Friday, December 5, 2008


Call me nerdy but I love to randomly log onto ABCNEWS.COM and browse the thousands of stories they tell daily! One I find impeccably entertaining is the 75th Anniversary of Prohibition in the United States. Check out the following site for some great photos and interesting tidbits about prohibition.

One picture (above) that I find particularly interesting is the way bartenders got away with serving alcohol while the Feds were
determined to eliminate any kind of alcohol for public consumption. In this picture the bartenders have tubing (I assume in their sleeves) to pump the liquid into a glass... tricky huh?

I think we all know about prohibition but must people aren't aware of how long it lasted, what were the logistics of it etc...I grabbed the following below from Wikipedia telling of the 13 year ban on alcohol which involved two Amendments of our Constitution and two Presidents... check it out, pretty interesting! Click Here

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