Friday, December 12, 2008


If you're a Depeche Mode fan or groupie you're going to like this next tidbit of information, and no it's not about their new album so keep reading.

Most of you know that I took a part-time job at NBC working on the Pasadena Rose Parade, however most of you aren't aware that I'm working closely with a man named Tom who also does a lot of work on the Jay Leno show as well. Tom is really a great guy and whenever he walks into the office I find myself enjoying his company and his way of thinking every time I see him. Yesterday before the Leno show started we were discussing The Cure and how they were appearing on the show that night. I told him that they were among my favorite bands but how Depeche Mode was truly my favorite.

I also disclosed that I was the one who waited for 3.5 days in line to see Depeche Mode make their debut performance on American night time television in 1997 performing their song "It's No Good." When I recalled my time and story in line Toms eyes lit up and instantly remembered Depeche Mode being here as well. Tom told me that he will always remember Depeche Mode singing on the show because it was the loudest audience he has EVER heard on the Tonight Show. I'm not sure how long Tom has been at the show but I am guessing more than 14 years... although I think I heard 20 years, I'm just not too sure!

I was so elated to hear that Depeche Mode had the loudest audience he and the crew had ever heard, especially since bands come and go so often on that show and pop bands like The Jonas Brothers, Hanson, NSync and other popular acts have performed... AMAZING!!!!

I supplied the link below to view the band performing 11 years ago! If you watch the opening skit an extremely young Scotty B is in the skit with my old friend Tammy Au - damn, we were young!!!

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fatenoir said...

dude. how has it been 11 years already?! madness. xo

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