Friday, April 24, 2009


*photo courtesy of Access Hollywood*

On Friday, April 23 my all-time favorite group, Depeche Mode, played Jimmy Kimmel. Wait, wait, wait... let me clarify something. Five bands every week play Kimmel - no big deal. Smaller bands with a small fan base usually perform in Jimmy's intimate indoor concert theatre, at most it fits in about 100/200 people - yah, not too big. There is also the other outdoor arena concert called the Pontiac Garage. Much bigger than the indoor theatre, the Pontiac Garage easily fits one thousand people if properly crammed in, in fact I've seen Dave Gahan, lead singer of Mode, perform on this stage numerous years ago! But when Depeche Mode comes to town what to do? If you are the new and upcoming W Hotel in Hollywood you partner with Jimmy Kimmel and erect a huge stage on Hollywood Boulevard stretching four LA city blocks and host a party that would almost seem like Times Square! Depeche Mode attracted a crowd of an estimated 10,000 people *some papers say that 14,000 people could have been present but I doubt that*.

Eric and I had been planning on spending the night on the Boulevard but decided not to when I found out that my tickets would not get me front row - instead media tickets in the media bullpen about 150 yards back. Needless to say it was bitter sweet to know that we would not have to endure the cold night but would also not be able to see the band up close like we planned. *insert sad face here* Overall the day went pretty fast and I was also blessed to spend time with Lisa and Tumara - two people I've known forever... I wish Karen and Laura could have been there!

To make a long story short the band too the stage and rocked the boulevard - what an unforgettable night!!! Eric and I had an amazing time and I'll never forget it for as long as I live! I Check out this story from Access Hollywood. Below is a clip of their final song 'Never Let Me Down' the crowd downs the hand sway with Gahan. It's hard to hear but the site of 10,000 people swaying their hands together in unison is pretty remarkable!

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fatenoir said...

i wish i had been there too!!! :(
august comes soon :) xxxooo

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