Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Car Accident

Yesterday on my way home from the gym I was involved in a car accident.
Thankfully the picture above is NOT my car and thank God no one was hurt!
This is my first car accident in four or five years and man does it suck - however something I've noticed is that insurance companies make it so easy to file a claim.
They take your info and let you get back to life, that is so nice and comforting!

I remember my first car accident 10 year ago I was plagued with insurance companies calling me getting quotes, hassling me etc, etc... needles to say it was a big headache. This morning when my insurance broker called me (Karla, God bless her) she made it very easy and less of a headache.

For my out of state friends my black beauty was struck from behind, rear ended, by a man in a Honda. My Mustang has very little damage but his car is pretty screwed up - I guess that goes to show that Fords are really BUILT TOUGH! =)

On a separate, yet similar note, Angel Benton was also involved in a fender bender
Friday night. He too was rear ended and made it out okay - THANK GOD!

More details later...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

oooooo NOOOOOOOO Scott !!!!
I m so sorry I loved your Mustang...FUCK FUCK
thanks you re safe.

the weird thing is that I took some pics of it...with me inside...

hope you feel good.

filmfanatikk said...

That sucks!! But luckily like you said not much damage to the black beauty! :) Here's hoping the insurancecompanies deal with it quickly and effectively.

Happy Wednesday!

Kyler Coy said...

Wow... I guess everyone has been having a string of bad luck before I left the US. I'm glad you're alright, though. Lex told me that Micky's wasn't so lucky either...

I miss you guys!

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