Sunday, December 14, 2008


I have successfully completed two weeks at NBC, working on the Tournament of Roses Parade in Burbank. Right above this text is the front of the building where I work, actually my office is directly to the left of the NBC sign, we are sitting in the former office of Jeff Zucker, President of the Network. The time there has flown by in a good way and I am not only learning a lot but I'm re-meeting some nice people. I love working at a large office space for the simple fact you can always meet someone new and smile at random people *if you so choose* at your leisure -things like that cheer me up and engage me.

While I was working as an intern at ABC Family a few years ago the people there weren't extremely friendly, in fact most of the girls I worked around were the exact opposite.

I only have a few more weeks at NBC before I will have to turn in my badge and look for my next gig. It scares me that I am 30 years old and haven't found a full-time job yet, so I just have to look at the situation that it just isn't my time - yet. I hope I don't like I'm rationalizing because I feel like I should be in a career driven job, collecting medical and my 401k benefits, however none of that's happening right now.

This is not a pity email, but instead a wake up call to the universe to acknowledge that I am willing to accept new offers that come into my life and am mature enough to wait if need be.

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