Saturday, November 3, 2007


Like most Americans (and the world) I enjoy television as much as the next person!

Heroes, Kid Nation, Brothers and Sisters, and Good Morning America are just some of my favorite guilty pleasures that I watch either daily or weekly! For some that don't know me very well you might not be aware that my all time favorite show is I Love Lucy. Did you know that? I think I can go out on a limb and say that I Love Lucy is also my brothers favorite show of all time too!

Today I just saw a new episode of I Love Lucy and I was so happy! Maybe I should clarfiy, it wasn't a new episode it was just one to me and that coming from me is saying something, I was certain I had seen them all. This episode was about a British admirer/starlette who was extremely fond of Ricky and Lucy wasn't having any of the flirting that was going on. I will save you with the entire detail of the program but Lucy ends up on a horse by the end of the episode which brought me to tears! Another part of the episode that was halarious was when the starlette wanted to get Ricky by himself so she asked permission from Lucy to take him to a luncheon. Lucy said the only way he could go was if she attended also. The British bitch said she would have invited Lucy but she only has a two-seater so she wouldn't know where to put Lucy. Lucy said "Why don't you tie me on the front of the car like a deer?!"

Okay maybe you had to be there to watch it... but it was funny! On the otherhand something I can't stand is bad television and when I was watching Ugly Betty on TV this past Thursday I was sick to my stomach on what bad TV the show is!

As you know the show is supposed to take place in New York City but is filmed almost entirely in Los Angeles. I know that a lot of shows are done this way but in the last few months I have watched as Ugly Betty uses obvious Los Angeles' backdrops, trying to pull them off for New York City clubs. Last season they used the Aston Kutcher invested restaurant "THE GEISHA HOUSE." Maybe I am being too picky since half of the country has no idea what "The Geisha House" is but why should they ruin it for the Los Angeles locals?

This week the show did it again and it made me even more upset because it involved the musical Wicked! All week long the show was advertising that it would be featuring the musid of the Tony Award Winning show and I was so giddy because I love the music of Wicked so much! When I got home they again tried to make the lobby of The Pantages Theatre to be the lobby of the The Gershwin Theatre in Manhattan. Not only did Ugly Betty ruin it for LA residents but they also ruined it for the NYC residents also. I was also excited to see the original cast of Wicked on Ugly Betty, but of course that wasn't going to happen either because the cast was the LA cast!

Again, maybe I am being way too picky but I feel that when a television show has milions of dollars for each episode they should do their best to make a great show that will be impressive 50 years from now just like I Love Lucy!

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