Sunday, May 4, 2008


Yesterday I attended a benefit party for the gay softball league of Los Angeles. The event was called Switch Hitters, a huge annual event that gets the players dressed up in dresses, dancing to familiar pop songs. On a side note I even spotted one of the guys I am currently crushing on donning a dress, singing a Paula Abdul track from the early 90s. Funny, a few years ago I would never of even thought of liking someone who even playfully dressed in drag, now that I am almost 30 I think much differently... thankfully lol!!!

One of the other numbers was a reenactment of Madonna's famous Vogue routine on the MTV Music Awards over 15 years ago (1990, I believe). Instead of trying to duplicate the act they decided to dress up as victorian cholas utilizing the fans that Madonna used and a lot of the same choreography... pretty ingenious and playful.

The routine reminded me of a friend who is 22 years old and just discovered the brilliancy of Madonna and her work of art. He was notoriously YouTubing almost every song and video she had ever come out with. Usually someone discovering someone like Madonna year too late would frustrate me but I actually thought it was quite impressive that someone who is 22 years old would even think Madonna is/was a trendsetter, it seems like over time people tend to write off and dismiss the accomplishments of artists and pioneers like Madonna. I mentioned to my friend that when Madonna performed Vogue on the MTV Music Awards was a breakthrough performance that shocked and wowed audiences - I personally remember watching it LIVE and was blown away.

My friend didn't understand it and thought it was only mediocre. I never inquired but I suppose he thought the kiss between Britney and Madonna was better... not sure what he thought but Vogue was just thought - an expression and move that will forever be remembered.

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