Saturday, December 13, 2008


hello, i hope your holiday season is well, if you don't remember me, my name is Scott Boardman, I helped organize the Pasadena Join the Impact rally in November! it has come to my attention there there will be a national silent protest this time next week. if you haven't heard yet it's called LIGHT UP THE NIGHT. this time we will not be chanting or bearing loud signs, instead we will be burning candles and donning t-shirts (please see the website: The plan is to meet on the corner of Fair Oaks and Colorado at 5 p.m. and go from there. It would be ideal if we could take over all four corners of the intersection and then at 6 p.m. come together for a quiet and peaceful march around Old Town, finally ending up in the Miller Alley Square which inhabits Johnny Rockets, Laemmle Theater and Gordon Biersch. Again this is a silent protest, so all you will need is a candle or LED candle (Target's having a GREAT SALE ON LED CANDLES... buy in bulk and have them just in case your neighbor/friend needs them for the march) and we will be wearing second class t-shirts, if you don't have a t-shirt like that please wear black in honor of the Pasadena GayBorhood tradition (

I hope to see you all there at 5 p.m., please spread the word and if you're not around Pasadena take the initiative and start one up in your city, just log onto:
I hope to see you all there and please spread the word...

Be well...

Scott Boardman

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