Sunday, May 4, 2008


My friend at work was supposed to see the big De La Hoya fight last night - keyword SUPPOSED!

Apparently she bought tickets that were later declared fraud. The man she bought them from had stolen a credit card and then purchased the tickets with the card. After the tickets were printed online he duplicated them and sold them to numerous people - one being my coworker. Sucks Huh?

The funny part of the story was when she called the guy and pretended to be a patron inquiring about buying some tickets to the same event. Clearly elated that the guy wanted to sell her more tickets, unknowing that he was going to get caught, Suzin called the cops and told them her situation and that she had set up a sting.

The cops told her that they don't create stings with civilians... OF COURSE! Is this even funny, or was it just funny to Sally and I? Poor Suzin....

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