate me for!

Sorry François but I have to tell the world you had no idea what Taco Bell was - or were you joking with me? Actually I introduced him to a host of new things while he was in LA, including PinkBerry and In-N-Out! Since he had never had a Double Double after I picked him up from Dee Dee's care I took him to the In-N-Out near my place.

Anyway, after we finished going through In-N-Out (and he finished gawking at the 18-year old drive thru boy) we went straight to my house, Francois was eager to eat his FIRST EVER In-n-Out hamburger. Can you believe he wanted to eat his Double Double on a plate? I looked at him in disbelief, putting my hand over my heart (kinda like the picture below.)
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Seriously who eats In-N-Out on a plate? I had to explain to him that you tear open the bag and eat it just like that!

(Minutes after Sagat tasted his first bite of PinkBerry... we both wanted the boy who served us to-go!!)

PinkBerry was also a new experience for him too, but he quickly learned how great that cocaine ice cream is! While we were in WeHo on Thursday we had it and then less than 48 hours later we were at The Grove and we discovered a PinkBerry that had just opened up two days prior. (Can you imagine? There's so much sweet stuff to choose from at The Farmers Market and he wants PinkBerry - the boy must be gay!)

(Above driving to The Grove with a few drinks in our system!)

At The Grove we walked around and I introduced Sagat to Mole enchiladas - thankfully he liked them because he's not a fan of spicey food.

The most interesting thing I observed while I was with Sagat at The Grove was the peoples reactions to his tattoo on his scalp. It strikes me as odd that anyone would look at it or even give it a second glance. Call me crazy but when I first saw the tattoo it wasn't a big deal to me. I didn't stare, obsess over it or want to ask him ten thousands questions about it. I know it bugs him when people ask him questions about it and in a way I got a bit upset seeing people just gaze at him like he was an alien or something.

While we were eating our PinkBerry there were two kids that were sitting on the trolley behind him and they too were fixated on his scalp. Being only five or six I couldn't help but wonder if they were starring at the tattoo or if they knew he was a porn star... I'm kidding!!!

I am including some other pictures of the weekend, although I am still waiting for Sagat to send me his pictures! Overall I think he had a good time and drank entirely WAY too much. It was nice sharing stories with Sagat about guys we like and guys that have hurt us that we cared for. I also found out that we have the same taste in guys - Thank God he doesn't live here he would get all the guys and I would have NOTHING - LOL! While he was here we drank, laughed, partied and even cried a bit!
What a good friend, I can't wait until Folsom!!!

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Frank said...

Francois mentioned in his blog he had no idea what Taco Bell was.Your one hell of a storyteller though.I'm impressed.Hope I'll have an adventure in San Francisco tomorrow.I'm doing some serious clubbing.Santa Cruz can be boring at times but I make the best of it.

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