Friday, April 24, 2009


If you have some historical time to spend in the next few days I highly suggest you get yourself over to The Huntington Library to view the Abraham Lincoln exhibit.

Today Moses, Topher and I went to the botanical gardens and library to see the new updates to the museum/library and the exhibition of Lincoln. The Library has been a staple in my life since I was a child but it was Moses' first time there so
I tried to impress him and show him as much as I could, needless to say the place does well on its own impressing people. The Huntington Library is a beautiful grounds that features: lush Asian, Japanese, Rose, Desert, and SubTropical gardens. Overall the Lincoln exhibit intrigued me because of the historical aspects and the huge ways he changed our country - both legally and with dealing with laws and how they were governed.

Two of the most interesting pictures I saw were the ones you see above. The first is the WANTED poster that calls for the capture of the three men accused of assassinating Lincoln. The other is a rare photo of Abraham Lincoln, actually it is the most earliest picture ever taken of our President.

Here are some pictures below that I really are fond of!

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