Thursday, May 1, 2008


The sad fact of my life is that nothing of tremendous, real importance has happened in the past week or so. And as sad as that sounds, it all ended tonight when I last minute, instinctually agreed to accompany my aunt out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant that used to be a favorite eatery of my moms.

My Aunt Marsha is a diva in every sense of the word. She loves to have expensive things and the truth is that she worked for all the great shit she wears, drives and lives in so AMEN to her spoiling herself! Aunt Marsha and I are also alike in every sense too: we are both strong willed, stubborn, and inhabit a larger than life personality. These qualities have caused us (in the past) to clash and not mildly not get along, nothing too major but little spats here and there.

Our dinner was fun and gossip filled - of course. After she asked if I wanted to tag along with her to Nordstrom's at the Santa Anita Mall. Seeing Auntie Marsha shop is quite exquisite and an art form all on its own. Anyone that has met my Aunt Marsha knows that she is wildly crazy - with a capital K! The older she gets the funnier she is and the more I get her - to digress for one minute last month she told Rich and I about how in her younger years, 10 years ago, she hosted a party for work at her house and that she got so intoxicated she pushed a coworkers wife in the hot tub. Memory doesn't serve me correctly if she did it on purpose or not but I think she did it because - well because she was drunk and it seemed funny at the time.

So when we arrive to Nordie's the first thing I see is the line above. There were hundreds of people waiting in line to get inside the store at 7:30 p.m. I initially didn't know what the line could be for, AM (Auntie Marsha) briefly told me there was some kind of exclusive sale going on but I wasn't quite prepared to see almost 500 people waiting at one entrance to shop.

AM explained that only the shoppers who spend a certain amount of money in the area are invited to take advantage of this event - plus, get this, it's not even a sale. It is more like getting points on a credit card that are good for discounts later on.
Tonight for every dollar you spent you racked up ten points, so in other words if you spent 300 dollars on an item you'd receive 3,000 points

Walking up to the store I saw this eccentric 20-something lady clutching onto her friends as if she was ready to fall over from the smell of a potential sale. She ecstatically blurted out as she grabbed her friends arms even tighter "I love you girls, thank you for coming with me!" As if the bitch was having a major surgery, she needed friends there to guide her, but in retrospect to my own experiences shopping, when you're contemplating buying $300 shoes, the more friends around you the better!

AM and I walked into Nordstrom and was greeted with men in suits - this is my kind of event - and men in tuxedos holding flutes of champagne for us. I have to admit for Nordies in Arcadia it was a bit over the top but I swear that I didn't feel like I was in Arcadia, instead I felt like a shopper in the heart of Beverly Hills.

I have to give it to my AM she is incredibly organized. Once inside we grabbed our champagne and walked over to the cosmetic department to pick up some stuff she pre-ordered for her friend and herself, from the looks of the bag the stuff she bought wasn't cheap and with the merchandise she got free gifts: a purse, free trail makeup, travel makeup etc... FUN, I wish I was a girl sometimes *wink*~! After we went over to the purse department where she gawked over this fabulous purse for about 30 minutes but decided not to get it, then she went to look for clothes for her husband, my new uncle, and then look for something for me. While she does like to buy me clothes when we go out I am a bit reluctant to accept, I cruised what was moderately priced so I could accept her offer, usually I always decline, but still stay reasonable in price.

After we went upstairs and tasted three to four kinds of different chocolate candies - YUMM - and then bought more stuff for her - she was a shopping machine!!! Before leaving she bought me this really cute pair of black argyle pattern slip-on shoes.
Overall the Norides had a lot of gays in it and some of the sales associates were cute too - YUMM.

Over the top? Yes! Frivolous? Maybe a little. Did I have a butt load of fun? Most definitely!!!


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