Thursday, February 28, 2008


How long have I been sick for now? Almost two weeks thank you very much. Right now it's at the dry A.M. cough stage - so annoying, but I am throwing down more Vitamin C than my body can hold so I am hoping I will be okay by this weekend - oh shit, thats tomorrow.

Last night I drove down to Long Beach to meet up with friends in the city for dinner. When I lived down there for school it was customary to attend Scott #1's weekly Wednesday dinner. Scotty lives on the 23rd floor on Ocean Boulevard and I have to admit its an amazing bachelor pad... too bad he's not a bachelor *wink*!
Everyone is required to sign up for a dish wether it be appetizer, salad, main course or dessert, everyone, at one point or another, brings a dish to share.
We also watch popular YouTube clips and then a film that we all vote on. Joshie and Scott have been doing this for over ten years and I've been doing it (off and on) for three years. Josh and Scott (they are best frieinds not boyfriends) always seem to adopt new guys to come over the years but for some reason the personalities are the same - everyone is very welcoming and friendly.

Ah, what a great trip is was to drive down to the beautiful beach city called Long Beach. The weather yesterday was so perfect - just like the weather I remember when I lived down there. The sky was a beautiful color that resembled a warm reddish, orange sangria... lovely I am telling you. Oddly enough when I was driving down to the city James Blunt came on which is an album that reminds me of the city. For a brief second I closed my eyes as I drove down a street closed to Cal State Long Beach - my alma mater and remembered how great it was to live in a city that has so much culture and positivity.

It's strange but when I close my eyes and think about living in Long Beach, even as I sit here in my room in Monrovia, I can still feel my experiences in Long Beach and the happiness I felt living there. I get conflicted sometimes if I should give up the house I live in now and move back there to make me happy and whole again or should I keep the awesome memories of work, school and friends in my heart to burn forever - I think the latter is the best choice but I can't help to dream about moving back to Long Beach, I do miss it!!!

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