Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Some people call it karma others call it 'Paying it Forward.' Whatever you choose to call it I label it 'Pure Generosity!' Last night I decided to go out and grab some chicken at El Pollo Loco on a whim and ran inside with only my gym shorts on (I had a shirt and socks on too.) The cashier gave me the total of $10.05, however all I had was $20 on me. There doesn't seem like a problem there, that I know. The cashier asked me if I had five cents so she could give me back only dollars instead of $9.95 - got it? Behind me a young lady spoke up and interjected 'How much do you need?' She stepped beside me and fished through her coin purse for 5 cents! I was perplexed on how sweet this girl was saw a need and gave me 5 cents - she paid it forward in my opinion. Amazing to me... reminder to all of you out there, remember to pay it forward. Tip: Insert some extra coins in parking meters randomly, I do this quite often, and it has become a fun and simple way to pay it forward!

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