Monday, May 5, 2008


If you've been into a Starbucks in the past year then you've probably seen the cards you see above on the counter space where you pay for your daily cup of joe.

Every week I try to snatch up the FREE music/video of a relatively unknown artist to discover new music. Why not? It's free, easy to redeem and fun to (sorta) discover a new musical talent.

When I walked into Starbucks this morning they had one of my current favorite artists singing one of my current favorite songs. ADELE, singing the well-wishing song "Chasing Pavements," is a gleeful song that is beautifully strong and well executed - I love raspy voices like ADELE! At first Perez loved her and then dissed her - I still like her. If you can, swing into your local Starbucks and pick up this free song by ADELE as well as Carly Simon's new track "So Many People To Love."

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