Saturday, April 4, 2009


Last night I went to a new night at MJs called SONIC. The promoter was Justin who is a bartender at MJs and primarily The Eagle.
Justin has been my bartender for years but he and I don't know each other outside the bar - I don't think he even knew I was alive, but nonetheless he is one of the most polite guys when it comes to slinging drinks that i've ever met. Justin is a young guy, well... younger than me but he has a good network of friends and when I asked him why the night was so crowded he said he's very fortunate that all his friends came out - all 300 of them, you go boy!!!

Justin is a stud and so are his friends, 75 percent of the guys that were there I'd of taken home *wink*!! I wish him the best of luck in his promoting endeavors - judging from last night he won't have a problem!

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