Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Did you ever watch Sex and the City, The Golden Girls or Friends and envy the bond that those bitches had? Even if it was a friendship made up by a roundtable of Hollywood writers, those of us who do not have a solid group of friends like Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda know what I am talking about.

Last night Joseph and I went to West Hollywood and met up with my friends Mando, Eddie and Carlos. I've known these guys for so many years and since I've befriended them they have always been a solid group of buds - The Three Stooges - HA!
I wish I had a picture of these guys, however I promise next time we hang out I will snap a picture of these handsome guys that are bonded at the hip! Oh, PS, they brought their friend Sam and Brandy. I can describe Brandy in one word: DIVA!!!

We also saw Jackie Beat and CChico's Angels perform which were both flawless acts. Beat was as snappy as ever making jokes about the whites, Mexican's and any other ethnicity that got in her way. As for Chico's Angels, just like Beyonce was/is the star of Destiny's Child, Que Sadilla is the clear standout star in that 3-way act! Sorry to jump around but Jackie used to write for my old publication Cybersocket and if you have time, her columns are worth the read and funny as all hell. I remember looking forward to reading what she had to say for our magazine. Immediately after I finished reading her beloved shit I would forward them to everyone in the office so they could also get a chuckle off of the story.

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