Monday, April 13, 2009


I promised myself that I'd be more honest in my blog - that's what it is for correct?

Last night was a tough one. At work my voice was going and fast, I could barely speak to my tables and I realized that servers not only walk a lot over the course of a nine hour shift but we also talk to EVERYONE. My voice needs to heal quickly and I'm almost considering consulting a friend that could probably prescribe me steroids for vocal chords. I know a lot of singers do this when their voice is failing them while on tour - Depeche does this as do many other artists.

When I got home I went to bed almost immediately - I had no energy to anything else.

While sleeping I had a peculiar dream about Daniel, the guy I used to date. Why am I still thinking about him? We dated for three weeks, lol, clearly not love... right? The dream was about a guy picking me up after I dropped my car off right across the street from Dan's condo building. I look at his parking stall and saw a Honda in his parking space - it had a Hybrid symbol and would might have been a Handicap placard - I couldn't tell. I obsessively starred for a few minutes until my ride signaled for me to jump in the car so we could be on our way. I jumped in the car and I gave the guy a kiss and we were on our way. Who was this guy? When I woke up it was Daniel - very weird.

While my dreams are about the past, I'm actually pretty excited about the future, flying to New York in a few weeks to see Hector, whom I met in San Francisco over the GAYVN weekend.

Here's the real deal on Hector. Weeks before going up to SF I would intermittently speak with him on Adam4Adam. Our conversations were touch and go... basically we kept it brief, however we knew that we'd both be in the city and that our basic intention was to meet up and possibly get down *wink*.

I didn't see many pictures of Hector - hell I didn't even know his name but two photos he had were pretty attractive. While in SF our meeting was extremely brief and was a fun one. For some reason I didn't want him to leave my room, instead I wanted to pull him back into bed and cuddle all day long, however that wasn't an option... unfortunately!

Later on in the day time we met up for coffee and felt each other out, not literally.

SInce then we have kept in touch and guy seems fun and a perfect balance of young and old, masculine yet sentimental... that kind of stuff if you know what I'm talking about.

It's a bit weird saying that I'm flying across country for a guy but how do you know if the guy is a great person or not if you stay home and never fly out to meet his friends and see his surroundings? My visit out there will be a good little vacation out of California because I'll have a few days to spend with my old college friend Lauren Child and her boyfriend Gideon.

Oh!!! And I am going to pitch to my boss that we do a little work while I'm out there - basically I'm going to have my boss fly out to NYC with me - hopefully he has friends out there and we can do some interviews!!! A little bit of business a little bit of pleasure - hopefully more pleasure than business *wink*!

Until later, take care!!!

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