Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I was on Perez Hilton's site this morning and I saw that Rolling Stone Magazine announced their music albums of the year! I don't subscribe to Rolling Stone magazine, actually I think of it as an inferior music magazine - but that's a different story.

Their number one album is by the band TV on the Radio entitled 'Dear Science.' It's ironic because for the past three months *more or less* that album has remained on my desk and has not been played or added to my iTunes library. If you know me then you know that adding music into my library is a priority so it's a bit odd that I haven't done so yet.

Now I can't wait to get home and grab the album and listen to it, although I fear that I am now going to expect too much of it and it won't live up to the hype... we'll see!
Has anyone heard it yet?

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