Sunday, January 6, 2008


Almost a week into 2008 and the year is going as planned - well sort of!

I believe I've told numerous friends of mine that this year will be a fantastic year filled with change, growth, and happiness! Not only is this the year that I am the most focused and set on achieving what I want to do but I will also hit the big 30!

The last week has been filled with lots of work at the restaurant and getting ready to start my next job in a few weeks. Collin has yet to decided my official hire date but I am guessing it will be around the first of February. We decided that I will be attending the GayVNs with Collin and Rich and I am so excited about that. I feel that for the first time I will have bosses who will value and respect my opinion when it comes to work that will inevitably effect Collin O'Neal productions. The GayVNs were pretty amazing last year and i can't wait to see what happens with them this year... hopefully Kathy Griffin will be back!

In the love department I feel that this year would be a great time to settle down and date someone who I connect with on all levels. They say it's hard to date in LA, and while I do see some truth to that, I also believe that there are many great guys still out there so the search for a great guy is still attainable for me!

I am ready to go to bed now and fall asleep to the rain falling soon and love you all!



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