Sunday, April 12, 2009


I consider myself a HUGE iPhone fan! I rely on my iPhone for just about everything and to say I use it on a daily basis is an understatement.

The phone was having some battery issues yesterday (or so I thought) and it had a minor crack on the back of the phone. Before when I inquired about getting it replaced because of the crack they Apple Genius said it would cost $100 for a replacement so I never bothered - it's just a crack.

I was at work last night and the phone kept shutting off and would not turn back on. I assumed it was the battery and something
was wrong with the phone. I got off work early intentionally so I could rush over to the Apple Store before they closed for the evening and I somehow convinced the concierge that my issue was important enough to see a Apple Technician - I'm brilliant!!!

The techie guy finally saw me five minutes before they closed for the evening and I told him I felt bad and he told me I shouldn't - even if I didn't have an appointment. When he was talking to me I realized he was gay and I can probably guilt him into giving me a new phone. The tech said that my problem wasn't my battery and it was most likely my screen I put on top of the iPhone - admittedly I did put a cheapie screen on that day so that could have been the problem but I didn't give in - I wanted a new iPhone.

Guess what? Yup, he deemed the crack and my *battery problem* worthy enough to give me a free iPhone replacement.
The iPhone is so pretty and new.... LOVE IT!!!!

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