Monday, May 12, 2008


I've never been a fan of cats. My dad has a cat with his new wife and even though I mildly play with it, my motto with cats is the same as it is for wild animals: you can't trust them.

On Saturday my dog JJ was outside barking up a frenzy. When I walked out in the backyard to see what cat or object he was barking at all I heard was a frantic cat meowing extremely loud. I could hear the panicked cat but I couldn't see it, I was almost afraid that JJ severely injured the cat - something he wouldn't normally do. Next I realized that the cat was next door at a house that no one lives in, when I went next door to the neighbors backyard I found an extremely young cat all alone in a pile of leaves, scared and looking for help. The cat was obviously afraid of me but I knew that i picked it up it wouldn't attack me because it was so young - two weeks old I guesstimate, Angela says it could have been a month old.

I eventually ended up turning the cat over to the Monrovia Police Department so they could care for the cat and make sure that it was healthy enough. The following pictures make the cat look cute but believe me it wasn't so cute... poor thing, bless its heart!

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